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Former Franchisee Jim Lager Launches American Hose Pro FAIRCHISE Opportunity

When serial entrepreneur and former franchisee Jim Lager decided to expand his successful hydraulic hose sales and repair into a national brand, he decided to offer FAIRCHISE, not franchise, opportunities.

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In the past four decades, Jim Lager has built wildly successful businesses both as a franchisee and as an independent entrepreneur.

The difference?

“You don’t OWN a franchise,” says Lager, Founder and CEO of the regional Texas Hose Pro and soon-to-be-national brand American Hose Pro.

“Franchise sellers incorrectly refer to ‘Buying a franchise.’

“They incorrectly refer to franchisees as ‘franchise owners.’

“Franchising can be a great option.  It was for me.  But you don’t own a franchise.

“You RENT a franchise.”

“After Building One of the Top Tool Truck Franchises in the Nation, I Realized I was a Renter, Not an Owner.” – Jim Lager

After getting a degree on the G.I. Bill, Army Veteran Jim Lager found himself in the job market with NO business experience. 

Through blind luck and perseverence (desperation), he landed a sales job with a multi-billion dollar automotive tool brand.

He excelled to the degree that the company offered him the opportunity to become the newest and the youngest of its 3,000+ franchisees.

“I was so dumb and so desperate… I was the perfect franchisee.  I soaked up every training lesson, followed every procedure and every rule,” remembers Lager.

“Every time they rolled out a questionable promotion that had the old timers rolling their eyes, I’d jump on it eagerly and make it work.”

Jim Lager grew his fleet of trucks, collected every award the company offered and over the years built a mini-empire that put him consistently in the top 10 of all franchises.

Lager became the tool truck franchisor’s celebrated success story, appearing in ads and interviews promoting their franchise opportunity.

“I was their poster child of the successful franchisee,” Lager laughs. 

“When I Decided to Sell, I Had a Rude Awakening.”  – Former Franchisee Jim Lager

When Lager decided to cash out and pursue other interests, he had a rude awakening.

“After decades of building a successful business, what did I have to sell?

“A name and trademark?  No.

“An operational system?  No.

“A website?  A domain name?  My customer lists?  My customer goodwill?  All were owned by the franchisor.

“Even my phone numbers were owned by the franchisor…”

“If You Have to Ask Permission to Sell & Have Your Buyer Approved, You’re Not a Business Owner.”  – Jim Lager

Jim Lager felt foolish when he realized that he had spent several decades building someone else’s business.

Luckily, he sold at a profit (many don’t) and came out fine.

But after building his independent Texas Hose Pro into a regional powerhouse and the prototype for a national chain, he decided NOT to offer franchise opportunities.

“After decades of operating as a franchisee, I made the decision that if I ever had the chance, I wouldn’t offer franchise rental opportunities,” said Jim Lager.

“I’d offer those who wanted to own their own businesses FAIRCHISE opportunities.”

“Why RENT a Franchise When you can OWN a FAIRCHISE?” American Hose Pro Founder Jim Lager

The American Hose Pro FAIRCHISE distributor opportunity is designed for individuals and groups who truly want to own, not rent, their own businesses.

As an American Hose Pro distributor, you will enjoy:

  • A business YOU own, building the value of key components (name, logo, website, etc.) as assets under your control
  • Freedom from long-term contracts and locked-in royalties & fees
  • Freedom from such restrictions as forced arbitration or gag orders to stifle complaints
  • The opportunity to focus on growing your business while WE handle your administration, scheduling, and billing functions (At least initially. Not required.)
  • Access to some of the top experts in the industry with a genuine commitment to your success
  • A chance to provide valued input and ideas into developing a program tailored for your needs and designed for your success – without the distractions and nonsense that comes with franchise organizations

You’ll pay no upfront franchise fee or ongoing royalties

Click here to Learn more about the American Hose Pro Fairchise Opportunity.

From the publisher Sean Kelly:  “I, and, do not endorse or recommend any particular franchise or business opportunity.  We encourage every would-be business owner or investor to do thorough due diligence and pay for advice and review by qualified professionals.  We do occasionally accept requests for paid sponsored posts when we believe our readers may benefit from a featured program or service.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a sponsored post from American Hose Pro.  Jim Lager is a loyal supporter and friend of the site, and my trusted and valued colleague.”

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