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  • While they are not technically a franchise, have you gotten any reviews, good or bad, on WaterStation Technologies based in Everett WA? They sell water vending machines and are promoting JV agreements to silent investors through business brokers nationwide.
    Thanks, Ben

  • Mannu

    Vanguard Franchise is a vary deceitful company, like other companies they lie to get the franchises, the verbal information exactly the opposite the written contact, Please read before you sign, they are vary disrespectful towards their franchisees.(nice at the beginning though LOL) They treat them like they work for them, (slaves)
    Staff they have hired have no knowledge about the work they do. They Under bid their contracts , and are charging 4 times, and they have high interest rates if you decides to go monthly plan. They do not explain what they are billing for if there is an Insurance claim.
    DO NOT RECOMEND THEM AT ALL. Its better to work at coffee shop then here or you will be working less then Minimum wage after all the expenses and fees .

  • Joel Bustamante

    The Janitorial Spot Inc. Lisa Moore and CEO Vickie Menifee and registered Agent Adrina D. Howard SCAM artist BEWARE!!

    The Janitorial Spot is located at 3956 Town Center Blvd, 478 Orlando Florida 32837, and 1629 K ST. NW #300 Washington D.C. 20006. Also PO Box 5379, Woodbridge, VA 22194. Telephone # 1-800-601-2730 ext.106.

    This company is a total scam. I paid $8000,00 for 2 contracts here in Phoenix, AZ in December, 2015. Scam artists Lisa Moore and Vickie Menifee amd Adrina Howard never provided the contracts. I’ve sent them numerous emails for contracts or refund stated they’re working on it. In December, 2015 I sent them cashier check amount $8,000. Going on 17 months and I never got the contracts.

    Beware of the The Janitorial Spot SCAM. They do not have the contracts to give you and they don’t issue refunds when they fail to perform. They have a lot of unresolved complaints. They can’t deliver and want to keep your money as well.

    They continue to email me response lie after lie. I can send u screen shots of all the emails I have of proof. Also signed contracts.

    Please DONT SEND MONEY BEWARE OF “THE JANITORIAL SPOT INC.” SCAMMERS Washington D.C. Also located Orlando,Florida, Washington D.C. and Orlando,Florida.

    Joel Bustamante

  • Spaulding Decon and Laura Spaulding (Koppel)

    This franchise is the worst investment ever! The founder is a dirty ex-cop who thinks she is above the law. She was kicked out of the army, fired from law enforcement and now her latest scam is the crime scene/biohazard cleanup industry. She lies about everything and considers her profession a “license to steal”. I was her very first franchisee and only saw her one time in 6 months of operation. She set me up to fail, gave consistently bad advice, brags incessantly about her own success, did nothing to help me get any work and threw me under the bus to cover her own ass. I feel sorry for anyone who believes her lies and gets stuck paying this nasty woman $2,000 per month for nothing. A class action lawsuit will be coming later this year and anyone who bought this terrible business is welcome to join.

  • ZACS International LLC

    Please allow our firm to address many of the false accusations made by your site. Our firm is freely chosen by many franchises throughout our 15 years of business from such brands as SaladWorks, Amazon Café, Dominos, Papa Johns, etc. Our firm is consistently chosen for these projects because we provide a high level of service and accuracy and our priority is the satisfaction of our clients and the completion of the projects we are awarded. We boast a 100% success rate on entitlements as well as coordination of construction for all the projects we complete.
    The services we offer are Architectural design services and not legal counsel for the clients that are sent to our office regarding the investments the clients have chosen and we are not realtors to make a determination as to the viability of a chosen site. The item your site fails to inform your readers is that when any franchisee approaches our firm they have already completed their due diligence on the brand, paid the franchise fee and had the franchise search for locations and have already executed lease agreements. Secondly when we are approached for a franchise design we provide a design solution that will provide for both the desires of the client while maintaining the branding as required by the franchise.
    In addition to these comments please see the following responses you had requested:
    Would you be willing to provide us with a list of the 50+ NY Bagel Cafe locations that you worked on?
    No I would not provide you the names of the locations, our client information is kept confidential for the protection of our clients and their business’s but I can assure you the number is well over fifty
    How many of those are open today?
    As for how many are open as I stated earlier we are hired to do the design of the new spaces only we are not privy to the internal operating procedures of our clients nor the day to day operations of any of the locations
    Do you stand by the following statements that you provided to a prospective franchisee who was concerned about investing his family’s life savings?
    Where the franchisee chooses to fund his or her business venture is not for our firm to analyze we are not accountants nor economists, we provide design services only.
    “the success of a NY Bagel is directly proportional to the time allotted by the franchisee on running the business”
    Yes I stand by this 100% this is a statement, this applies to any business.
    “In general the owners of the franchises seem to do well.”
    Based on our information there are clients who are opening second and third locations but as I had indicated our firm is not provided with the information as to the finances of any of our clients
    “NY Bagel is a proven concept”
    Considering we have completed over 50 locations yes it is
    “the company provides their franchisees with the tools needed to succeed.”
    As stated above we do not review the information provided to the franchisee or have any input into the day to day running of a NY Bagel, but based on our observations at some of the openings the operations appear to run smooth
    “NY Bagel is a fair company”
    Yes the company; based solely on our observations at several openings; provides the franchisee with all the tools necessary to run the company, as for what are done with those tools in the future we have no knowledge of that.

