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Mobile Tool Franchise Guide by gives you a look behind the hype and a look at the real-life issues current and former tool franchisees want you to be aware of.

Mobile Tool Franchises: The Sales Pitch

Each of the four mobile tool franchises promise freedom, autonomy, quality products, dedicated support and a determination to help you succeed with their franchise.

MAC Tools claims:  “Being a Mac Tools Franchisee… gives you the freedom and responsibility to go as far and as high as your abilities and hard work take you.” (MAC Tools website)

Snap-on Tools claims: “With Snap-on, you are in control of your franchise…you set your schedule and you manage your customer relationships… if you work within our proven system, you will have everything you need to help make your franchise a success.” (Snap-on website)

Matco Tools claims: “Our purpose is… to ensure the success of our family of franchisees… Matco Tools is one of the top franchise opportunities out there. That’s because Matco Tools provides you with the guidance, training, potential customer base, marketing and the on-going support you need…” (Matco website)

Cornwell Tools claims: “Cornwell offers an exceptional franchise opportunity… we are totally committed to the success of our dealers… Our success depends on your success.” (Cornwell Tools website)

Mobile Tool Franchises: Issues to Investigate

If you are considering investing in a mobile tool franchise, we suggest you read the posts below and the comments that follow each post.

These posts have generated thousands of comments from real tool franchisees and corporate employees:

Mobile Tool Franchise Guide

Mobile Tool Franchise Guide  January 3, 2012

Mobile Tool Franchise Guide: List of Calls (LOC)  December 30, 2011

Mobile Tool Franchise Guide: Franchise Resales  January 2, 2012

Mobile Tool Franchise Guide:  Uncompensated Work


MAC Tools

MAC Tools Franchise Complaints (Video)  March 13, 2013

MAC Tools Screwed Us: A MAC Distributor Speaks Out (Video)   March 5, 2013

MAC TOOLS Franchise Owners Claim They Can’t Compete (Slideshow)  March 1, 2013

MAC TOOLS Distributor’s Wives Share Stories of Deception, Hardship  February 26, 2013

MAC TOOLS’ Bitter History (  April 3, 2012

MAC TOOLS Dealers Warn Against Franchise Conversion  February 11, 2012

MAC TOOLS Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) 2011  December 28, 2011

MAC TOOLS Lawsuit Documents: DEE C. WALTER v. MAC TOOLS, INC. December 28, 2011

MAC TOOLS Lawsuit Alleges Fraud, Labor ViolationsDecember 24, 2011

Is MAC TOOLS Stanley Black & Decker Selling Illegal Franchises? December 23, 2011

MAC TOOLS Guilty of Franchise Fraud? November 7, 2011


Snap-on Tools Franchise

SNAP-ON TOOLS Franchise Dealer Warns: Buyer Beware!  July 1, 2012

SNAP-ON FRANCHISE Pros & Cons of Being a Snap-on Dealer  May 20, 2012

Forbes’ Praise of the Snap-On Franchise Draws Fire, Disbelief  February 28, 2012

SNAP-ON TOOLS Why SBA Won’t Guarantee Snap-On Franchise Loans  February 10, 2012

SNAP-ON TOOLS Franchise Complaints  January 2, 2012

SNAP-ON TOOLS Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)  January 1, 2012


Matco Tools

MATCO TOOLS Franchise Complaints  (4700+ comments)

MATCO TOOLS Distributor Franchise  (Overview with links)

MATCO TOOLS Lawsuit: VILLANO et al v. TD BANK et al Goes to Arbitration  September 4, 2012

MATCO TOOLS: More Franchise Complaints  June 5, 2012

MATCO TOOLS 2012 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)  April 30, 2012

MATCO TOOLS: Veterans Against Matco Franchises Launches Facebook Page  February 7, 2012

MATCO TOOLS: Unhappy Franchisee Launches RoboCall Campaign  January 16, 2012

MATCO TOOLS Franchise Video Battle [UPDATED]  January 4, 2012

MATCO TOOLS Franchise Defenders Speak Out December 7, 2011 (Comments defending Matco)

MATCO TOOLS Franchise Report Alleges Distributor Churning November 29, 2011

MATCO TOOLS 2011 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) & Other Resources November 22, 2011

MATCO TOOLS Class Action Lawsuit, “Secret” Sales Projections November 22, 2011

FRANCHISE LAWSUIT Alleges Matco Tools Scam, TD Bank Fraud November 15, 2011

Failure Rates of the 10 Most Popular Franchises April 26, 2010

MATCO TOOLS: Lady Matco Speaks Out (Video) January 1, 2012


Cornwell Tools

CORNWELL TOOLS Franchise Scam or No Scam? November 17, 2011



7 thoughts on “Mobile Tool Franchise Guide

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  • Sean!

