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Fraud Trials to Begin for Ewing Marion Kauffman Community Organizer & 1 Million Cups Sponsor

Two separate civil trials of a Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation 1 Million Cups community organizer are scheduled for February 17 and March 23, 2021.  Allegations against the Kauffman organizer include fraud and embezzlement.   Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has not commented on the status of its controversial volunteer organizer and sponsor of 1 Million Cups Waco.  Jack Skidmore, The Liars & Bullies Initiative

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Ewing Marion Kauffman Community Organizer Fraud Trials to Begin

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Separate Civil Complaints Allege Fraud & Embezzlement

Trial dates approach for two civil cases against a community organizer for the 1 Million Cups program of Kansas City, MO-based Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

The first trial is set to begin 02/17/2021 in the United States Bankruptcy Court Western District of Texas, Waco Division, with Honorable Judge Ronald B. King presiding.

In CASE NO. 20-60063-rbk, Plaintiffs Hillary Barton, Brett Barton, Kathleen Huntsman, Keith Powell, Eric Rutherford, Linda Stanford and Don Stanford allege Max & Christy Ogle, owners of the formerly franchised Waco-based handyman & cleaning company Sometimes Spouse, committed “Fraud by false pretenses, a false representation or actual fraud.”

The second trial is scheduled to begin 03/23/2021.  In CASE NO. 20-60069-RBK, Attorneys for Regian Tools will present evidence that the sponsor and head of 1 Million Cups Waco is guilty of fraud & embezzlement, causing willful and malicious injury to former business partners.

The Ogles deny all allegations.  The alleged actions appear unrelated (at least directly) to the Kauffman Foundation Organizers’ 1 Million Cups-related duties, though we believe the Kauffman Foundation has given the Defendants and their company the appearance of legitimacy, as well as access to a steady stream of entrepreneurs, for at least two years.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Silent on Status of Waco Organizer & Sponsor

Information requests submitted to 1 Million Cups Waco and local co-organizers Matthew Heaton & Reece Flood, have not been returned.

After two inquiries via the Ewing Marion Kauffman website, we received a belated response from Lauren Aleshire, Senior Content Marketing Specialist:

Thank you for your patience in responding.

We are investing [sic] your complaint and the organizer. As you know, organizers are volunteers and 1 Million Cups is a volunteer-led organization, bound only by their license agreements. If there is a violation of that agreement, corrective action will be taken.

Requests to Ms. Aleshire have not been answered.

On January 26, 2021, we submitted links and evidence regarding the Ogles to John E. Tyler, General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Ethics Officer, Legal, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Mr. Tyler replied:

Thank you for your email, attachment, and links that bring the situation regarding the Waco 1 Million Cups situation to our attention. I look forward to reviewing the information, looking into the situation, and to getting back to you with any questions we may have. 

Again, we appreciate your information and leads.

Follow up requests for an update have been unanswered.

As of 2/10/21, the 1 million Cups Waco website still lists Sometimes Spouse as sponsor and Christy Ogle is still prominently featured on its Facebook and YouTube pages.

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