  • Former HK Victim

    Hard Knocks Indoor War of Orlando, FL is a scam. Their owner is perpetuating a Ponzi scheme where he recruits new franchisees to bilk them of cash and then provides no material support while hindering their business through an unnecessarily inefficient supply chain, arbitrary rules, constant lies, no core support, a blatantly sexual brand image that demeans women, and unwillingness to listen to the franchisees who are screaming for help. In the end, 83% of their franchisees have failed. To be clear, Tulsa, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Columbus, and Nashville have failed. Two corporate locations have also closed, Plano, TX and Oviedo, FL. The only franchise still in operation is Raleigh.

  • Ron White

    Frustrated owner! This franchise has major problems and people are fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. When you sit down with Jeff, our CEO, he will tell you that only 4 or 5 owners have gone out of business, we lost close to 10 last year alone! There is a good chance the territory you are trying to buy has been owned before, might want to ask this question, in writing.
    15% make decent money, the rest are trapped. You have to be in the top 10% to even have a chance of selling and getting back your initial investment. What happens if you don’t sell and try to close your doors? Jeff will inform you that you are on the hook for royalties until your 10 year commitment is up, in essence, you owe $2000 a month unless you were foolish enough to buy multiple territories.
    We are bringing in new franchisees as fast as we are losing them. Advantaclean is excellent at selling territories, but there is almost no support once you get in. Most owners are too afraid to complain or warn a new owner about their experience. Plus, the FDD does not contain any cell numbers, so you get routed through are call center, and the call center will heavily influence who you talk to. You might want to pick 10 owners, at random from the FDD, and do not stop until you talk to them. Ask specific questions, like, “what did they gross, and what did they take home last year.”
    Radically changing our business model and we have had some major issues with the website, there is just no consistency. Franchise fees have been drastically increased in the last year. Owners are discouraged from talking about issues, there is a hush order in effect, but people have had enough. Some think Jeff may be pulling an exit scam, some hope this is the case, as the non-compete and royalty commitment would just fade away. You have been warned, do as you will!

  • G. Villa

    thanks to Mr. Ron White for his comments on Advantaclean. They clarify many points about this franchise. I have been dealing with them and I have stopped at the step of going to visit their facilities to meet the CEO. Many doubts are born about them, however I leave a question, because it is difficult to find comments about this franchise? Nobody thinks about pressure, it is difficult since this forum for example is very safe. I have followed several of these businesses in different geographical points and in three years they still remain. I have seen how they offered two territories for the price of one which is a bad indicator, since that clearly says that they were not placing the territories. Apart from being such experts in marketing they made mistakes in the subject of the fleet that they were negotiating with really expensive equipment.

  • The Tutor Doctor franchise seems like a great value, low cost to start (About $45K per territory plus working capital), work from home, flexible hours and they tell you that your sales will be amazing with the model and support they provide. They push you to buy their Empire Builder, buy 2 get 1 free, so your commitment is even bigger.

    Once you get in, you realize they only have a sales model, not a product, you have to come up with your own products. They don’t even know the education system in your area, let alone your country (I am talking USA, Canada, Great Britain and others).

    The homemade software they use, BANG, is full of glitches and very slow, you must manually manage your office. Constantly goes down and you cannot rely on it for accuracy.

    They require you to use very expensive vendors, such as your website for $150 per month, PPC vendor for $400 monthly, quickbooks vendor for $250 monthly and many others where they get a high commission. You can do all of this for under $100 monthly COMBINED!

    The sales model requires you to spend a lot of time hitting the streets like a vacuum cleaner salesperson, and using illegal marketing techniques. They do not spend on advertising, you do it all at very high cost. The only really interesting value is their pricing model promoting year long contracts, which now have become obsolete in the new virtual society that wants to try before they commit.

    The majority of TD Zees do not take a salary for the first year and many end up tutoring to make some money. The average 3 yr old Zee, those who survive, is taking home $3-$4K per month. The average Zee retention is under 20% after 3 years, that is, 80% of Zees FAIL IN THE FIRST 3 YEARS!

    Your royalty minimum will increase yearly to a point that you must sell at least $15K per territory per month, something that only about 5% of the network is able to do. Thus, your effective royalty will go up from 10% to 20-30% because you don’t make your minimum. Eventually you fail and they ask you to pay the minimum royalty for the remainder of the 10 year contract, leaving you with $100K+ in debt (called liquidated damages) to them or they will sue you.

    Their business model (Not yours) is to sell franchises and have you pay to close down after three years, flipping your territory and reselling it.

    They hide these closing numbers, when you notify them that you want to close, they ask you to find a buyer and if you cannot, to sell it to a phantom corporation for $1 and they will reduce your liability to them, thus they register your franchise location as active and new buyers don’t realize that over half of all franchises are closed.

    With the pandemic, they fired all their marketing department and over 80% of the staff, only collections and franchise sales are open.

    Do your due diligence, call randomly other franchises around the country and not the people they tell you to call, and you will find out many have closed.

    You are better off starting a tutoring company on your own without them.

    STAY AWAY!!! They are a scam!!!

  • Jeffrey Baily

    If anyone is looking to purchase an INSTANT IMPRINTS franchise in Canada or the US, I urge you to check out this informative website first, it may help save you from years of frustration and devastating long term financial hardship. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!

  • I don’t know who you are, but if you are reading this, and you are considering buying a Virtual Reality Arcade franchise from CTRL V Partners – Don’t! Run from these guys. They are clowns.

  • Jennifer

    If you are considering buying a Nautical Bowls franchise, I would highly recommend that you reach out to the existing Franchisee owners. Call multiple locations and see what they all have to say. Do your due diligence.

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