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Mayor Chris Swanson & Restorative Justice For Sexual Assault

I had a dream last night that Two Harbors, MN Mayor Christopher Swanson had voluntarily entered a program designed to help both perpetrators of sexual assault and their victims.  It seemed so real and so detailed that I am compelled to ask Mr. Swanson if there’s any validity to it whatsoever.  by Sean Kelly  #JusticeForMarksDrive

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Last night I had a dream that was so vivid and detailed that I’m having a hard time convincing myself it didn’t happen.

Perhaps I was still thinking about yesterday’s post: Restorative Justice: A Way Forward for Two Harbors?

Or the post from the day before: Mayor Chris Swanson Sexually Assaulted 5-Year Old Children… Or He Didn’t

Mayor Chris SwansonI dreamed that it was November, 2020 and Two Harbors Mayor Christopher Swanson had become concerned that a dark secret from his past could come back to haunt him and his ambitious political career.  Or perhaps he felt genuine remorse… that isn’t clear.

The secret that he was concerned about (in my dream, mind, you) involved a series of sexual assaults on a 5-year old neighbor girl that he had committed when he was 15 years old.

This was some really bad stuff – not a little fondling or getting caught watching a porno movie.

No, it was unspeakable stuff that might end a political career… even in Two Harbors.

Chris Swanson had been arrested and had gone to court, but the juvenile court records were sealed… to that point.

In my dream, Chris Swanson then contacted a place called The Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking at University of Minnesota – Duluth (a real place, it turns out.)

He told them that he felt true remorse and wanted their assistance reaching out to the victim and her family.

The counselors there believed he was sincere and offered a process to help with the healing of both parties.

The counselors reached out to the victim and her family to say that Christopher Swanson felt genuinely sorry for robbing that little girl of her childhood, to subjecting her to unspeakable trauma and for causing her pain and suffering that she would likely battle for the rest of her life.

The counselors told the victim and her family that they would not have to face their perpetrator in person; he would convey his apology and try to make amends to the family through them.

As Swanson had been silent or deceptive for 30 years, they were, of course, skeptical.

The family made it clear at the outset that, for them to participate, he would need to agree to 1) make a public apology to their daughter, and 2) resign as Mayor of Two Harbors.

In July, 2021, through their intermediary (in my dream), Swanson agreed and the process moved forward.

For 9-10 months, Chris Swanson strung them along.  He sent them draft letters via email in which he apologized for sexual assaulting their daughter, and offering lengthy explanations of the factors that had led him to inflict such pain and harm on a helpless and innocent young girl.

40 Nelson Drive Silver Bay MNThe drafts, however, were never finalized into the public apology he had promised.

And while he repeatedly led them to believe his resignation as Mayor was imminent, he always had an excuse for not fulfilling his promise.

And it occurred to me that no one in in my dream Two Harbors should feel ashamed that they were deceived by a true master of the craft.

They should only be ashamed if they remain silent now that they’ve woken up to see, clearly, in the bright light of day, the terrible truth they’ve allowed to consume their town and their souls.

Finally, about two weeks ago, the professionals at The Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking informed the victim and her family that Christopher Swanson would no longer be participating in the program… either now or, likely, in the future.

This is a dream, mind you, but I woke up with the feeling that the masterful Chris Swanson had even fooled a group of experienced professionals who have been exposed to some of the most masterful and convincing liars in the country:  pedophiles and sociopaths.

Chris Swanson had actually managed to re-traumatize the victim and her family by subjecting them to this excruciating process. He had also managed to keep their silence for nearly an entire year as they believed they were engaged in a positive process with the crafty Chris Swanson.

And this unsettling dream left me with the vague impression that this imagined Christopher Swanson had never had any intention of apologizing, confessing, resigning as mayor, or lifting a finger to try to relieve even an iota of the suffering he caused.

And it occurred to me that no one in in my dream Two Harbors should feel ashamed that they were deceived by a true master of the craft.

They should only be ashamed if they remain silent now that they’ve woken up to see, clearly, in the bright light of day, the terrible truth they’ve allowed to consume their town and their souls.

