CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan’s “My Thoughts About The American Dream”

Robert “Morg” Morgan, the founder and previous owner of the controversial Cuppy’s Coffee and related controversial entities (Medina Enterprises, Elite Manufacturing, etc.)  recently resurfaced as raw food guru "Bobby” Morgan, the “Rawman Walking.”  Rawman Walking publishes two blogs in connection with his raw food seminar business and retreat:  Living Raw & Free and The Sanctuary.  He also publishes on Twitter as @RawmanWalking and has built up 5000+ followers in 2 months.

Upon learning this, we published two posts.  The first was to alert victims of Cuppy’s Coffee about the current activities of Robert “Morg” Morgan (CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan is Now “Bobby The Rawman Walking”). The other was to inform potential investors of Rawman Walking about his previous investment opportunities (Beware of Rawman Walking aka Morg Morgan).

Within hours of the latter post being published, Rawman Walking Morg Morgan posted “My Thoughts About The American Dream” on his Living Raw and Free Blog. 

After blaming this blog for the demise of Cuppy’s Coffee , Rawman Walking Morg Morgan deleted the post the following day. It is reprinted below verbatim and in its entirety.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Thoughts About The American Dream

Wow… ‘I’ve the education, the experience and the power, now all I need is a business so I can live the American Dream’. That was my statement 30 years ago.

As I look back that far on what I wrote, I chuckle at myself. Through the sieve of time which has tossed me into the air and winnowed me like wheat, being separated from the chaff, my foolishness and ignorance is easy for me, as well as all mankind to see.

Something’s I’m Still About Learning 30 Years Later…

Real Education

Today, I realize education is not a degree or a certificate, but and ongoing process. I now understand that real education goes far beyond the classroom. I also believe there is something much more important than being at the top of the class and that’s knowing the difference between truth and theory and how to discern right from wrong. These are the two most important things we can learn starting in kindergarten through graduate school if only it were in our core curriculum. This knowledge would save all of us a lot of backtracking.

Today I commit myself to learning something new and sharing with others what I learned yesterday. There is joy in real learning when it’s subjected to the light of truth and is given and received in love. What we have learned seems to have a magical touch and is easily shared and grasped by others.

Real Experience

These are the definitions of “experience” that I garnered from looking up the word.

· Go or live through; "We had many trials to go through"; "he saw action in Viet Nam" · Know: have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations; "I know the feeling!"; "Have you ever known hunger?"; "I have lived a kind of hell when I was a drug addict"; "The holocaust survivors have lived a nightmare"; "I lived through two divorces" · Go through (mental or physical states or experiences); "Get an idea"; "Experience vertigo"; "Get nauseous"; "Receive injuries"; "Have a feeling" · The accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities; "A man of experience"; "Experience is the … “· Feel: Undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind; "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret". · Have: Undergo; "The stocks had a fast run-up" · An event as apprehended; "A surprising experience"; "That painful experience certainly got our attention" .

Finally, after a lifetime of consciously relying on and living in the confusion of relying on my past experience to direct my every move; today, I am finally free. For me my past experiences are just that, they are from the past, meaning they only have merit when l I reach in and stir them up and take one out. As I have grown into a man I have learned the only time I really need to recall my experiences is when I bring them up from the depths of my mind for the purpose of using them as learning tools or to evoke feelings of love and joy. It seems pretty dangerous to use them for bragging rights as they usually tend to be used to validate and build my ego. Today I dwell more in the experience of the moment, as it seems to me, it’s really the only place that I am really sure I can validate the experience of what is happening right now and it’s the only one I really have a 100% certainty it’s happening… Woops there goes that experience “said it, done it been there”. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying experiences are not important. I do accept the philosophy of John Dewey, that all past experiences influence our future experiences. I just know if you dwell on any of them good, bad or indifferent you get stuck. Just plain stuck, like one of those dolls that you pull the string and it talks, but is short on vocabulary. What I like to keep in mind, so I won’t lose my mind is simply that the contents of experience are the "what’s" and the conditions of experience and the "how’s". The ‘what’s’ are not as controllable as the ‘how’s’. As my Dad would say, “Son it’s not the problem that’s the problem it’s how you are looking at the problem –take a new look”. So, my last thought on experience is to live in the moment. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself and others for the bad experiences that you or they may have created and start this very moment bringing about a better you and a better world as you filter your “hows” through love and forgiveness.

