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Liars & Bullies Episode 1: Sometimes Spouse, Waco, Texas

New 5 -minute video features Waco’s controversial Sometimes Spouse.  The debut of the Liars & Bullies Initiative web series puts a spotlight on the business practices of Sometimes Spouse, Waco, Texas, and its owners Max and Christy Ogle.  Episode 1 Part 1 tells how an independent contractor’s request to be paid made him the target of a barrage of bullying and intimidation tactics.  The Waco business community and police department appear to be indifferent to – if not complicit in – predatorial practices going back several years.

(UnhappyFranchise.Com)  The citizens of Waco, TX – like citizens across the country – angrily vent their frustration with the lying, bullying politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Those on the Left are outraged by the liars & bullies on the Right.

Those on the Right are outraged by the liars & bullies on the Left.

But where is the outrage when the lying and bullying is in their own backyard?  When it’s so close that they could actually do something about it?

The first episode of the Liars & Bullies Initiative web series poses that question to the good, respectable business people of Waco, TX:

Will you express your opinion if your neighbor, business associate, member of your church or networking group is victimizing others with dishonest, predatory behavior?

Or will you still smile when you see them?  Look the other way?  Hope you’re not next?

Sometimes Spouse, Max & Christy Ogle on Liars & Bullies:  What Do You Think?

Sometimes Spouse Victims & Supporters: Please Share Your Experience for Part 2

Liars & Bullies Initiative producer Jack Skidmore is inviting comments from those who are familiar with Max & Christy Ogle & Sometimes Spouse to share their opinions and experiences.

Has Sometimes Spouse failed to pay you what you’re owed?

Have they bullied or tried to intimidate you to keep silent?

Or have you found the Ogles and Sometimes Spouse to be honest and reliable Waco community members & service providers?

Your comments and communications may be anonymous, and your identity withheld upon request.

Leave a comment below (use your real email address – it will not show publicly) or send an email to LiarsNBullies [at] Gmail [dot] Com.

Sometimes Spouse Endorsers & Supporters:  Please Contact Liars & Bullies

Liars & Bullies Episode 1 Part 2 will focus on the role 3rd party endorsers, affiliates, referral sources and testimonial vendors play in perpetuating lying and bullying in local markets.

We are especially interested in hearing from those we have identified as supporting (even if unintentionally) or enabling the alleged business tactics of Sometimes Spouse , Max Ogle & Christy Ogle, Natalie Ogle & her boyfriend (as yet unnamed).

Waco Police Department:  Alex alleges he was threatened by someone claiming to be a Waco police officer who made false allegations about threatening text messages.  He claims he twice called the Waco police station was told by two supervisors that the threats were justified.  Is Natalie Ogle’s boyfriend a Waco Police Officer?  Does Waco PD allow its officers to threaten innocent citizens as personal favors in private disputes?

Networking & Lead Generation Groups including:

  • 1 Million Cups Waco
  • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  • Locals Love Us Waco
  • Greater Hewitt Chamber of Commerce
  • Master Networks

Paid Services Supporting Sometimes Spouse

  • Innovative Solutions Website Design – Sarah Patschke
  • LegalShield™ Independent Associate Donny Hunter
  • Hugh W. Davis , Attorney
  • Ross & Hunter Attorneys at Law
  • Tyler Sims Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Trustee James Studensky

Sometimes Spouse Testimonial Providers, Networking Associates, Enablers*

  • Matt Blackwell – Locals Love Us Franchise Owner
  • Diana Crow – Locals Love Us
  • Jon Passavant – Startup Waco
  • Tonya King Goosehead Insurance
  • Sandra Thompson Barron
  • Reece Flood
  • Alfred Solano
  • Sammy Jarrett  Optimized Marketing Solutions, LLC, The Waco Review
  • Chip McCarter  McCarter Marketing
  • Wyatt Faulkinberry  Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance
  • Johnny Gonzales  Owner at GM Construction
  • Allie Hoffman Health Insurance Advisor

* If you believe you are on this list in error, please contact ADMIN at LiarsNBullies [at] Gmail [dot] Com


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