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Attorney Brendan Tupa No Longer With Droel Law

The Minnesota litigation attorney who is suing a journalist & the entire city of Two Harbors on behalf of visionary Mayor and underwater hotelier Christopher Swanson is no longer with the Droel law firm.  by Sean Kelly [Scroll to the bottom for a special message from Saul Goodman]

(Unhappyfranchisee.Com)  Brendan Tupa, the attorney representing embattled Mayor Chris Swanson in his bullying defamation lawsuit against blogger John Ramos and Duluth Monitor, is no longer with Droel PLLC.

Attorney Brendan Tupa Droel LawTupa’s profile page has been deleted from the Droel law firm website.

Tupa also filed a lawsuit on behalf of three Swanson supporters (one named and two anonymous) against the city of Two Harbors, its City Council members and the organizers of the Resign or Recall petition to oust the controversial mayor.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Brendan Tupa joined Minneapolis-based Droel in March, 2021.

He was a principal and chaired the firm’s litigation group.

Prior to joining Droel, Tupa was Minor Injury Trial Attorney at the Law Offices of John C. Syverson. for 7 years.  He is Executive Board Member of the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association (MDLA), “an association dedicated to serving the needs of lawyers engaging primarily in the defense and trial of civil disputes.”

Droel Asked About Ethics of Brendan Tupa’s Lawsuits

On Thursday, May 26, 2022 Unhappy Franchisee publisher Sean Kelly had sent an email to Droel principals and attorneys questioning the legality and ethics of Chris Swanson’s lawsuit against journalist John Ramos.  The Two Harbors city council and defendant Ramos were also copied on the email and the content was posted here:

SLAPP-HAPPY Does Droel Law in Minneapolis Have Ethical Standards? Does It Enforce Them?

On Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day)

Brendan Tupa is no longer with the firm Tim L. Droel, Esq.  Attorney at Law sent a short email stating:

Brendan Tupa is no longer with the firm.

How Tupa’s Departure Will Affect Pending Litigation is Unclear

The reason for Tupa’s departure from Droel PLLC is not clear, nor is the implications for the Two Harbors lawsuits.

It’s not clear whether Swanson’s litigation will be taken over by another Droel associate, whether Tupa will continue to represent Swanson independently or with another firm, or if they will be dropped altogether.

We look forward to hearing from the Duluth Monitor and the Two Harbors defendants to learn how Tupa’s departure will affect his misguided lawsuits filed on Swanson’s behalf.

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One thought on “Attorney Brendan Tupa No Longer With Droel Law

  • There are 12 MN Appellate Court cases with Tupa’s name on it. My guess is the law firm he used to work for didn’t like the negative publicity which means Tupa was warned by the senior partners at his former law firm to beware. Obviously he didn’t. Cases like Swanson’s and the publicity that comes with it doesn’t help the firm’s image with other clients and future clients. Tupa should be watched for any lawyer misconduct charges that may be handed down on him for the Supreme Court of MN to consider his disbarment or license to practice suspension and any subsequent fines. You will find loads of lawyers in Minnesota who have been “cooked” by a decision of the MNSC who grants court privileges in all of Minnesota’s Judicial Districts.

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