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CUPPY’S: Rawman Walking Loses Twitter Food Fight

Cuppy’s Coffee founder Robert “Morg” Morgan had been laying low.  While the unhappy victims of the Cuppy’s Coffee were commiserating online, Morgan had quietly reinvented himself as new age celibate vegan raw food guru Bobby The Rawman Walking.  He had launched two self-promotional blogs called Raw & Free and Raw Food retreat.

By posting 5000+ touchy-feely inspirational messages and links to raw food recipes, Rawman Walking had built up an adoring following on Twitter.  He was just starting to pitch his ardent followers – most of whom were middle-aged women unaware of his controversial past – on attending his raw food retreat at a cost ranging from $1500 – $14,000.  He and partner Ben Doyle (also an infamous Cuppy’s Coffee partner) were beginning to mention investment opportunities for expansion of his so-called “retreat,” which he calls The Sanctuary.


Morg Morgan’s Carnivorous Karma Chomps Hard

An anonymous poster left a message on alerting the unhappy franchisees who had been abandoned to fend for themselves by Cuppy’s Coffee about Morg’s new identity.  A Facebook group called Beware of Rawman appeared.  At least three Tweeters (FoodDiva2, BewareofRawman & Rawman_Rawdeal) began posting warnings to alert the fans of Rawman Walking that their new guru had a controversial past.  The Tweeters posted links to expose-type blog posts on UF (Beware of Rawman Walking aka Morg Morgan) and on Michael Webster’s Misleading Advertising Law blog (Rawman or Raw deal?).


Rawman Walking & Friends Fight Back

Rawman_Rawdeal (MJ) aggressively gathered 1100 followers of his own and posted Rawman-warning tweets:

rawdeal Rawman Morg Morgan fired a series of DMs (Direct Messages) to Rawman-Rawdeal claiming he was a fellow victim of his own company, and innocent of claims he misappropriated funds from an estimated 200+ franchisees and franchise applicants:

Hi, MJ. RawmanWalking: I just saw your posts. My private DM’s Twisted. u are not interested n anything but making money on your blog. Good bye.

Hi, MJ. RawmanWalking: I have never wished evil on anyone. Even when you continue to try to hurt me and my family. I will not hate u Stop this craziness.

Hi, MJ. RawmanWalking: What you are doing is so sick. All to make money on your blog. You could care less about ALL of us who were hurt. Stop spreading lies!

Hi, MJ. RawmanWalking: I wouldn’t give u anything! You twist what I say spread lies slandering me. I never intentionally hurt 1 person yet U seek 2 destroy me.

Hi, MJ. RawmanWalking: Get the facts. I have never stolen 1 penny from anyone! Stop the harrassment .What is your point? I have given evey agency the records.

Rawman Walking’s new friends and followers were upset with the revelations.  A handful angrily defended him, turning on the messengers:



One spiritual “healer” even predicted cancer for those who criticized Rawman:


In the End, Rawman Was Detweeted.

7 days after the first negative Tweet, Rawman left a flurry of quotes from Mother Theresa & Gandhi and then, presumably, deleted his page.  His thousands of tweets disappeared instantly.  Rawman was detweeted.


However, Rawman Walking’s two blogs are still live and he is still, as far as we know, soliciting guests for his women-only raw food retreat.  Perhaps he’s even accepting investors for his new raw deal, The Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, angry Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees are fighting off home repossessions, fending off creditors, and begging Federal investigators to send Rawman packing.


8 thoughts on “CUPPY’S: Rawman Walking Loses Twitter Food Fight

  • i hope morg chokes on a raw carrot

  • The funny thing about this was that Morgy Porgy was busy sending out quotes from people like Mother Theresa.

    Something like: Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good

    Then some crazy guy re-twittered it as: Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good. And abide by the Franchise Regulators,

    Apparently, Morgy Porgy couldn’t stand this creative retweeting and ran away to his Sanctuary.


    He not only ran to the Sanctuary, he barred the door behind him.
    If you go to, a sign in box comes up. It reads “This blog is open to invited readers only”

    Looks like his followers are gathering as Google group members. He has 44 displayed in a badge on, nearly all middle-aged women. At least most have heard there’s a controversy and can look into it if they are smart enough.



    Those were pretty funny. Can be read at

    I liked Be the change you want to see in the world said Gandhi… then screw them and What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight… So take the money and run.

    I think those were the last straw. And proof that Twitter is not the place to promote if you have a legion of detractors and the truth is not on your side.

    The woman defending “Bobby” in the post above, @AriaaJaeger says in her bio “Ariaa accurately predicted the crash of TWA flight 800 in 1996 and many other events including but not limited to, the Oklahoma City, Olympic Park and Saudi Arabian bombings, the death of Princess Diana and the tragic events of September 11th. She has also accurately foretold of earth events such as the Northridge, California and Kobe, Japan earthquakes.”

    Hopefully she can predict the next disaster which seems to be brewing somewhere near Perdido Key.

  • It is tough to remain the head honcho when everyone is laughing at you and your idiotic remarks!

  • Yes, Michael Webster…it is tough being head hancho when people are laughing at you for your idiotic remarks. Do you enjoy your time as head hancho on a rancho site? Did you enter the poetry contest too? Why don’t you look for a franchise to invest your hard earned money and this time don’t gamble, do the due diligence hancho man!

  • guest

    “Do you enjoy your time as head hancho on a rancho site?”
    Head hancho on a rancho site?
    Better lay off the raw food, mate. Have a burger and maybe you’ll make some sense.

  • Lynda Donley

    What happened to you? Do you have a conscience anymore? You have lived your life dishonestly. Glad you are not my husband. I know how you mistreated your first wife and children.. Plus, you deserted your second wife Peggy. She helped you when you needed big time legal help also when you had throat cancer . People who have been conned by you are suffering emotional and financial distressed. You just continue to go on and find another person to take advantage of. FBI should put you away for good. Beware of this man. He’ll take care of him self and to hell with all his gullible followers

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