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Mother Confronts Mayor Over Alleged Sexual Assault of 5-Year-Old

WARNING: This video contains disturbing descriptions that may be triggering for abuse survivors.  #JusticeForMarksDrive

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On Monday June 13, 2022, mother Nancy Christenson addressed a crowd of friends, family and supporters on behalf of her family.

Mrs. Christenson broke the silence and publicly confirmed what had allegedly been an open secret among many in the area:

That current Mayor of Two Harbors, MN, Christopher Swanson, repeatedly sexually assaulted her 5-year-old daughter when he was 15.

Nancy ChristensonSince 2016, the local media has refused to cover the allegations unless the family released sensitive, sealed records from the juvenile court.

Nancy Christenson & the alleged victim’s sister had been scheduled to address the Two Harbors City council that night.

However, they were removed from the agenda under the pretense that whether the Mayor had been found culpable of felony child sexual assaults in the past were not “city business.”

Not one city counsel member argued to let the mother and daughter address the council.

“I Have Never Been Found Guilty of One Thing.  I Never Will.” – Mayor Chris Swanson

When mother Nancy Christenson stepped up to the microphone,  Mayor Christopher Swanson was already the subject of so many allegations of malfeasance and conflicts of interest that the residents of Two Harbors had passed a petition to hold a recall election that could remove him from office.

At a June 1, 2022 press conference called by the mayor, a defiant Swanson rattled off alleged accomplishments & refused to resign.

He stated:

I have never been found guilty of one thing.  I never will.

Mayor Chris Swanson Remains Silent On the Allegations That he Sexually Assaulted a 5-Year-Old Girl.

As of this posting, neither Mayor Swanson has neither issued a denial nor admission to the allegations in Mrs. Christenson’s public statement.

The Two Harbors City Council has, so far, not issued a response or statement.


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3 thoughts on “Mother Confronts Mayor Over Alleged Sexual Assault of 5-Year-Old

  • Jodie Swenson

    The fact that the Mayor will not give a statement speaks volumes. An innocent man would definitely defend himself and want to prove to the community that he’s not a monster. Speak up Mr. Mayor!

  • Aandeg Fly

    Thank you to the Christenson family for being brave and telling your truth. You’re an inspiration and voice for all sexual assault survivors.

  • The Reclusive Laura O.

    Painful and powerful. This family has experienced true suffering, and yet, their character shines with mercy and grace. Wow.

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