CUPPY’S COFFEE: Was “Successful” Unit a Sham Store?

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CUPPY’S COFFEE: Were Franchisees Paid to Act Happy?

More questions and allegations are arising concerning the franchise sales practices and honesty of Morg Morgan and the Cuppy’s Coffee franchise sales team. Franchise owner Mary P has shared allegations of Morgan’s practice of offering pay-for-praise bounties of $330 for positive franchise testimonials; Now she wonders if the “wildly successful” unit they visited was just a sham success story:

I have another questions for everyone involved: How many of you went ot Cassandra Creech’s “wildly successful” Cuppy’s store out in Ocean Springs, MS to visit and speak with her before signing up? Weren’t we told she was selling 500 cups a day? We were there for two hours and maybe saw 3 customers. Did any of you see a busy time at her store when you visited? Is it possible that Cassandra was being paid off to be a “Flagship Model Store” for Cuppy’s to help them sell more franchises? What do you think she received in exchange for having all of us visit? There is now way she sold 500 cups per day. I believe her traffic count was maybe around 30,000 if memory serves me correctly. Our traffic count was 69,000 and we could not even sell 100 cups per day consistently.

The light bulb went off for me today. I believe that Cassandra’s success story was a set up to get all of us to buy in. After all, we thought if she could do it in a place like Ocean Springs, then we certainly could succeed in our market. You know we drove past her store twice without even seeing it and we were looking hard for it because it was our destination. We even had to call her to find out where it was.

Can anyone else share their experiences with us about visiting that store. Can anyone out there investigate this scenario to find out if she really is a successful franchisee or just a front that helped Cuppy’s dupe all of us?


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