The Real Power

This is one I really have a difficult time touching on. It seems to me the statement “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” has real merit. I continue to find that I see myself so differently until I see myself through the lens of a video camera. My first thoughts are “that can’t be me”! Has this ever happen to you?

As I reflect on power and why it was important to me I realize the truth is I was afraid of my own weakness, afraid to look deep inside and finding out that I was nothing more than a scared little boy on the roller coaster of life and once I left the amusement park I would have no place to call home. I was sure, I would succeed and grow rich as long as I believed I had power and through my power the world would recognize me and I would not be left alone. Even when I was down I pretended to be the best the most powerful self I could be. Yes, power was my shield from experiencing pain associated with seeing the real me. What I am learning in this life, is that it is the only one I have and it’s truly a gift. I am not the author of this life, nor will I be the finisher. I cannot create nor can I take away the sorrow nor heal the pains of this life by acting powerful; It’s only by my acknowledging and accepting of who I am, a human being who did not get to choose where, when, how or to whom he was to be born. That is when I became free to just be me and accept with gratitude my place on this planet. The one thing I do have power over is how I perceive my place in this world. Today I know the only real power is in serving my fellowman and remembering my life was not earned by me, it was given to me, so whatever transpires is what it should be and whether its genetic disposition or the signs in the sky I am and that is enough. For power wielded in a wrongful manner, I want to deeply apologize to especially my estranged wife, my first wife, my children, family, friends, business associates, employees and whomever has been injured by my ignorance of power and how it can corrupt our souls. Again I deeply apologize and hope you will heal from any and all the wounds I have inflicted.

The Business

It seems like my whole life has been wrapped up in the belief that business was the only way a Red Blooded American could succeed; And now that I am taking a moment to reflect on my life and digging down, stirring up and taking out some of my experiences and reflect on them in the light of “how” instead of why the answer smack me right in face.

Even at the young age of four years old I can remember my grandfather, father, and other male family members and friends whispering among themselves asking each other what they will do if they are laid off or fired? They talked about unions and strikes and for some reason the word strike always put a chill up my spine. I guess even at as young boy I knew if my father was laid off, fired, or the union went on strike our household would not be a happy place anymore. Yes, I saw their faces light up as I listened to them speak of their dreams of what it was going to be like and how they would finally have power over their own destiny when they finally owned a business of their own. It was going to be like heaven to them they would finally be free from the fears and powerlessness that goes hand-in-hand with “working for the man”. A few succeeded in breaking their chains, but their businesses were under funded and failed. Most of them never even really did anything except join a multi-level business or do side work. All have either gone to their graves or have settled for small retirements, never having crossed over to what they believed were the greener pastures of owning one’s own business.

Ahhh…The McDonalds & Kentucky Fried Chicken Dream – I still can hear the excitement in my parents voices as they tried to figure out how to get into a McDonalds or KFC. They dreamed and schemed and I’m not sure, but they may have even submitted applications. I remember they became disheartened when they could not get enough money together to own one of those franchises. I along with them believed we could just pack up all our troubles and skip down the yellow brick road and arrive in Emerald City, before the boogie man got us. No such luck, raising and supporting 3 kids took all they had and the extra money to live their dream just never came their way.

As I grew in to my teens, I can clearly hear myself saying, “I will never in a million years work for ‘the’ man”. I was going to do it differently and I would help my family, friends and fellowmen break their chains and get into their own businesses as well.

