Will This Waco Couple Get Away With Fraud? Watchdog Website Needs Your Help.

The victims of a Waco, TX couples’ allegedly fraudulent franchise scheme and of their shady tool business have enlisted the help of franchise industry watchdog site UnhappyFranchisee.Com.

Christy Ogle GofundMeThe victims allege that Christy Ogle & Max Ogle, who have been sued by more than 10 franchisees and partners in at least 4 lawsuits, provided false information to the U.S. bankruptcy court in an effort to wipe away $1.6M the couple owe their creditors, including those who have court-ordered judgements.

Unhappy Franchisee publisher Sean Kelly has established a GoFundMe Campaign to cover time and expenses in researching, documenting, preparing and submitting a report to the Department of Justice requesting denial of the Ogle’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and requesting an investigation into allegations of criminal bankruptcy fraud and perjury.

UnhappyFranchisee.Com’s investigation has already uncovered some compelling evidence that the Ogle’s may have made false or incomplete representations in their initial bankruptcy filing 1/28/20 to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Texas.  The investigation has also yielded compelling evidence that both Christy Ogle and Max Ogle knowingly made false statements, under oath, in an official hearing conducted via teleconference on April 17, 2020.

Misrepresentation of their Business Activity.  Both Christy Ogle & Max Ogle testified, under oath, that they had used no other business names than Sometimes Spouse and Tools to the Max in the past 5 years.  Our research indicates that statement is FALSE.  See:  Did Christy Ogle & Max Ogle Lie Under Oath About Businesses They Operate?

Not Disclosing their Tool Business Nor it’s Inventory.    In their initial bankruptcy filing, the Ogles neglected to mention that they have a retail & online tool business.  They added it in an amended filing, but didn’t list any inventory as assets.  Christy Ogle testified, under oath, that they had no inventory at time of filing.  Our research indicates this statement is FALSE.  See Did Christy Ogle & Max Ogle Lie Under Oath About Their Tool Business Assets?

Max Ogle Fraud

Is One $20 Chair TRULY the Ogles’ ONLY Business Asset?

In their bankruptcy petition, Christy Ogle and Max Ogle disclose only one business-related asset:  an office chair valued at $20.

With the help of some informants close to the Ogles and their business, and with the generous help of Christy’s prodigious social media postings, we believe the Ogles’ sworn disclosure of business assets may be false. Here are some images of possible undisclosed assets posted by Christy & Max Ogle online

Christy Ogle MAC

Christy Ogle’s MAC Desktop Computer – Not Disclosed


Flat Screen TV, Table, Laptop Computer at Sometimes Spouse HQ – Not Disclosed

Max Ogle Sometimes Spouse

Bookcases, Printer, Desks, Office Chairs – Not Disclosed


Natalie Ogle

The Ogle’s daughter and employee proudly displays her laptop in this Facebook post.  The Ogles fail to disclose and laptop computers in their personal or business assets.


Christy Ogle Sometimes Spouse

The Ogles did not list the chaise lounge in their office under business assets.

Max Ogle bankruptcyWe’ve been told other possible business assets not disclosed include:

  • Two Mac desktop computers
  • A printer
  • A laptop
  • 3 office phones
  • An iPad
  • An iPad mini
  • Two mini fridges
  • A microwave
  • Several vacuums
  • Multiple filing cabinets
  • Approximately 5 desks
  • Approximately 5 office chairs
  • Multiple shelving units
  • 3 long tables
  • About 8 folding chairs
  • A pressure washer
  • Multiple ladders
  • Tools, Paint and Cleaning supplies
  • LED Ring Light & Tripod – Not Disclosed
Christy Ogle Clean an iPhone


Insiders report that Christy Ogle always has the latest cell phone.  She displays this expensive

cell phone ($1000+ ?) in a video posted the same month as the bankruptcy.  Her daughter’s

and Max’s iPhones are also posted, as is what appears to be an iPad.

Ogle bankrutcy

Max Ogle Sometimes Spouse

From the Ogle’s bankruptcy petition:

10. Firearms:  No
Examples: Pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, and related equipment”


Christy Ogle bankruptcy

The Ogles list $0 in assets for sports equipment.  It’s reported that Ms. Ogle has at least one kayak,  a stand-up paddle board and paddle.

Other possible personal assets the Ogles’ may have failed to disclose include:

  • A flatscreen tv
  • A MAC desktop computer
  • An Xbox
  • A Nintendo switch
  • A smart home thermostat and alarm system
  • Kayaks
  • Stand up paddle board and oar
  • 2-3 dogs (they said they had none)


Christy Ogle GofundMeWe are almost halfway to our initial fundraising goal of $3500.

We have already compiled significant evidence of fraud & perjury.

We need the rest of the funding to cover the time and costs to clearly document the fraudulent and false statements statements and get them in front of the right authorities.

Thanks for your support!

Contribute here:



Christy Ogle / Sometimes Spouse FACT CHECK Initiative


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Those involved with Sometimes Spouse franchise organization (some as victims) include Kayla Herring & Joshua Herring (Bell County), Quinten Hunt Morgan Hunt(Chisholm Trail), James Page (Abilene), Cory Stanford (College Station/Bryan), Michael Ogle, Holly Ogle (Sarcoxie), Logan Lankford & Amy Lankford (Lubbock), Brooks Milioni, Danielle Milioni (Springfield, MO), Sterling Hepburn & Clay Hepburn (N. Corpus Christi), Patrick Baldwin, Brandon Blasingame, Ross Larson, Tonya Larson, Hillary Barton, Kathleen Huntsman

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