    I refuse to waste my time writing a comment over at the site you just penned a post about a certain tool franchise on, but on your blogs–your sites, I’ll happily write away. Right-away.

    I wanted to mention this dude, “Ambrosio.” I don’t think he ever owned a UPS franchise. Maybe his family did, in the 70’s or something-before the name-change.

    I called the dude out when he first fired up his, “blog.” (Or, whatever it is)

    He had the weakest, “About” page I’d ever seen, and I told him that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he needs to tell people who he is.

    Well, he blew me off. (Big surprise)

    Anyway, I’m not sure why he writes about FDD’s etc. The FTC is probably wondering, too.

    I can’t stand some of these new bloggers, quite honestly. There’s no substance. It’s all ad-based crap.

    I’m done.

    The Franchise King®

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  • Relentless

    Ohio is the corporate headquarters of 3 out of 4 tool franchise companies. Matco, Cornwell and Mac. I wonder why? Coincidence or divine control?

    Is it true that if you allow enough people to profit from a scam business that it is justified in the eyes of our current administration?

    If a woman claims she was raped by someone is it the idea of today’s society to say that she wasn’t raped because she agreed to invest some time at dance club?

    Today’s franchisors are smart! They have the federal government backing their fraud! With the Federal Trade Commission on the American tax payers side who needs enemies?

    Our government stamps its approval all over the International Franchise Association. A non-profit organization which pays lobbyist to move the franchisors agenda and hide the fraud of corporate franchisor scams. This organization also promotes the corporate franchisors scam to our veterans and minorities through other organizations it has created like Vetfran and Minorityfran to ensure that even our soldiers and minorities can be used to fill the pockets of the already wealthy. VERY, VERY, VERY few franchisors are selling franchises to promote growth and prosperity for the investor.

    A business model is nothing more than a tool franchisors use to say its your fault you didn’t succeed. If you follow it then you will fail and your not cut out to be a franchisee.

    What is sad is these franchisors do criminal things to franchisees because they know that the politicians they helped get in office (FranPac) don’t care about the American people. They care about their pocket. Do politicians care about the tax payer? Let’s ask our government how much money the SBA loaned to small business American investors compared to the amount of money they loaned to franchisors who churn their franchisees. Take, for example, Matco who has churned 100% of its franchisees over a 5 to 6 year period. That is 1000 to 1200 franchisees over a 5 to 6 year period. Matco only has 1400+ franchisees in routes.

    How many of these 1400+ have Charters or Distributorship agreements which exist from before Danaher purchased MTC and started selling franchises?

    How come this number of Charter/ Distributor agreements is such a secret with Matco? It is not information you can find in an FDD. They only tell you how many fail not why they are failing. I assure you it is not because they are lazy, don’t pay their bills or have substandard credit. Matco (Danaher) only preys on GOOD PEOPLE! People who have something to lose!

    Why doesn’t Matco list rankings of franchisees every week to let them know where they are in sales compared to other franchisees? If Matco had purchase rankings of franchisees, every week, would Matco learn that its top franchisees are actually Distributors, Charters and those with enough territory to start their own country.

    How come Matco puts franchisee prospects on truck rides with those who have separate agreements than the franchisees they churn?

    Are these individuals with separate agreements and larger areas of coverage used to fraud NEW FRANCHISEE INVESTORS?

    This franchise scam has been going on for over 20 years so why don’t you ever hear about this before you find yourself being a victim?

    This is what franchising has taught me!

    Bank bail outs…. SCAM

    California black outs… SCAM

    Federal Reserve… SCAM

    Obamacare… SCAM

    Green Energy… SCAM

    9/11/01… SCAM


    Those associated with franchising? SCUM SCUM SCUM

  • Stan Redmond

    I do not see how a tool truck franchise can ever be succesful. I would love to see a break down of how much Snap On makes from selling tools versus selling franchises and credit. I doubt their tools earn as much money as one would expect with such an expensive product.

    The main problem I see with a tool truck franchise is you are not selling a consumable product. You sell a product with a lifetime guarantee that will, in fact, last a life time. A mechanic will buy one set of foundational tools (wrenches, sockets, tool chest) and that’s it. Once that customer is served he ceases being a customer unless something breaks and you have to replace it. Maybe you sell a specialty tool once in a while but in reality you can’t sell them anymore tools once they are stocked up. If you have a regional sales route in a non growing region you’re screwed.

  • octamnorom

    So if it is an unsuccessful business plan for most investors why are they still getting to sell them?

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