Surprise –Being “the man” is not as wonderful as I thought and that brings me back to my opening statement. “I’ve the education, the experience and the power now all I need is a business to so I can live the American Dream”.

Well I did what I said I would do and did everything in my power not to have to work for anyone else and to be the boss and own a business. Every business I ended up owning or having percentage of ownership in or businesses that were already going but were usually on the verge of failure. Owners and stockholders brought me in and promised me a piece of the action if I could do what we in the business world call “stop the bleeding” and turn the business back in to a profitable entity. Everyday was painful, as I was now the guy that people were whispering about and were afraid I would lay them off or fire them. I had become my most hated persona “the man”. I justified what I had to do as “The American way” and the business had to survive so owners could prosper, investors profit and employees remain employed. Funny thing, when I was about to do this I had to make a lot of peoples live miserable by making personnel cutbacks and benefit cut backs so I could financially drive the company forward and increase sales all at the same time. Talk about intense work. My partners and investors usually loved me but employees feared me. Sometimes government regulators would come gunning for me. In one instance I ended up getting control of a large chunk of an insurance company that was really in a mess. I thought I understood the business but within weeks of taking claim of my stock, A partner disappeared and I ended up paying out thousands of dollars in fines and having to give up a license I had never gotten to used. It forced me to sell the company for pennies on the dollar and if that loss was not enough I was written about and called a “Master of Deceit”. Funny how being in the wrong place at the right time can ruin your reputation; And my Dad thought owning a business was like going to heaven, more like hell if you asked me then. What is that saying about greener grass of the other side of the fence. It is true that we live and learn. We don’t learn and live until much later in life when sometimes we feel it is too late.

No matter what the circumstance I found myself feeling lost and unhappy and it didn’t matter whether the business was doing well or failing. Days turned into months, months into years and every year I became more and more dissatisfied with the “American Dream”.

Finally in 2002, I felt I had found a business in which I could really make a difference. It was a women’s health and fitness franchise. Their health and wellness philosophies were in line with my beliefs. I did not know it, but I had cancer when I took on the consulting job. I was popping 20-30 pain killers a day to keep the pain in my neck and ear under control. I had been using over the counter pain meds to deal with the pain for almost two years and had been to several doctors who had given me several different misdiagnoses. Anyway this was another “Stop the Bleeding and Turn-Around the Business” consulting job. I had not planned on being a partner, and I was actually positioning myself for ownership in a communications company. But when it was offered to me in early 2002, especially without having to put up any money, I gladly accepted. Come to find out, in reality the stock was given to me because each partner had thought they could power-up over the other by bringing me to their side to use my voting shares in support their agenda. Anyway the business was in shambles and during my first week on the job the partners were so frustrated with each other they almost came to blows and even changed out the locks on each other. Sounds funny, but that’s how frustrating business can be, turning civilized grown men into raging maniacs. To make a long story short I was able to stop the bleeding, turn the company around, pay back the investors, put money in the owner’s pockets and obtain a nice share of the business. Thing were going along really well, we had expanded our product lines and were now offering a line of vitamins and supplements, along with spray tans and body wraps, most of the franchises were building their businesses and that was a good thing.

Cancer Is Confirmed

Just before Christmas of 2003, I found out I had an advanced form of head and neck cancer. In a matter of 72 hours I was bought out, which enabled me to focus on the healing process that took every waking moment of mine and my wife’s attention. I want to innerject, I would have not ever made it through the cancer without my wife’s help. Though we are apart and divorcing I will always be thankful to her for helping me make it through a disease that I would most likely not been able to come out of without her support and care. While I was fighting my cancer, the partners went back to fighting with each other, but this time they were not just locking each other out of offices they were suing each other. There was nothing I could do to control the outbreak as I no longer had ownership. I could only sit and watch the business spiral out of control. They sold out for pennies on the dollar and instead of the million plus owed to me, I ended up with a few thousand dollars, lawsuits, no insurance and personal debt. Are you sure you still want to be in business?