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10 thoughts on “Mayor Chris Swanson & Restorative Justice For Sexual Assault

  • Laura Oslin

    In your dream, the girl and her family must have been some amazing people to persevere through the past and ongoing trauma. If I had been in your dream, I hope I would have had the opportunity to offer that girl comfort and reassurance. I wish I could have told her that she has inherent and untainted value that no person can touch. I wish I could tell that young girl that she is still pure as snow. I would have let her know that who she is has nothing to do with what happened to her and that any guilt or shame she feels is not hers to carry. I would let her know, not only is she heard, but she is also believed. I would tell her that she is an overcomer, and in time, she will know that.

  • In your dream where Chris Swanson felt true remorse for the sexual abuse of a 5 year old girl…did he feel remorse for other child victims who had not come forward? In your dream if Chris Swanson had felt true remorse without any agenda on his part of manipulating outcomes in his favor…then I am certain he MUST have taken responsibility and accountability for the irreparable harm to the other child victims and their families! Of course, all in your dreams. Dream on!

  • Darci: I said “ Or perhaps he felt genuine remorse… that isn’t clear.” I wasn’t saying that I believed that, but that’s what he claimed when he voluntarily entered the program (in my dream) and the seasoned professionals, at least initially, believed him.

    You make an excellent point. If Dream Swanson was sincere, he would have wanted to make amends to ALL his victims. And it also wasn’t clear whether he gave the whole story or the watered down version.

    I guess I’ll go to sleep early tonight & try for a clarification. Though first I’ll ask Mayor Swanson what he thinks of this strange vision.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • In my opinion, predators, sexual or not, are always predators. If it begins by taking sexual advantage of little kids it will proceed to taking advantage of anyone they can to fulfill their need to control. Predators feel no remorse because they lack a conscience, people without consciences may be sociopaths. I am so sorry that a friendly community has been had by a professional con man. I hope finances are available to cover the costs of stopping this without having individuals pay for a problem that is not theirs, but the communities. Cash in a bond or take out a loan to cover legal fees, then send a letter to 60 MINUTES. This is a mind boggling story!

  • Chris. Swanson is nothing more than a narcissistic, bullying, man child who abuses all those around him. My heart goes to all of his victims. You deserve justice.
    Hey Chris, how many more lies?
    How many more backs can you stab?
    How many more children have you hurt back then or even now?
    Shame on you.
    You do not deserve to continue as mayor of Two Harbors.
    You had your chance to apologize but instead you lie, throw more shade, and blame the victims for what YOU HAVE DONE!

    Someone wrote that you were a man of God ~ yea, I truly say no to that.
    You say your are a visionary.
    If you mean visionary of screwing others over & taking their ideas as your own like Lou’s Fish House, then yep.

    Or if you mean a visionary of how you can lie & manipulate your surroundings so that you don’t get caught, then yep.

    Or if you mean a visionary of how to put $$$$ in your pockets at the expense of your own community, then yep. That’s you.

    Resign – now.

  • Trying to catch up with the fact

    Right or Wrong, Scumbag or not….

    There is a STRONG case of blackmail in here. I am surprised it is on a site with an s-ton of lawyers.

    There is a clear definition here, leave this job or we will publish this and shame you.

  • Paula Anderson

    It is totally beyond my comprehension that grown adults in town of Two Harbors could possibly let Chris Swanson do the horrible things he has done to these poor defenseless children how many times does he get to lie and say he’s being remorseful but not do anything about it.And then to get elected mayor does not compute in my mind. These girls will be damaged for a lifetime. Chris Swanson needs to be in jail!!!!!!

  • Paula: So many unimagineable things hit home during this story. When it comes to sexual predators and violence against children, things are much, much worse than we want to believe unfortunately.

    For a bit of hope in all this, watch mother Nancy Christenson and her daughter speak from the back of Two Harbors courthouse… and check out the crowd of supporters and the love they sent Lindsey.

    Good people need to stand up and be heard… We CAN make a difference.

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