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Greater Hewitt Chamber Ambassador Fraud Trials to Begin

Two separate civil trials of a Greater Hewitt Texas Chamber of Commerce Ambassador are scheduled for February 17 and March 23, 2021.  Allegations against the Hewitt Chamber Ambassador include fraud and embezzlement.  The Greater Hewitt Chamber continues to praise & promote its controversial Ambassador and her company.  Jack Skidmore, The Liars & Bullies Initiative

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Greater Hewitt Chamber Ambassador Fraud Trials to Begin

Separate Civil Complaints Allege Fraud & Embezzlement

Alissa Cady Hewitt ChamberTrial dates approach for two civil cases against an Ambassador of the Greater Hewitt Chamber of Commerce.

The first trial is set to begin 02/17/2021 in the United States Bankruptcy Court Western District of Texas, Waco Division, with Honorable Judge RONALD B. KING presiding.

In CASE NO. 20-60063-rbk, Plaintiffs Hillary Barton, Brett Barton, Kathleen Huntsman, Keith Powell, Eric Rutherford, Linda Stanford and Don Stanford allege the Hewitt Ambassador committed “Fraud by false pretenses, a false representation or actual fraud.”

The second trial is scheduled to begin 03/23/2021.  In CASE NO. 20-60069-RBK, Attorneys for Regian Tools, a Hewitt Chamber of Commerce member, will present evidence that the Hewitt Chamber Member & Brand Ambassador is guilty of fraud & embezzlement, causing willful and malicious injury to former business partners.

The Hewitt Chamber Ambassador and her co-defendant deny all allegations.  The alleged actions appear unrelated to the Ambassador’s Chamber-related duties, though at least one of the alleged victims is a fellow Hewitt Chamber member.

“Organizations that enable bullies and bad actors do their reputable members and local community irreparable harm.”  – J. Skidmore

[See the YouTube Video: Liars & Bullies Episode 1 Part 2: Does Greater Hewitt Chamber Promote Liars & Bullies?]

Executive Director Alissa Cady & Hewitt Chamber President Anna Hoffman, Visiting Angels, Remain Silent

Anna Hoffman Hewitt ChamberThe Greater Hewitt Chamber, Executive Director Alissa Cady and incoming president Anna Hoffman face sharp criticism not only for allowing its controversial member to remain ambassador and “Face of the Chamber,” but for refusing to respond to repeated inquiries.

Jack Skidmore, producer of the The Liars & Bullies Initiative web series,  says a number of local business networks (including Master Networks and BNI) have separated from the Ambassador, but Hewitt Chamber has refused to even acknowledge the controversy.

Skidmore says that organizations that enable bullies and bad actors do their reputable members and local community irreparable harm.

“The Hewitt Chamber & bylaws state that membership is open only to ‘reputable’ companies.  This member’s company has a history of lawsuits and controversies, an “F” rating by the Better Business Bureau, and online complaints that include bullying and defaming critics, doing terrible work, and refusing to pay workers and contractors,” says Jack Skidmore. “Yet the leadership, committee and board not only maintain this woman’s membership, they make her the ‘Face of the Chamber’!  It’s mind-boggling.”

Skidmore continues: “Most Chambers are fighting for survival.  I read that that 20-25% won’t survive the pandemic.  I’d imagine the non-profit chambers who bestow praise on and promote disreputable companies and individuals will be the first to go .  At least they should be.”

Despite repeated inquiries, the Greater Hewitt Chamber, Cady and President Hoffman refuse to explain or defend their actions or their continued support of the Ambassador.

As Trials Get Underway, Scrutiny of the Greater Hewitt Chamber Will Only Intensify.

Skidmore says The Liars & Bullies Initiative is considering a number of next-steps, including a boycott of member companies and Chamber advertising & sponsorships, a call for Alissa Cady to step down as Executive Director, and a call for review of the Hewitt Chamber’s non-profit status.

“The Bible urges us to take a stand against deceivers & those who bully the weak.  Those who enable are as guilty as the bullies themselves.  The Greater Hewitt Chamber board, Ms. Cady and Ms. Hoffman obviously don’t see corporate bullying or business ethics as important issues,” says Skidmore.  “We will continue to urge them to reconsider that stance.”

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