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MAC TOOLS Distributor’s Wives Share Stories of Deception, Hardship

MAC Tools distributors are sold the idea that the MAC Tools franchise is their path to the American Dream:  a way to be their own bosses, control their own destinies,  gain financial independence and build stronger futures for their families.

However, two wives of MAC Tools distributors characterize their experience with MAC Tools as more of a nightmare than a dream.

MAC Tools Truck

Two MAC Tools wives sent UnhappyFranchisee.Com  a revealing conversation (See the link to A Nice Conversation Between Two Mac Tools Wives at the bottom of this post).

In the dialogue, they describe the despair that results from devoting long hours to a business that not only doesn’t turn a profit, but is sinking them further and further into debt.

The MAC Tools wives describe the toll the business is taking on their husbands, who are caught between a franchisor that demands payment according to rigid terms, and their mechanic/customers who struggle to make their tool bill payments.

Many MAC Tools franchisees, it seems, end up in the unenviable position of selling high-priced tools to undercapitalized customers, then assuming their credit risk.

MAC Tools Challenges are a Family Affair

When a MAC Tools distributor struggles, it can take a devastating toll on the entire family.

MAC Tools distributors have told UnhappyFranchisee.Com they while their initial motivation was to create opportunities for their families, they find themselves not only battling for financial survival, but fighting to save their homes and keep their marriages intact as well.

MAC Tools franchise owners complain that they assume most of the risk (by putting their own money out “on the street”), work a grueling schedule and spend countless hours performing uncompensated warranty repair work.

MAC Tools distributors also complain that their franchisor sells the same tools to their competitors at deep discounts, enabling them to drastically undercut the MAC Tools franchisees in the marketplace.

“MAC Tools Has All Our Money…” – A MAC Tools Wife

In their dialogue, the two MAC Tools wives commiserate about the financial trap they’re in:

MAC Tools Wife #2: No wonder me and my husband get so frustrated when a mechanic can only pay $20.00 towards his account some weeks! I start wishing that he did not make a sale because of it. My husband and I end up losing money hand over fist in situations like this. And believe me- it happens a lot!

…But when it comes to paying your own tool bill to Mac Tools- we can’t get away with it! This week alone we dished out $2,000.00 one day and another $3,000.00 the following day. And it’s only Wednesday! Can’t wait to see what we owe them tomorrow!

MAC Tools Wife #1: I agree. The bank account is drained. Our line of credit is maxed out. Our credit cards are outrageous. Where did all the money go? Oh – Mac Tools has all our money because they get paid first. Our other money is out on the street not getting paid back to us. We certainly don’t get a pay cheque. All we wanted was to own our own business! How I regret that we ever got into doing this. My husband had a dream when he first got into this! The dream is now turning into a nightmare. This is only our first year in business.

While this dialogue is between two specific MAC Tools wives, it likely represents conversations in tool dealer’s households and tool trucks across the U.S. and Canada every day.

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If a tool truck distributorship or franchise has had an effect on your family – good or bad – please leave a comment below.



17 thoughts on “MAC TOOLS Distributor’s Wives Share Stories of Deception, Hardship

  • Franchise owners are victims of big business greed and corporate selfishness.

    MAC tools are a good example.

    I have a relative who has had dreams dashed and finances ruined by this.

  • MAC tools, like Curves, seem to be in it just for themselves, and to heck with the poor dupes who buy into franchises.

  • I have just read the nice conversation between two Macs wives and I must say how very sorry I feel for them. Sounds like you have given up your whole life (and then some) to find your “dream” only to have it turn into a total nightmare. It is very disheartening.
    My husband and I had been looking into maybe getting into the franchise also but after reading all of the very negative comments and what truly happens, we are definitely running the other way. We will make do with what we do have and live the simple life instead of also having the rug thrown out from under “us” as has happened with these people.
    Mac Tools is quite aware right from the beginning that the mechanics who are the people purchasing these tools cannot afford to pay for them in a timely fashion – but do they convey that to the franchisees before they become involved? Absolutely not. These franchisees have been sorely brainwashed and misled into believing that they can make a go of this business and then suddenly their pocket books and everything they own are just handed over and they have to literally start their whole lives over because they are in financial ruin. Total devastation. All because they put their hearts and souls into a venture that they thought they would truly enjoy.
    I guess the old saying goes “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.
    Shame on you Mac Tools. How can you play with peoples’ lives like that?

  • So true…………………This is what we go through everyday! I have a 5 year old daughter and she is struggling in school! All because of MAC Tools!

  • Franchise scam

    It’s all true people. I been there and done that with Mac Tools myself. I hired Jerry Marks Attorney in NJ to help me get out. If it wasn’t for him I be bankrupt. If your struggling get out and call Mr Marks. If your thinking of coming in… RUN. You can also check out and read more about what tool dealers have to say.

