Beware of Rawman Walking aka Morg Morgan

He now calls himself Rawman Walking.  The Rawman.  Or Bobby.  But hundreds of people who wish they had never met him know him as rawman-walking Robert Chrysler Morgan, or “Morg” Morgan, infamous founder of Medina Enterprises and Cuppy’s Coffee.

If you are going to deal with Bobby “The Rawman” Morgan, you would be wise to read this post and the comments that follow, and to proceed with extreme caution.  If you know Rawman Morg Morgan, please share your thoughts below.

Rawman is invited to provide clarification or rebuttal.  Email us at UnhappyFranchisee[at]

Rawman Walking is now hawking women-only raw food seminars at a supposed retreat called The Sanctuary at a cost of $1500 – $14,000 for 3-28 day courses.  He is also promoting a business opportunity that enables attendees to give their own seminars.  The real strategy may be to use these seminars to solicit investment in the Sanctuary Expansion as mentioned by Ben Doyle.  We don’t know.

But we know that there are many reasons to be wary of this man:

1) Insurance Fraud Rawman Walking, aka Robert Chrysler Morgan, was allegedly* featured in a book on notorious conmen in America, Master’s of Deception. On page 139, the author states: “…insurance agent Robert Chrysler Morgan was forced to pay $134,000 and surrender his license for defrauding thousands of customers.” If you Google “Robert Chrysler Morgan” you can read the excerpt of Mizell’s book.

2) Slender Lady Franchise & Lawsuit.  Along with his friend Bruce Sharpe, Rawman Morg Morgan was an owner of the Slender Lady women’s fitness chain.  His Slender Lady franchise company was successfully sued by its failing franchisees for fraud & deceptive practices.  Almost every franchise closed; dozens of franchisees lost their savings, homes and were forced into bankruptcy.  Sharpe fled to South America, assumedly to avoid paying his victims.

JJ Logo TM3) Java Jo’z Deposit Scheme.  Rawman Walking (Robert “Morg” Morgan), Ben Doyle and convicted felon Roy Snowden sold business opportunities for a drive-thru coffee concept called Java Jo’z.  They convinced dozens of trusting individuals (including the brother of A-List blogger Robert Scoble, ) to make deposits of tens of thousands of dollars which they promised to refund if the investors couldn’t get financing or find a location.  When the individuals returned for their deposits, Rawman & his cronies refused to return their money.  After  Roy Snowden went to prison for fraud, Rawman “bought the assets” & repackaged the Java Jo’z scam as Cuppy’s Coffee. Read more about Rawman Walking Robert Morgan at Cuppy’s Coffee Overview.

4) Cuppy’s Coffee deposit scheme. Using several different corporate entities, Rawman refined and cuppyslogoexpanded the lucrative practice of convincing individuals to give large “refundable” deposits (typically $30K – $60K) for development of Cuppy’s Coffee businesses, then refusing to refund them as contractually agreed.  Rawman’s companies collected hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, in deposits from individuals and provided nothing in return.  Rawman, in essence, paid for his Jaguar and beachfront condo with the savings and retirement accounts of hardworking individuals and families who got nothing in return but heartache, aggravation and legal bills. Read more about Rawman Walking Robert Morgan at Cuppy’s Coffee Overview.

5) Medina Enterprises/Cuppy’s Coffee/Elite Construction deposit scheme. Unfortunately, those who could not raise the $200K – $400K to  for the full Cuppy’s Coffee development program were the lucky ones.  It’s estimated that as much as $29 million was raised via SBA loans and other sources – typically secured with individual franchisees’ homes and/or retirement accounts.  However, Rawman’s companies collected money on these loans for work that was never done, done incorrectly or done so late franchisees had to begin repaying loans on empty lots.  Many never got open.  Others did, incurred more debt and closed.  Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees never received the support services they paid for.  Rawman Walking Morg Morgan walked away, selling (dumping) the embattled company and its franchisees before it collapsed completely.  Read more about Rawman Walking Robert Morgan at Cuppy’s Coffee Overview.

