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MATCO TOOLS: Lady Matco Speaks Out (Video)

Matco Tools distributor Debbie Solko (aka Lady Matco) is mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore.

Ms. Solko believes that the sales pitch that led her to invest her time, energy and money in a Matco Tools franchise was misleading and deceptive.
She believes that the promise of 325 potential qualified customers was inflated.
She believes that promises of “world class support” were never delivered upon.
She once perceived Matco as a company that viewed its distributors as part of the “Matco family,” but now believes that the company benefits from a practice called “churning,” where existing franchisees are allowed to fail so their franchises can be profitably resold to new franchise prospects on an ongoing basis.
Lady Matco has taken to the Internet to warn prospective Matco Tool franchise owners of the problems she has encountered.
Lady Matco is telling her story on the Lady Matco website and her Matco Distributor Facebook page.
Lady Matco is a regular commenter on the 2000+ discussion at MATCO TOOLS Franchise Complaints.

And now Lady Matco has put together a YouTube video to warn prospective Matco franchise owners.

Read our posts and the comments under each, and decide for yourself.

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