Why I Left the Business World

When It Rains It Pours

After finally being healed of my cancer in the fall of 2004, I suddenly found myself alive and not sure why. Like most cancer survivors, I didn’t know what to do with myself each day, or how I was suppose to live out the remainder of my life. Though I did not show any more signs of cancer, I was absolutely exhausted and would need several months of physical therapy to be able to get back on my feet and be able to take care of myself. I was pretty much a broken man physically, financially relationally and spiritually. My marriage was in tatters, my fault not hers, judge me as you will. This is so very personal for me. To comment further serves no purpose. The Cancer battle was expensive as we had decided to approach it from and allopathic and a holistic approach. I believe it saved my life, but by the time we came out of the cancer, I say we, meaning my wife & I and the family and friends who gave my wife and I prayers and support, we had to move from our home into a smaller one and we had hocked, sold or lost everything we had worked for.

I was physically weak, financially broke and had no prospects for a job, or financial recovery to start a company. I lost friends, as that happens when you are sick with terminal cancer. I lost past investors, as who would invest in a guy they were not sure would even be alive in 6 months. My life seemed rather hopeless though I was thankful for my healing and coming out of the cancer. I still felt like I was in a car on a foggy, rainy road and was sliding sideways out of control. As I look back I realize now I was in absolute depression. All seemed lost and my prospects of owning a business or even consulting seemed slim to none.

I was so thankful when a friend whom I had only seen once during my cancer recovery, but had consulted for on other projects, invited me to come and meet the owner of a business in Florida. Thus began the Java Joz, Cuppy’s, Medina Saga and my move to Destin, FL.

When I got into the company I worked diligently to analyze the company and work on the turn around. The company was on the verge of going out of business.

To start there were dozens of customers without real estate sites to place buildings and more people who didn’t have their financing in place. The company that was handling the real estate was not doing its job and left the customers to do the search themselves and then milking the commissions if they were able to find a site, which at the time was almost impossible without paying top dollar. The person doing the financing was a broker who charged an upfront fee and did little to assist the new coffee store owners. I was emotionally invested in this company to the point that I purchased the company from someone who was preoccupied with IRS complications from 10 years previous. It took a year to provide the company with the resources and services I thought it needed to accomplish its goals across the entire USA. It takes a long time to fix something that didn’t break over night.

Then the bottom fell out when banks pulled back their financing and SBA loan qualifications were increased. The worst part was the wedge put into the mix from the blog site bashing our every move as we worked non stop to stop the bleeding. This site’s objective is to bash franchises that have the smallest of hiccups to devastating pitfalls. It is a site where Sean Kelley makes money using his time and energy to bash other people with assumptions and accusations all of which make the worried franchisees scared. Of course people need to be aware and be concerned, but not by a stranger adding fuel to the fire for their personal financial benefit. Of course things got rough, but when you have someone antagonizing your people it makes it hard to work as a team. I was exhausted working very long hours 7 days a week doing everything in my power to keep this business afloat. We moved the Real Estate in house, we did in house financing and we even set up an in house refund pool for people who wanted to get out of the business. Unfortunately, there was not enough money to bail us all out and there wasn’t enough knowledge and energy within myself to stop the bleeding alone. After serious salary cut backs and high emotions within the company, I took up an offer from a consultant for help. After several months of working and assisting in directing day to day operations of the company he offered me a buyout. I was told that the only was he could save the company was if I gave him ownership as he had promised he could bring in investors without me on board. My reputation was ruined due to my inability to carry the company alone but mostly due from the defamation of character by Sean Kelley and I knew that I could not do it alone so I sold the company. I did not make my money back at that time and the reason was there wasn’t enough cash for a buyout, to complete construction and finance the refund pool, there was enough for operations with the cut backs.

