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Customer Sues Deli Delicious Sandwich Chain for False Advertising

Fresno-based chain accused of illegal bake-and-switch; franchisor allegedly promotes “fresh ingredients” but forces franchisees to keep bread frozen, stacked in cardboard cartons, to be thawed the day of serving.  by Sean Kelly

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  It’s official.  The bitter food fight between angry franchisees and Fresno franchisor Deli Delicious Franchising Inc. (DDFI) is now an all-out brawl.

Deli Delicious Bread 061120Customer Letitia Sanches has joined the legal battle against DDFI, alleging that the company, owned by Mohammad Hobab, and DDFI President Hesam Hobab, engaged in “unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business acts or practices” by “selling frozen bread disguised as fresh.”

The complaint also alleges that “DDFI and its applicable franchisees advertise that the bread is made with 100% organic flour but do not make their bread using 100% organic flour most of the time.”

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DELI DELICIOUS Sues Franchisee For Serving Fresh Bread

Letitia Sanches vs. Deli Delicious Franchising Inc., & Hesam Hobab Alleges False Advertising & Unfair Competition

The Complaint for Equitable Relief and Civil Penalties  Letitia Sanches vs. Deli Delicious Franchising Inc., Hesam Hobab and Does 1-25, inclusive (Case No. 21CECG00378) was filed in Superior Court of the State of California, County of Fresno, February 9, 2021.

According to the complaint’s General Allegations

“Defendant DDFI advertises its sandwiches as having ‘fresh ingredients’… Based on information and belief, DDFI has forced ‘the majority of its franchises to buy frozen bread from its sister entity DD’S Bakery which bakes the sandwich breads and then freezes them before having them sent to restaurants.
“DD’s Bakery’s major owner is also Mohammad Hobab.”

The suit claims that on November 24, 2020, Letitia Sanches and a co-worker ordered two sandwiches at the Deli Delicious sandwich shop at 5628 N. Blackstone Avenue, Fresno, California. That store is owned and operated by DDFI President (and Mohammad’s son) Hesam Hobab.

Deli Delicious Advertises Fresh Ingredients But Secretly Switched to Frozen Bread

Deli Delicious frozen breadAccording to the complaint:

“All signs at the store showed that the DDFI’s sandwiches were made of 100% organic flour. There were also signs promoting the sandwiches as having ‘fresh ingredients’ or ‘always fresh’.

The photos shown in the store depicted bread that Iooked nothing like the sandwiches [Sanches] had just bought.”

Letitia Sanches claims that the bread on the sandwiches were “stale and dry.”  She did an Internet search and learned that Deli Delicious was now substituting frozen bread for the fresh, daily baked bread it had served for decades.

According to the suit:

“Based on available public information, since at least 2018, DDFI has consistently advertised its products having ‘fresh ingredients.’

Nowhere does DDFI informs the consumers that the bread products were previously frozen after being baked.”

Deli Delicious Franchising Inc. (DDFI) Accused of Bogus Organic Claims

Ali NekumaneshThe Sanches suit alleges “DDFI has told the world that its product is fresh and made of 100% organic flour since 2018.

Based on information, DDFI did not buy 100% organic flour until late October, 2020.”

Unhappy Franchisee has been reporting on its suspicions of false freshness representations and misleading organic claims for many months.

We filed complaints with several state and federal agencies requesting an investigations.

We have also been reporting on the numerous lawsuits and bullying tactics by DDFI, Mohammad Hobab, Hesam Hobab, and Ali Nekumanesh to force Deli Delicious franchise owners to replace the fresh-baked bread customers knew and loved with frozen loaves they are forced to purchase from Mohammad Hobab’s and Ali Nekumanesh’s DD’s Bakery.

Plaintiff Letitia Sanches is represented by Fresno attorney H. Ty Khalarazi of the Yarra Law Group.

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Deli Delicious Frozen Bread Lawsuit:  Read the Complaint

Letitia Sanches vs. Deli Delicious Franchising Inc., Hesam Hobab and Does 1-25, inclusive (Case No. 21CECG00378) was filed in Superior Court of the State of California, County of Fresno, February 9, 2021

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Writers & Editors interested in writing about Deli Delicious franchise controversies:  Contact Sean Kelly, publisher of UnhappyFranchisee.Com, at UnhappyFranchisee [at] Gmail [dot] com for a Deli Delicious backgrounder and briefing document with sources, quotes and interviewee contacts.  We are not affiliated with and do not represent DDFI or its principals.



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  • Tonight June 28, 2023 my boyfriend and I purchased a French Dip and a Ham and swiss cheese sandwich both on white bread. The french dip did not look nor taste like white bread and both sandwiches had the bare minimum of meat. Upon arriving and walking to the entrance, we had to step over vomit and trash before entering. The location is at 2787 W. Shaw Ave., Suite #110, Fresno, Ca 93711. We will never go back to this location.

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