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MAC Tools Screwed Us: A MAC Distributor Speaks Out (Video)

“MAC Tools screwed us” states a MAC Distributor in a video that warns would-be franchise owners from owning a MAC Tools mobile tool distribution franchise.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) In the video [which has now been taken offline], Cory & his wife Michelle tell how MAC Tools sold them a tool truck route (at an investment, thus far, of $130,000) without telling them that three prior distributors had failed with the same route.

MAC Tools TruckThe franchisees contend that many MAC distributors fail, in part because of a lack of corporate support, inadequate tool financing, and independent competitors who sell the same products at significantly lower prices.

They claim their MAC District Manager (DM) had no concern for their success, and was only interested in collecting a “huge sign up bonus.”

Are you a MAC distributor or former distributor?  Please share your opinions and experiences with a comment below.  If you are willing to take a short survey, see the link below.

“MAC Tools Screwed Us” Video Transcript

Cory:  My name is Cory and this is my wife Michelle. I am a Mac tools distributor and this is how MAC tools screwed us.

Michelle:  They started off by painting a beautiful picture of how life would be like as a distributor; being your own boss, running your own business, having more time to spend with your family and having a much a larger wallet. We invested over $130,000 and Cory is yet to draw a paycheck after 14 months. We are struggling. The DMs paint a great picture because they are thinking of the huge sign up bonus that they will get.

Cory- Mac did not tell me that there were 3 prior failed distributors on my route.

They claimed that there was tons of support; I received no support from MAC Tools, my RM or My DM when I needed them!

MAC took away the MAC card 8 months in, which means no financing for customers. Especially on tool boxes so I could not even compete with the competitors.

Michelle: They put me in a route knowing that there was an independent dealer selling the exact same products for much lesser prices and again I couldn’t compete.

There was even a light that Cory sold to all his customers that was advertised as a MAC exclusive product. A month later it was out in the Canadian Tire flyer. He sold it for $133.00 and CT for $20.99. We paid $95.19 as distributors for those. Customers were furious and his DM did nothing to help him. Cory lost a lot of money and people’s trust

MAC expects you to put each customer on a Time payment plan so the tool is paid off in 5 weeks. But MAC you wants you pay them within 30 days, if not you will be put on hold and that means no tool orders shipped. Most trade’s people cannot afford to pay a large tool off in 5 weeks. But we have to pay MAC. There were even orders placed on our behalf that we didn’t order. It is not humanly possible for a distributor to do this alone ….that is why they want the wives to be involved.

Cory: we were really taken advantage of and now we could lose everything. Don’t make the same mistake that I did and get screwed by MAC Tools.


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160 thoughts on “MAC Tools Screwed Us: A MAC Distributor Speaks Out (Video)

  • Hi rob,
    For the records i know nothing about tools or tool trucks, but this seems like a really bad business.
    One of the earlier posters did a very basic breakeven analysis. I would recommend you pay attention to that. This is also a business with little to no equity value. Its only worth what your hard assets are when your ready to exit. It also seems like you’ll spend a ton of time chasing bad debt and making 0 % interest super high risk micro loans to mechanics, rather than traditional retail sales.
    If you really want to sell tools from a truck why do you need Mac? What are they going to do for you other than give you some basic training, limit your customer count, and force you to buy inventory need or not. If your really committed to getting into this business why not buy a truck, have it wrapped, work out a deal with some tool warehouses, get a POS and inventory management system, and you’re in business. And then you can sell to however many customers wherever you want with no required purchases. I still think it’s a bad idea, but at least that way you’d be a real business owner, not buying a job working for Stanley.

  • Any other current Mac guys out there feeling the Mac Tools noose around their neck? I have talked to 2 other guys this week that are on life support and about to have the plug pulled on them. Just wondering if its just the “distributors” or if the franchisee’s are feeling it too.

    – If your thinking of signing up w/ Mac….buyer beware!!! Run FAST!!!

  • Bill

    A little over 10 years ago I made the trip to Columbus, Ohio and joined Mac Tools as a distributor along with 17 others. I just received word from one of those guys that Mac recently pulled the plug on his business. That leaves only 1 guy left from my original group! 1 guy! None retired, all of our businesses failed or were forcefully shut down by Mac Tools. This is the normal outcome for their dealers.

  • I feel that Mac tools r ok expensive you get lifetime warranty in Palm Coast Florida Mark Grillo that’s the distributor and not a very nice person and it doesn’t represent the company really well they should find someone to replace him

  • Terry was a really good distributor he represented the company well and was proud to be a Mac Tools distributor Mark Grillo it’s one of the most horrible people I’ve ever met Shady dishonest not loyal to his customers I wouldn’t even buy flea medicine from them

  • The store manager at Tire Kingdom Kick Mark Grillo out a Mac Tools distributor in Flagler County he was getting into arguments with the mechanics he wouldn’t show up for a month and then demand months worth of payments he’s told multiple people he will not come to flagler County anymore

  • He told us since we’re not spending money with him people not come by he only showed up one or two times you don’t have to spend money every time we buy tools you buy tools when you need them he’s got that typical New York Yankee attitude he is not a nice man not a lot of people like him

  • Mac Tools has been around for a long time they have a lot of high-quality stuff Unfortunately they have a low-quality person representing them in Flagler and Volusia and St Johns County

  • Had a great MAC field rep, yes that’s correct had, he suffered a stroke 8 months ago. I understand territory and service area, however MAC tools answer is I’m supposed to drop tools into a box, pay for S+H to repair shop at Columbus, Ohio at which time an assessment of the “broke” ratchets will determine if neglect or abuse occurred, if so of course no warranty to be honored.

    Look MAC all I wanted was the contact information of the field rep to the North of me. Now I have a better offer Snap On offered $50 trade in per 3/8 ratchet, I will spend a few bucks more, however I will now have a company who understands and honors customer service……….. GOOD BYE MAC (aka Black & Decker) !!

  • hassan does not pay for the tools he buys!!!!

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