PUREDRIVEN Claims Mayor Swanson No Longer CEO, No Longer Involved

Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson is still owner of PureDriven digital marketing, but has been “removed from the company” and is no longer CEO.  PureDriven President & some Swanson defenders decry “witchhunt.”  Does the over-reactive Duluth Monitor lawsuit hint at more skeletons & more closets to come? by Sean Kelly


PureDriven President Jason Sunday was quick to respond to my blog post regarding company founder Chris Swanson’s lawsuit against the Duluth Monitor & John Ramos:

PureDriven CEO Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson Sues to Silence Citizen Journalist.

Over LinkedIn and by phone, Jason Sunday, who has been with PureDriven for 5 years and 5 months, claims that on April 5, 2022 Swanson was “removed from the company.”

I don’t fully understand how a small business owner can be “removed” from his own company, but Jason was otherwise forthcoming and would not elaborate.

Mayor Chris SwansonAs of that date, he said, Chris Swanson is “no longer is on the Leadership Team, no longer the CEO and is no longer in a decision making role with the company.”

Jason Sunday claimed that he has the authority and decision-making responsibility for both day-to-day operations as well as the long term vision and success of the company.  He writes the checks, makes all hiring and firing decisions and manages the P&Ls.

When asked about the slogan “Building Trust and Giving Hope in an Industry Built on Lies,” he said that was adopted recently and did not come from former CEO Christopher Swanson.

Jason inferred that there were potential structural changes in the works at PureDriven,  but wouldn’t confirm or deny whether Swanson might sell the company in the near future.

“There’s a Pitchforks & Torches Mentality in Two Harbors Right Now.”  Jason Sunday, PureDriven President

While he declined to comment specifically about Chris Swanson’s lawsuit against journalist blogger John Ramos, Jason did claim that the Mayor has been unfairly demonized in the press and by the community.  He believes many of the allegations against the Mayor have been blown out of proportion or are mischaracterized.

“In my experience, Chris Swanson is a Christian man who loves his community and has always had everyone’s best intentions in mind,”  said Sunday, who now lives in and runs the company from Omaha, Nebraska.  “There’s a torches and pitchforks mentality toward the Mayor in Two Harbors right now.  He could perform a miracle and they’d still find fault.”

A former employee of PureDriven who worked with Chris Swanson declined to comment on the current controversies, but shared his positive experience:

For what it’s worth, he was always incredibly kind to and encouraging to me as CEO.

A big reason that my career is going so well today is because Chris Swanson took a chance on me.

I really enjoyed working with him as a boss.

Matthew Barrett, whose LinkedIn profile states he’s PureDriven’s Director of Operations and Director of Sales & Marketing at Swanson’s Garage Starts, defended his friend Mayor Chris Swanson on Facebook.  Barrett’s survivalist supply company, Prepper’s Stockpile, is listed as a client of PureDriven.

On his Facebook page, Matthew Barrett states::

For many years, Chris Swanson has been my dear friend, employer, and, most importantly, brother in Christ. We have laughed together, cried together, celebrated successes, worked through losses, encouraged each other, and supported each other…

Throughout those conversations, there have been some consistent themes: A love for God, a love for his family, a love for people, and a love for Two Harbors. These are the basis for what he does and the decisions he makes…

Just know that you don’t know as much as you think you do. You don’t know his motivations or his heart behind his actions. If you did, you wouldn’t be acting in the way that you are.

And, for Pete’s sake, be civil… believe it or not, like it or not, the man cares about you.


Swanson Skeletons“You don’t know as much as you think you do [about Mayor Chris Swanson]”  –  Matthew Barrett, Prepper’s Stockpile

Both supporter’s and detractors of PureDriven owner and Two Harbors mayor Chris Swanson seems to agree on one thing:

There is more to be known about Mayor Chris Swanson, some of which is rumored to be revealed very soon.

My nagging intuition tells me that the overly aggressive lawsuit against journalist John Ramos and the Duluth Monitor may be intended to deter further investigation or disclosure of skeletons in the good mayor’s closets.

(That’s just a non-litigateable opinion and hunch, Mr. Brendan Tapas.)


Superior, it’s said, never gives up its dead… but if it does, I have a feeling that pesky John Ramos will report it… lawsuit or no lawsuit.


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One thought on “PUREDRIVEN Claims Mayor Swanson No Longer CEO, No Longer Involved

  • Laura Oslin

    Faith in Jesus Christ is not defined according to the position taken for or against this mayor.

    Journalists and the people have always served as the integrity check of those in positions of power. That’s why they are provided a process to follow, which they did for reasons cited in the charter and further supported by the city attorney’s written opinion. The first real pitchfork on the scene was the suit brought against this process, the city, and the journalists. Patrick Henry is often quoted as saying, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who comes near that precious jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. When you give up that force, you are ruined.” When the people don’t succumb to intimidation, you are at their mercy. When attempts at suppressing truth result in the spread of it instead, you are at the people’s mercy. When stories of the past continue rearing their ugly heads, you are at the people’s mercy. A true leader understands that the only power he/she has it that given by the people. When that trust is broken, your reign is over.

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