Petition: Keep DELI DELICIOUS Fresh!

The franchisor of the Fresno-based Deli Delicious chain (DDFI) is suing franchisees to force them to secretly serve previously frozen and thawed bread in place of the freshly baked that helped make the chain successful. The lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court, County of Fresno seeks to force the multi-unit franchisee to purchase frozen loaves from its new, inexperienced affiliate bakery, store them in the location’s freezer, then eventually thaw and serve them to unsuspecting customers.

Keep Deli Delicious Fresh! Say NO to Frozen Bread!

Deli Delicious Franchise Inc. is suing franchisees for refusing to trick consumers by substituting frozen thaw-and-serve bread for its local and freshly baked Basque Bread.
Please sign the petition below if you support Deli Delicious franchise owners who wish to serve freshly baked bread!
For decades, Deli Delicious franchisees have been serving delicious bread baked fresh daily by Fresno's iconic Basque Bakery. Last year, without warning or notice, Deli Delicious franchisor DDFI told its franchisees that they were now required to purchase pre-baked FROZEN bread from a bakery owned by some of its executives. Franchisees were told to substitute the fresh bread customers know and love with frozen bread they stored in freezers and thaw before serving.
Some franchisees have refused to serve their customers frozen bread and continue to support 57-year old Basque Bakery. Deli Delicious Franchise Inc. has filed a lawsuit against franchisees who refuse to downgrade the quality of their bread, and who support the loyal family owned Basque Bread Bakery.

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Thank you for supporting Deli Delicious franchisees, the family owned Basque Bakery, and great bread
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“Fresno’s Basque French bakery has been in business for 57 years and supplied freshly baked bread to Deli Delicious locations for 22 years,” said franchisee Borzooyeh Dielamani. “We know of no other sandwich chain serves frozen and thawed bread to its customers. We promise Deli Delicious customers the freshest possible sandwiches, and we hope they’ll support our right to keep doing so.”

Please support Deli Delicious franchisees, Basque Bread and freshly baked bread by signing and sharing the petition, and leaving a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Petition: Keep DELI DELICIOUS Fresh!

  • David Miller

    This is unfair let this business run the way they feel benefits their customers!

  • Dr. Bret Sherman

    I obtain lunch at DD twice a week. Nothing BUT fresh bread will do.
    Please don’t ruin the best sandwich in town with frozen bread.

  • Hassan lahjehnik

    It was not a good idea to change the bread. I don’t know what was behind of this decision but what ever the reason(s) was , it was not right to make any changes to a successful business . Changes for reaching to the higher quality level always is a good idea but not this substitution .

  • Joe linares

    I am in complete support of providing fresh products to other deli delicious. To be forced to use thawed frozen products is untrue to the customer and therefore an untrustworthy process. Integrity is everything.

  • Thank you, Joe, and to others for sharing their opinions

  • I eat at Deli Delicious at every chance I get. Truly a fantastic sandwich.
    I am SOOO torn. If I boycott DD stores it hurts the owners, and kills off the little guy.

    What to do? Maybe we can see this in court? I hope this works out for the individual store. Down with corporate profiteering, and hurray for these brave store owners who refused to compromise on quality.

  • Hamzah

    The new bread they use is horrible compared to the old one. And it tastes stale and not fresh.

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