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MAC TOOLS Franchise Owners Claim They Can’t Compete (Slideshow)

MAC TOOLS franchise owners claim they can’t compete because not only aren’t their products exclusive – they are sold by competitors for much lower prices.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) “MAC Distributors invest $120,000+ to be the exclusive distributors of quality MAC tools at fair prices,” states a slideshow prepared by disgruntled MAC Tools distributors.

MAC Tools“Not only are the competitors selling the exact same products as MAC Tools, but for a much lesser price.”

MAC Tools distributors claim that the franchisor (the MAC Tools division of tool manufacturing giant Stanley Black & Decker) is “simultaneously undercutting their own distributors and franchisees” while overcharging loyal and trusting MAC Tools customers.

This situation, MAC franchisees contend, is leading those who invested in MAC distributorships down “a sure path to bankruptcy.”

Some franchisees contend MAC Tools is indifferent to their plight because Stanley Black & Decker’s MAC Tools division will simply resell the failed route to another trusting, enthusiastic distributor… an industry practice known as “franchise churning.”

MAC Tools Distributor Slideshow:

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MAC Tools Prices Significantly Higher for Same Tools?

MAC Tools franchise owners allege that many of the tools they sell are offered at significantly lower prices by competitors… damaging their reputation with their customers and making it impossible to compete.

For example, the MAC Tools slideshow shows that MAC Tools promotes a cordless rubberized LED worklight as a “MAC Tools Exclusive” product.

It sells the worklight to its distributors for $95.15, who then offer it for $103.99 (regularly 134.92, MAC claims).

MAC Distributors claim their competitors sell the same light for only $20.99… nearly 80% less than MAC’s retail “sale” price and $74.00 less than MAC’s wholesale price to its distributors.

Here are some other examples from the slideshow:

Product* MAC Tools Retail Price Competitor’s Retail Price MAC’s Price is higher by ($)
LED Worklight $103.99 $20.99 $83.00
1/2” Impact AW612Q $400.99 $244.95 $156.04
3/4” Impact $800.99 $499.95 $301.04
Battery Charger $519.00 $399.95 $120.00
Battery Tester $603.99 $469.95 $140.04
1/2” Impact AWQP120 $320.99 $209.95 $111.04

Source:  MAC Tools Distributor Slideshow

What do you think?  Is MAC Tools gouging customers and dooming its own distributors?  Share your thoughts below.

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9 thoughts on “MAC TOOLS Franchise Owners Claim They Can’t Compete (Slideshow)

  • Devin Farrugia

    I AM NOT Surprised. MAC Tools is operating just like most other companies these days, screwing there distribution chain. Changing the name and or Model # and selling to the big box stores for less money. Or just selling direct to the end user which bypasses distribution all together. I am seeing more and more of this and it is really just messing up the Economy. Someone needs to put an end to this as it really just hurts everyone down the chain including the Manufacture.

  • WOW!!! I had no idea this was going on! I’ve buying from MAC Tools for 6 years now and had no idea how much I was being ripped off! Always the little guys that get screwed in the end!

  • It’s good to see some active discussions being generated here at Unhappy Franchisee. If you were wronged by MAC give attorney Jerry Marks a call. Becoming a MAC distributor was the worst decision of my life. That’s why I started this Blog – I have links pointing back to Unhappy Franchisee and I hope everyone stops by often for updates and to leave their own comments.

  • I am really surprised the above cost comparisons have not generated more comments. Been their myself and lived the nightmare! This kind of thing has been going on for years. Its just crazy. Take another manufactures product, slap MAC’s name on it and mark it up a few hundred percent …. it’s beyond crazy ….

  • Franchise scam

    Yes it has been going on for too long. These company’s suck

  • It should be obvious to everyone by now but I think it is worth repeating … Mac Tools Suck …

    Oh yeah – big money vacuum – so hold on to your wallet – or what you have left in your wallet …

    So … current and former MAC dealers do yourself a favor and contact attorney Jerry Marks. You know why? Because you owe it to yourselves and your family – and guess what? Mac Tools Suck …

  • Toolfactory

    MAC tools sells Stanley asian made tools.
    Do not buy. They are overpriced

  • See You Tube videos from Mac tools distributors plus dozens of distributor comments at or click on the memacfooled link above. When your done do not forget to come back to unhappy franchisee and leave a comment.

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