In April of 2008 I sold my interest in the company in which I had invested all my money, time and talent. I made the sale to a person who had been a lead consultant and business mentor, who promised me that if I sold the company to him he would be able to stop the blogs and get the business back in the black. I made the sale on a promise of being paid for the assets and values over an extended period of time. At the time value of the business was hard to determine, but selling it for three million including interest would give me and the other, major stock holder who had twenty-five percent interest, a chance to work on projects where we would not have to be working 60 -70 hours a week. On top of this I was exhausted, not fully recovered and my partner was past sixty-five and really wanted to leave the stress of the business world behind.

So here I am today – I too am one of the losers and one of the people who lost their fortunes. Am I the scammer? No, I am just a hard working man who could not stop the bleeding in a company that I thought I could. Did I do anything wrong, illegal or unethical while I worked with that company? No, I did not even have authorization to sign checks. So now if you or anyone else doubts me and my scam to make money through business ventures by ‘taking’ from people rethink who is doing this and why. I am the one who is out 3 million dollars along with many others who are out in their personal investments as well. I do not own a beach condo, drive a Jaguar nor do I have any assets. I lost my life just as much as the others involved in this company. If anyone else could go in and fix it then they should have stood up and taken it on. I did not sabotage the company nor did I gain financially. I lost just as the rest of you. The only person gaining here is the guy on, Sean Kelley, by using his site. He is the one benefiting from the loss of our investments, our dreams and your passions.

I hope that you are like me and continue to work toward your passion and have faith that with the help of God you will make it. My passion is Raw food and teaching. I may not have been good at being a business owner, or being a husband, or even being a father or friend but now I am going to succeed in walking with God and sharing what I know works. My passion is in healing with raw foods, teaching others how to survive disease through a raw food diet while adding meditation and easing the stress of life and increasing their spiritual being. That is my true American Dream!

I know that Sean Kelley & will take this, dissect this and post the pieces and parts he wants on his site and interject his derogatory comments. Know that I have written this for you, my family, my friends, readers and those who have lost their investments and are suffering. And as I have said before it was not my intention to take from hurt or cause undue pain to anyone in my life. May each of you find peace.

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76 thoughts on “CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan’s “My Thoughts About The American Dream”

  • August 31, 2009 at 3:38 am

    Steve Ottjepka on August 30th, 2009 9:52 pm

    [Let”s talk jail time for representatives of Cuppy’s Coffee and Elite Mfg.]


    I was going to ask who you are referring to as a “representative” of Cuppy’s Coffee and Elite Mfg., BUT it’s pretty obvious and I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t like your tone. This is the exact behavior that makes it so that you and claudia, and ‘ample’ alicia… ‘can’t get no satisfaction.’

    claudia and ‘ample’ alicia waller around in all your self pity, slinging low down dirty insults toward anyone with a different opinion or lifestyle than theirs and YOU, Steve, want to put me in jail. You all want to act like a bunch of bullies?? Go ahead! Run people off. You will all just get what you get. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help the 3 of you.

    Investigation? OK!! I sure don’t have anything to hide. I’m sure NOT the “darkside” as one of you said the other day. It was either cd or ‘ample’ alicia.

    There were many others who took a lot of the money sent to Morg. How about Jerry Jones?? Now there’s a real creepy guy.

    Morg is insane, so you all gave your money to an insane person. That’s pretty stupid.

    Well, it’s been about a week ago that I thought I’d jump on and see how it is in here. And now I know. Sean seems like an OK guy, but you all suck. I’m finished with you. Have a nice life.

  • August 31, 2009 at 6:00 am

    You said you were a truth seeker. Now you have the chance to prove yourself. You could wimp out and say “I know the truth”. Truth is, you are probably going to be deposed or subpoenaed anyway if it was felt you have any worthwhile information. But if you are keeping it to yourself, then you are just part of the noise and drama.