6) Rawman Lawsuits. San Gelato Cafe is suing Rawman for deceptive business practices.  Outstanding  Case Number 2008 CA 004819 S SAN GELATO CAFE FRANCHISING GROUP LLC v. ROBERT  C  MORGAN;

7) Domestic Violence Charges. In 2008, Rawman was charged with domestic battery stemming from an alleged altercation with his stepson. Cases:  Okaloosa County, FL  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BATTERY (784.03(1a1))  2008 MM 004059 S (784.03(1A1)DV) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BATTERY);  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BATTERY (784.03(1a1))  2008 MM 004058 S (784.03(1A1)DV) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BATTERY

8 ) Rawman is Married. Rawman has been married for years to Peggy Morgan, the woman who took care of him when he had cancer.  Yet,  according to his website, “Bobby, spends most of the year at the Sanctuary in Florida… mentoring women who need a loving, gentle nonjudgmental approach to weigh loss…” He professes:

“I have exchanged an endless potpourri of sexual encounters, for… wholesome beautiful friendships with women where true affection abounds … I have vowed to my creator and too myself that I will remain in this state [celibacy] until I can love with a pure heart, to come to my loves arms as an equal not a conqueror…”

While he is engaging in beautiful, loving friendships with women, and awaiting the arms of his true love, he is still legally married to wife Peggy.

9) Multiple Aliases. On his 2 websites and active Twitter accounts, Robert Chrysler Morgan makes almost no reference to his real name or recent nickname “Morg.”  He is now “Bobby,” “Rawman,” or “Rawman Walking.”  His new age Rawman persona seems to be carefully crafted to be friendly, sensitive, open and, especially, non-threatening to needy, health-conscious women.

10) No Men or Children Allowed. Rawman states: “The Sanctuary is a women’s only retreat no men or children are allowed to stay in guest rooms or attend classes or events. Please do not ask as we do not make exceptions…”  Why is that?  Seems ironic that his only supposed success story is buddy Ben Doyle (aka @RawmanLivin).  Says Rawman: “Just finished helping a 67 year old rejuvinate his life lost 37lbs 34 days got a new girlfriend lol.”doyle2

11)  Ben Doyle. While Rawman is charming and well-liked even by some he’s wronged, his partner Ben Doyle is not.  Fiercely negative comments regarding Ben Doyle have appeared on this website and others from those who claim to be have been his co-workers, employees and scam victims.  When these two work together, bad things seem to follow.

12)  “The Sanctuary” & Investment Schemes. Rawman claims he operates a raw food retreat called “The Sanctuary” on Florida’s Perdido Key.  But there is no reference to such a place anywhere except his websites, and the phone number appears to be registered to a cell phone.  It seems more likely that they are simply renting condos or rooms as needed.  If so, why would they be “seeking investors” for the “Sanctuary Expansion” as was tweeted by Ben and Rawman Walking?

Morg Morgan/ RawMan Walking blog: Living Raw & Free
Morg Morgan / Rawman The Sanctuary blog: The Sanctuary
Morg Morgan’s declaration of celibacy: Celibacy 2009 The Right Reason
Morg Morgan on Twitter:
Ben Doyle on Twitter:


* Unless there’s another Robert Chrysler Morgan who sold insurance in Arizona at that time

57 thoughts on “Beware of Rawman Walking aka Morg Morgan

  • April 22, 2010 at 11:56 am

    Who is Sean Kelly? Never heard of him nor seen him. I am a Java Jo’z/Cuppys bankrupt franchise owner. Should I say former Franchise owner. Morg and Ben have been the worst people I have ever met. Even “innocent” Peggy. So I am not paying through bankruptcy court for 3 years, my credit is ruined, and now divorced. Thanks for the great support – NOT.

  • April 29, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Sean Kelly is a very well known author of articles in franchise trade magazines and a straight up nice guy and moderator of this site.

  • April 29, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    he’s also never owned a franchise before so he has no knowledgeof what we actually are going thru!

  • December 16, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Bobby Robert Chrysler Morgan is at [redacted] practicing medicine without a license saying he can heal people with cancer and diabeties.

  • December 16, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Bobby Robert Chrysler Morgan is at [redacted] practicing medicine without a license saying he can heal people with cancer and diabeties.

  • December 28, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Pam Snowden passed away last week. She was the ex-wife of Roy Snowden, mother of Jennifer Cox, mother in law to Mike Cox, and worked in the Cuppy’s office’s as Reception Room Magazines. Rest in Peace.

  • September 1, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    Has a “POF” dating site profile says he lives in Tyler,TX.. 50 yrs old…but makes a comment to look him up on Twitter…….””First time on a dating site. June 23,2009 I also just joined twitter. If you really want to get to know me what makes me passionate check me out: also or just type in rawman walking.””

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