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Christy Ogle, Max Ogle & Sometimes Spouse of Waco, TX continue to flood social media with posts, ads and videos promoting their expertise at helping people start businesses and make money.

Christy Ogle businessMs. Ogle is telling struggling individuals that she can help them start a “recession proof” business.

This post contains the truth about the Ogle’s false Sometimes Spouse success story.  Below that, you’ll find the Christy Ogle / Sometimes Spouse FACT CHECK directory – a work in progress.

Christy Ogle’s False Success Story

The Ogles filed for Bankruptcy January, 2020 The couple that holds themselves up as business start-up gurus claim that they are $1.6M in debt.  Their “business empire” has $5,000 in the bank and its only asset is a $20 office chair.

See:  (SOMETIMES SPOUSE Christy Ogle Max Ogle Bankruptcy Filing ).

Lawsuits by Franchisees & Partners  Christy Ogle & Max Ogle have been sued by more than 10 former franchisees and business partners in 4 separate lawsuits.

Fake Facebook Pages  Christy Ogle broadcasts these messages using about 50 Facebook pages (for fake or defunct Sometimes Spouse office locations), Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Sometimes Spouse locationsFalse Location List As of 4/30/20, their Sometimes Spouse website contained a location guide and map showing 40+ non-existent office locations.  Many of these supposedly franchised offices have no address or use the addresses of UPS Stores or Postnet mail drops to give the illusion of actual locations.

Unsubstantiated Franchise Claims  Christy Ogle has admitted that they do not furnish a Sometimes Spouse Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) required of all franchise sellers by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  An FDD would require her to disclose the company’s 100% franchise failure rate, its many lawsuits, and substantiation for her earnings claim that for a $5,000 investment “First year earnings range on average between $40K to $150K.”

False success story spread on dozens of business podcasts  Christy Ogle has learned that business podcasters are desperate for guests with a good story, and don’t care if it’s true.  The Internet is blanketed with her phony business success story with her guest interviews on podcasts few if anyone even listens to.

Bankruptcy Fraud & Perjury Allegations  This website is actively compiling a report to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice alleging that Christy Ogle and Max Ogle made false statements in their bankruptcy petition and may have committed perjury in an official bankruptcy hearing.

The Ogle’s have no business offering anyone advice on starting or building a successful business.

The truth is that the Ogles’ collected dozens of $20K+ franchise fees from Sometimes Spouse franchise owners. 

Every one of their Sometimes Spouse franchise businesses has closed & their franchisees lost their investments.


Christy & Max Ogle’s Bankrupty Hearing Testimony FACT CHECK

Representation: Made by: Believed to be:
“We did not have inventory the date of filing.” Christy Ogle, 4/17/20 Christy Ogle FALSE

Read Here

The Trustee asked: Did you do business using any name (or dba) in the past 5 years

other than Sometimes Spouse, Sometimes Partners or Tools to the Max?

“Not that I can recall.”  – Christy Ogle, 4/17/20

“No, nothing.” – Max Ogle, 4/17/20

Christy Ogle

Max Ogle


Read Here

Christy Ogle blamed COVID-19 for the collapse of Sometimes Spouse

“Currently we have one [franchise] because COVID-19 took us down”Christy Ogle, 4/17/20

Christy Ogle FALSE

The chain had already failed

long before COVID-19 was a factor.

Read here.


“We had a business partner.  It was Max, I and Crystal Stewart. 

She ran all the financials until about 6 months ago.  And she did not do the financials correctly… 

She misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars of funds.”  – Christy Ogle, 4/17/20

Christy Ogle Investigation

in progress

“…a former partner.  She did not file our taxes in 2018…”Christy Ogle, 4/17/20 Christy Ogle Investigation

in progress

Christy & Max Ogle’s Initial Bankrupty Filing FACT CHECK

Representation: Section: Believed to be:
In her book, did Christy Ogle Admit to

Hiding Assets Around the time of their

first bankruptcy in 2002?


Read Here

Are Ogle’s Income Claims Accurate? Investigation

in progress

Are Ogle’s Expenses Claims Accurate? Investigation

in progress

Were Ogle’s claims that they did not operate

other businesses accurate?


Read Here

Christy Ogle’s Disparaging Claims FACT CHECK

Representation: About: Believed to be:
That Co-Founder & Partner

Crystal Stewart “misappropriated hundreds of thousands

of dollars of funds.” 

Crystal Stewart


in progress

That Co-Founder & Partner Crystal Stewart failed to file

their taxes in 2018

Crystal Stewart


in progress

(untrue, not disparaging)

That Sally Regian is the writer and publisher

of UnhappyFranchisee.Com

Sally Regian FALSE
That King Regian sells stolen tools King Regian FALSE
That Unhappy Franchisee publisher Sean Kelly is a





Sometimes Spouse Posts (ALL)

FRANCHISE WARNING: Sometimes Spouse, Christy Ogle

SOMETIMES SPOUSE No Longer Franchising Says CEO Christy Ogle

SOMETIMES SPOUSE Franchise – A Great Opportunity?




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2 thoughts on “Christy Ogle / Sometimes Spouse FACT CHECK Initiative

  • So Christy Ogle & Max Ogle managed to stiff creditors out of more than $1M they were rightfully owed by making false representations in their bankruptcy filing. In the first filing they claimed their business assets as just one chair worth $20(!).

    Somehow Christy Ogle managed to muster up enough money to pay Sarah Patschke of Waco, TX-based Innovative Solutions – Website & Graphic Design.

    Innovative Solutions & Sarah Patschke are so proud of their contribution to the ongoing alleged fraud perpetrated by Christy Ogle & Max Ogle – and so proud of being able to capture a share of the ill-gotten gains from the Ogle’s and Sometimes Spouse’ victims – that they are proudly displaying Christy Ogle’s testimonial and a link to the Sometimes Spouse website.

    Great job, Sarah Patschke. Future victims will surely admire your fine work!

    From the Innovative Solutions website at

    “I have heard wonderful comments on our new website. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Innovative Solutions! We absolutely love the new website. It sets Sometimes Spouse apart from every other Handyman or Household business in Waco.”

    Christy Ogle
    Sometimes Spouse, LLC.

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