  • August 31, 2009 at 7:52 am

    cd or feisty…yeah that’ll do…
    You’ve heard of Bernard Madoff? Bernard Madoff took investor’s money and instead of using it for the intended purpose just deposited it into his company’s Chase Manhattan Bank business account.
    He used the money to pay for business expenses, to pay employees, to give to charity and took a whole lot out for himself and his family. People gave him money to use for one purpose and he used it for different purposes. Sound familiar?
    It doesn’t really matter if Madoff was a nice boss or had good intentions or if he spent it to provide free daycare. It seems that accepting money for one purpose – whether “refundable” deposits or construction loan disbursements – and using it for something else – is against the law. In Madoff’s case, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

    Jerry Jones’ Funding Solutions once boasted it had processed $29 Million in SBA guaranteed loans for Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees. I assume that most or all of those loans ended up in default or soon will. That means the losses are being passed on to the Federal government and American taxpayers. If there was fraud involved in obtaining or disbursing those loans, someone is guilty of defrauding the Federal government as well as the individuals.
    Franchisees like those commenting here are still on the hook for those loans. Many are or were secured by their family’s homes. You think they seem a little cranky?
    This is serious stuff, much more serious than trading jabs with feisty & friends. I wouldn’t let your cooperation rest on the venting going on here or whether someone took a cheap shot at Summer. These franchisees are dealing with or have dealt with a mid-life nightmare the young ex-employees of Cuppy’s Coffee can’t even begin to imagine.

    One thing for sure is that there’s a group (or groups) of franchisees who are not going to rest until someone’s held accountable for what happened. While I don’t think any of them seriously wants to see mid-level employees go to jail, they’re not about to let Rawman keep Walking and play beach bum vegan guru to desperate housewives like nothing happened.

  • September 23, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    What you all fail to realize is that the SBA will most likely try to kill, or at least water down, this investigation. I know, I started one prior to yours, explained exactly how it was done, showed them pages of documentation and as they dug deeper they first confirmed everything I alleged (in their exact words my information was “spot on”), they proved that all the loans – nationwide – for my franchise system had the same problems and now are backpedaling and narrowing the scope of the investigation.

    The problem is simple: This is not a Cuppy’s problem This is a systemic SBA loan fraud problem. Proving this as an out-and-out fraud will only show the SBA’s ineptitude and incompetence. The GAO had to go behind the SBA’s back to prove that SBA HUD Zone loans were nothing but scams. The SBA OIG’s office won’t want to look bad again and will give nothing but a slap on the wrist to Cuppy’s – anything else will provide a precedent that will bring a swarm of franchisees from almost all franchise systems down on the SBA for accepting fraudulent projections and showing, just like in the HUD Zone scandal, that the SBA is just throwing money away with no oversight to speak of.

    Good luck — but don’t hold your breath.

  • October 6, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Morg seamed to me a man doing the best he could in a bad deal. nate just hired help

  • October 20, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    You say, “Morg seamed to me a man doing the best he could in a bad deal.”
    Your a genius, Nate.
    So then, “Morg’s best” is back peddling, lying, hiding and blaming everyone else for his ‘bad deal.’ Got it.

  • October 20, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Nate says, “Morg seamed to me a man doing the best he could in a bad deal.”
    Way to state the obvious, Nate.
    “Morg’s best” is to back peddle, lie, hide and blame everyone else for his ‘bad deal.’
    You’ll get no argument here.

  • November 8, 2009 at 8:43 am

    Does anybody know what carrot breath is up to these days? He still runnin the veggie scam? You think he’s bangin’ the fat ladies that participate in his retreat? Anybody know if Roy Boy has gotten out of prison? If so, what’s he up to? What about the underlings who were just below carrot breath, where are they now? (Not the dozens of 20ish single moms who worked there)
    Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, and Mr. Glock should visit these folks.

  • November 8, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Don’t know what most are up to these days. Obviously Morg/Bobbie Morgan continues to try and bait people outta their money along with a few others. Does anyone have an address for Morg and his crew at The Sancturary?

    Roy is still in prison but get furloughs whenever he farts but I think he’s going to be released in 2010. Not exactly sure.