  • We’re in the same boat and it’s sinking fast. We have asked for help a number of times and always get the same answer “you need to get more money on the street”. This is our money that’s going on the street! The route survey we were given hasn’t been updated in many years. Many of the stops were shops out of business, empty lots or a totally different business in the building. The support from Mac just wasn’t there as promised. We weren’t out to get rich just to put a little money away for college for our kids, but now we are in worst financial condition than before. I agree with the above comment.. If you are thinking about coming in RUN FAST………

  • Franchise scam


    If you haven’t called yet I suggest calling Mr Marks. He is looking for active dealers such as yourself that are screwed.

  • It’s good to see some active discussions being generated here at Unhappy Franchise. People need to speak out. I absolutely agree with “Franchise Scam”. Another vote for Jerry Marks. If you were wronged by MAC give Marks & Klein call. Becoming a MAC distributor was the worst decision of my life. That’s why I started this Blog – I have links back to this page and I hope everyone stops by often for updates and to leave their own comments.

  • David Johnston

    Hi Mac Tools Wives – Thought I would leave a kind message for you. Was not aware that the wives had to take such a big responsibiliy in their husband’s business just to try and help make ends meet. Not sure I would want to spend every night to help my spouse balance the books. But I do love her.

  • This kind of loss effects the entire family. Not just financially but emotionally and physically. On my blog their are stories in the comments section that are heartbreaking. If Mac would fully disclose what it takes to succeed and (the true) odds of failure versus success then no one in their right mind would sign up. When I signed on MAC had, (and probably still has), a form they tuck away into the rest of the documents they shove down your throat on tool school “graduation day” that states in effect they are not responsible for any lies that the recruiting district manager may have told to sucker you into the deal. What??? District Managers are MAC employees and they say right from the start they may be lying! I had not seen this form prior to that day of graduation. Welcome to the first of many deceptions to come. Please click on the memacfooled name above to visit my blog.

  • You failed, get over it. Mac has been good to me I am successful period .

  • AfterTheRise

    Where is the dramatic music?

    This is so hokey that I have trouble believing that this conversation actually took place. It reads like a cheesy daytime drama. Actually, its worse than that, since my six year old can come with better dialogue than this. More frothy garbage for the lumpen, middle-aged proletariat.

    ” While this dialogue is between two specific MAC Tools wives, it likely represents conversations in tool dealer’s households and tool trucks across the U.S. and Canada every day.”

    Do you have numbers to back that up? Sounds dangerously close to speculation here. Generally, you have an informative site, tripe like this diminishes your credibility.

    I do not agree with the way MAC tools runs their business. But it seems to me that I’m hearing a lot of “They told me”, “He said I would…”, “They promised”, etc. Did you get this in writing? Or did all of you simply just hand over your money to smiling shyster in a polo shirt?

    I find myself crying crocodile tears for many of the burned franchisees here. Sounds to me to like the sharks got eaten by the whale. You wanted to be a part of the oppressive bourgeoisie and instead the managerial classes swallowed you whole. What did you expect? Vacations in Monaco while you paid some poor clod minimum wage to drive your truck for you?

    Go ahead with your “class action lawsuits”, the lawyers are the only ones who make money in that venture. I’d be surprised if any of you made even a fraction of your investment back if you try that route.

    Face it, the capitalist system that all of you hold so dear ate you alive and left you with nothing. Did you really need spend six figures to come to that conclusion?

  • Harold Rezny

    All those tool franchise places called at one time in the past. Told em ah wait a minute – you provide truck, tools, replacements. I’ll pay for gas and insurance only to see if I can make it work. They didn’t respond to me very well. Said to those idiots I’ aint tapping the equity in my paid off farm to fund that crap. They stopped calling. Gee I wonder why?

  • Shame on anyone that tries to live the “American Dream” as if it should be handed to them on a silver plate! This dream that you may think you deserve just because you wanted to try it is not something that you were “entitled” to just because you wanted to try it. Who ever told that it was easy? Who ever told you that it wouldn’t require time and effort ? It’s not a 40 hour a week job, it’s a business! You were never lied to, you just didn’t listen to what you were told. I have herd it for years, anyone that has ever failed at this business (either Mac Tools or any other company) always wants to point fingers and blame someone other than them selves. Suck it up and take responsibility for your own failure. It’s ok if it didn’t work out for you. It’s ok if it really wasn’t for you. Just don’t slam a good company that I believe is the best one to be a part of if you want to be in the tool business. It’s not their fault that you failed.

  • jimmy

    i to had a truck of tools drove 300 mile a week credit to mechanics killed me also the gas and insurance mac got there money before i got mind if you have a million laying around its ok don’t forget the tires,and repairs with all that weight i made more money selling sees candy

  • George Takei Ohmy

    I supervise a mechanic shop, we had a Matco dealer who dealt with us for years. Suddenly he said he was selling everything and getting out of the business, due to health-related issues. I thought the guy had been diagnosed with cancer or something and being a franchisee, I imagined he had no health insurance to pay for treatment. I later found out that his doctor had ordered him to get out of the business to basically save his health and family. The stress and anxiety was destroying him, not to mention his relationships with wife and child.

  • Lance Bowler

    I’ve been a Mac Tools distributor for 21 years, and have seen many distributors come and go. You hear the same about all of the other tool companies as well. In my experience, Mac is one of the better options.

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