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126 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Glenda Abdelkarim

    What I don’t understand is why the banks and SBA approve loans for Dickeys when they know their closure rates??? We lost everything, they churned the store that we opened using the same store # and we are getting all the new owner’s emails from Coca Cola, from another vendor, oh, and we got a huge water bill from the landlord after we have been closed for 5 months and it was for a month after we closed down, that’s how we found out someone took over the store.

  • Jim stringer

    Are there any franchises out there that are a good buy? Every franchise I check out is trouble of some sort.

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    Dearest Oprah,

    I have been your biggest fan forever, however; I am very disappointed in the online WW registration and cancellation policy. I had trusted this only because of your name. I had thought that you would be informed at the process to cancel. Once I realized it was just another way to trick the consumer, I thought Oprah wouldn’t possibly run her business this way. I was tricked into thinking I was getting a free 30 day trial, so I signed up. Once I realized that I was getting charged repeatedly, I called to complain and cancel. I reached a woman from the Philippines who told me I had signed up for 3 months. I explained it was a trial period. We went round and round. She said if I cancel early, I am going to be charged $39.00. I was beyond angry.
    I am continuing to be charged 5 months out. I called again, this time a woman from the south answered, telling me I signed up for six months, I had 5 days to cancel after my “free trial.” I was irate, this is a form of trickery, I would have never agreed to six months, as I only wanted my husband to try it instead of his Adkins diet. He didn’t like it, too many choices for him. If you are allowing people to be tricked because we didn’t see the fine print, I say shame on you! People either want it or they don’t. We should not be forced to pay for something we don’t want or use. If you are not aware of this, you need to hire someone who is more customer service friendly to resolve this problem. I am disgusted! I had to resort to calling my bank, to inform them fraud is being committed on my account. I did not authorize these charges.


    Maaco Corporate allowed Garnett Station Partners to purchase multiple existing franchises in the southwest. The franchises have since been resold without paying some loans to the original francihsees. Maaco has not assisted me, or even contacted me to provide help. I have a judgment against GSCP az, llc for $260,000 but have not been able to collect. Please be very careful when dealing with Maaco or Garnett Station Partners!!

  • I do much walking, im gonna refer to the Moes in Orchard Park NY In the Tops and Lowes Plaza. Maby times when I walk past the back door is wide open. then about 20 minutes later walking out of the plaza the door is still open. The other day their where four legged rates around the dumpster but the disturbing fact is they had a bag tossed outside the back door but the door was closed. so my point is the rats can easily be nawing at the bag of garbage or when the door is left open they can get inside. I hear much about rats being inside restaurants and it just gets me upset when I see that they are leaving the door open to have the rats just wonder in and not have to work their way in. so needless to say I would never ever go into that restaurant.

  • Did you see a New York Times article in regards to some hanky panky at Subway?
    It tells the story about how Subway frew to fast and how certain supervisors deliberately
    gigged franchisees from losing their stores so the supervisors could take them over. A must read

  • roger j jackson

    are you guys still in busness

  • John Doe

    Just wanted to drop some insight. Scott Ferrari, who is named in the lawsuits with FranChoice now appears to be working for United Water Restoration. Word has it he was at The Maxx Challenge after he left iLoveKickboxing for some time.
    It doesn’t appear he is disclosed in their FDD either. Isn’t this illegal?
    Upon other research, it looks like the marketing person from ILoveKickboxing is also with United Water.
    This may be the ILoveKickboxing 2.0.

  • Jimmy

    Add Pasadena to the list of locations with sudden closings (not informing their staff either except by email)

  • Mac Tools Franchise Owner Route driver
    Before Mac Tools my background consisted of being a business owner of a Master Carpentry Corporation. With 16 yrs. of a successful business I desired a change and a drive for more money. With all the great hearings that have been brought to me along the years of being present Mac Tool Franchise owners, I decided to give it a shot. I got in contact with Mac Tools through Glassdoor. Joe Garcia DM gave me a call after I provided my information and set me up with Kevin Wendt Franchise recruiter.
    Along my experience thus far management has been a great support. These two have mentored me through every aspect of building up route strategies and sales pointers for lock in customers. Tools that have been benefical for my success.
    They never lied to once. I discussed my goals and they have led me every step of the way
    I’m just recently moving into a new home… Own a boat…Own a 2018 Jeep Rubicon 2019 Jeep Gladiator
    With money in the bank.
    As managers they helped me progress and succeed.
    Because of Mac Tools opportunities I have built up a stellar portfolio with an income I can’t even comprehend at times.
    Joe Garcia DM and Kevin Wendt Regional Franchise Sales Manager of Mac Tools are powered up in trust, honesty and reliability

  • Used to own 7-eleven franchise for 15 years.Got robbed few times at overnight and someone try to Rape my employee .After then she always scarred to work at night.And one night got panic attack .Cops and ambulance came and took her to hospital. We never have a key for store so they locked the front door and took her from emergency door.I had to go to store at 1 a.m. in morning and fire fighters took me from roof.By the time I opened store from Inside it took hour and half.7-eleven charged me over $500 for keeping store close and give a breach. for them u or employees are just a body behind counter.They don’t care. Everything goes as their way and u have to work like a puppet. U just buying A job not owning A business after giving them 51% of your profit.If u never make money and loose family life, after get in to 7-eleven life.

  • Gary Osgood

    Yesterday I placed an delivery order from Dickey’s bbq in D’iberville, MS through Grubhub at app. 4:06 pm, and I received text confirmation and email confirmation of order at 4:11. I requested this order to be delivered at 6:45. There were some kinds of errors concerning my order. According to the driver there was some kind of mix up about when my order was placed. The driver texted me at 6:24 said that she just received the task to pick up my order. She also said that I placed my order at 6:00. Despite this time mix-up, I did get my order on time. However, the order was that I received was not correct. I ordered a 2-meat plate (sliced beef brisket and polish kielbasa sausage), Texas toast, Caesar salad and barbecue beans. I did get the 2 meats and the barbecue beans; however, I got a dinner roll instead of Texas toast, and macaroni and cheese instead of Caesar salad.

  • Bob Dill

    I need advertising cost for “unhappy”. I need a display add that links to my web page which advertises a franchise book for sale.

  • Marcena Burnside

    I worked for dickey’s barque pit for two days was let go because I called them like 4 hours before my shift started to tell them I was going to be maybe 3 hours late cause I had to pick up my boyfriend well she didn’t like that so she just let me go so after that happened I’ve been trying to get paid for the 16 hours I worked with them but, also they don’t have me in the system to where I worked there either so I’m stuck just wandering how to get paid from this place.

  • Where can you purchase Curves fitness machines for personal home use? I have been a Curves member since they opened. I attended both clubs in Escondido, CA until they closed. I am now a senior. The closest Curves to me is in Carlsbad .

  • joe menichini

    I was a previous owner of Dickeys Barbecue in Woodland Hills CA. All the Rowland family cares about is opening stores as fast as possible. They could care less about the rents, how high the overheadis, how good the location is. They threaten you if your coming up to one year. Which is the time frame for finding a location. Trust me it is not easy finding a location. We were pushed into a complete build out.
    If your struggling to make your royalty and add payments they threaten to put some one in your store and take the money out of the cash draw. The promotions they run are all out of your pocket, including the royalties and add money.

  • don umphress

    I usually go by subway in Van Alstyne Texas on Sunday at lunch. My problem is subway advertises bread baked daily. I have on 4 or 5 occassions gotten dry stale bread that was not fresh. The wheat bread was the worst. It got so bad that I would tell the employee to make sure the bread was fresh. They usually would act like I was stupid but when you are paying for something I want it as advertised. In the last 3 or 4 weeks I had gotten lax about telling them about the fresh part mainly because I started not eating as healthy & ordered white bread. Well when I started to eat the sandwich the bread was flakey & started to fall apart. I thought it was stale bread. I complained to the person in charge & he said it was probably over cooked. I did not ask for a refund but if I eat at subway again I will have to go back to the old habit of making them make sure the bread is fresh. I am not assking for a refund but someone needs to talk to them. Subway #19297-0 1/19/2020 1:07 pm id trans 1/A-278733 served by 2846

  • Robert Gesek

    So How do I contact You? I tried logging in says No User name or Email on file yet My post is under my name. Says I have no account yet I posted a review on it and now I want to change it. So how do I go about that?

  • Re: RX2Live franchise.

    See Temporary Restraining Order entered against RX2Live, Inc. and RX2Live, LLC in California federal court. 3M sued them for multiple counts. Brian Hazelgren is listed as CEO.

  • We live within a one mile radius from a Jimmy Johns who says they do not deliver to my address. The frachise that did deliver to our address has closed. I think it is so unfair that Jimmy John PROMISES fast delivery and now no franchise will deliver to this address. I will post this til the cows come home. Such bad Business

  • Just posted on LinkedIn….. I suppose their approval criteria doesn’t include a huge number of SBA loan charge-offs across all the UFG brands??

    Fast Company Executive Board
    Innovative and creative as they come, Ray Titus of United Franchise Group has been invited to join Fast Company Executive Board.
    Fast Company Executive Board is an invitation-only organization comprised of company founders, executives, and leaders who are defining the future of business through design, innovation, creativity, and impact.

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    The Ups Store is the worst. If anyone is looking into buying the franchise PLEASE pay attention to every
    document.You need to become approved by them and pay $7500.00 for that.if you change your mind they will refund half only.You need to pay extra $150,000 on top of the good will for future remodeling of your store with their contractors(inflated prices).If you want to sell or buy a store you have to buy from their employee(agent) that charges 10% fee for his services.Dont forget all other programs and softwares you NEED to buy from APPROVED VENDOR(over inflated) pricing like boxes!UPS will charge UPS STORE owners about 50% of the fee they collect for shipping customer products.A store needs to sell around $700,000 a year to be profitable with the owner working full time. DONT DO IT!

  • Richard Hill

    While your website is a good idea, it is unintelligeable. You ask questions that are good questons but provide no answers. The presentation on the site is meandering and confusing. I feel that the the time I spent on the site was wasted including this email, but frustration over came my better thoughts

  • Hector Rijo

    I have a situation with a lease purchase. I traveled to start working for this company for the lease purchase, i was told one price first, after one month driving i was presented with the contract and a different price (78,000) the company told me that the price included an extended warranty and all the equipment and tools needed to perform the job. The warranty supposedly coverd everything from engine to transmission and differentials, so i believed it was reasonable. I worked for almost 3 years paying the truck notes, even though the truck had a supposedly extended warranty every time it broke down all the shops and dealerships told me there was no such warranty on file. The owner of the company kept telling me that the truck had an extended warranty that cost him 20,000 and that they will contact the issuing company so that they could reimburse the expenses but I never got a cent back. I spent around 30,000 or more on repairs and lost around 40,000 on downtime throughout this period. I managed to pay off the full 78 000 for a 2016 truck which was over priced no warranty was ever honored, then the company started charging me for repairs that some were 2 years old, repairs that I had paid, when I tried to dispute them they threatened me with additional charges for going against what they were telling me. I realized I had pay over 3,000 on the lease and their response was to take that money for repayment of the tools and flatbed equipment. Also without my consent or agreement they raised the amounts deducted weekly for trailer rent, they added 9% interest on repair costs, the repair deductions were taken all at once in on pay period without my consent, they coerced me to keep working for them or losing my truck and the 78,000 I paid for it. When I started noticing all these discrepancies they started slowing down my work and increasing their deductions. I literally worked weeks and months without any pay because they were deducting as much as possible. I was never able to get the trucks tittle after I paid it off, and their excuse is that I owe them some maintenance money. They won’t let me sell the truck either they threatened me that they will get a loan against the truck to pay for 4,000 dollars I supposedly owe them if I don’t pay them in 15 days. Is a long story, I’m just looking for a good lawyer that can help me get either my truck or my money back. I’m about tho lose my home my car and all this burden is having a lot of psychological implications on me.

  • Murphy Business & Financial Corp., also know as Murphy Business Brokers and Murphy Business Sales has really dropped within the industry since peaking in 2015:
    Was it because the founder and leadership died or quit after ownership changed to a private equity group?
    Is it due to new managment and all the changes that were deterimental to franchisees?
    Is it because business brokerage is not conducive to a franchise business model due to various laws, regulations, and best practices across the country in different types of markets?

  • Frustrated

    Why do Franchise brokers advertise Franchise businesses without fully vetting the Franchise? And how can they honestly market a franchise as a strong business models, by using 2021 numbers? I think there is very little protection for Franchisees. If one buys into a misleading and imo fraudulent business, there is very little recourse. Lawsuits and Incredibly expensive, emotional and time consuming. The courts seem to favor the knowingly corrupt franchising system. These franchise agreements are manipulative and deceiving and misleading and these franchises get away with it!!

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