    Dale has dropped of the franchisees radar. I’d like to know what he’s up to as well. How’s he putting gas in the tank and milk in the cereal bowl? or how he’s keeping that trophy wife clothed in Gucci.

    Where is Lou Magenello?
    Where is Danny Jones?
    Where is Rudy Harper?
    Where is Amy Hill?
    Where is Robin Donolan?
    Where is Doug Hibbing?

    And most of all where is the bookkeeper that Dale kept away from every one — Mrs. Frankie Marquis? I bet she know where the money went and how it was spent.

    We told Dale straight to his face: “if you try and screw us we will be your worst nightmare”. Apparently he was too arrogant to understand that. Steve and I have NOT GIVEN UP and neither should anyone of you who has lost monies.

    Yes our business is closed but that does not mean we have forgotten about those who took it from us. We never will.

    We are having a very difficult time getting by day-to-day with the fall out from closing the cafe. But we will prevail. God helps those who pull themselves up by their boot straps every day and tows the line of what is right. Our boot straps are thin and our souls are worn and have tread marks from those who have trampled us — we refuse to lie down!

  • November 8, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    Lou is in Texas
    Danny is in Tennessee, i believe he works for a staffing company
    Rudy opened his own law office in fort walton beach

  • December 8, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    When I started working for the company, Morg didn’t know this business at all..he was really consulting from a general business perspective. Roy Snowden’s office was on campus and man was he an arrogant asshole! These idiots actually believed that a health department wasn’t a factor in opening a coffee shop. Morg may have or have had cancer, but his true sickness is in fact in his head. He truly believes that he and his so called family have class…I don’t know if Morg actually “fathered” any of the people he refers to as his children. I really believed he was a christian, when he told me he was. Why wouldn’t I believe that? I am here to tell you that the last time I saw him, after finding out the the things that took place, right under my nose, I shivered when he entered the room. There is a very dark presence in him. When a company falls, all the stories come out. A lot of the stories are true, but a lot are just speculations that have been formed in anger by the people that got burned in the whole process. A large number of the employees were granted jobs because they happened to be Morg or Ben’s favorite strippers at the local strip club. A lot of them were trashy friends of the family, and a lot of them were part of his trashy, wierd family. I can tell you that they all seemed to have a trailer park appearance and way about them. Some employees were fired for ligitimate reasons only to be re-hired over the weekend, because of who they were sleeping with in the company. I dont know if it was ever the intent of Morg to create a successful business, to me, I see a power-hungry, self-absorbed crazy person seeking an empire. Hitler. Thats who Morg reminds me of. I have never worked so hard for a company and believed in something so much. I have never felt a letdown this large. Its my fault I guess. My priorities were out of line. I put my job before God, and he broke it down for me. I learned a lot from this experience. I learned what is really important, I learned who is really my friend, and I learned that its over. A lot of the franchisees that I see “ranting” should find Morg and go live with him at his “raw retreat”. Truth is, you guys are just as crazy as he is. The only thing you have learned from this experience is how to be more angry and cause more hurt. As far as Dale Nabors goes…the only thing he is guilty of is believing too. He believed in himself and all involved that this could be a success. He believed that he had the resources to change something and make it better. I blame him for his ignorance. I do not think at any time, Dale had any intentions of taking advantage of anyone. If anyone should be able to write stories about the “American Dream” it should be him.. Morg is simply out there, changing his name and his identity to devise another scam and take advantage of more people. Morg accepted money from anyone who would send it. I always thought, “Are you crazy? this person is not franchisee material” “they are not capable of running a successful business”. Anyway, I feel better. thats all you will hear from me. Dont waste your time responding, because I will not be back on this site to even check for responses. My life is good because I am surrounded by love, not money. Good day.

  • December 14, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Dear Another victim, former employee, former believer on December 8th,

    Shut up, Dale! Your shills are always so obvious.
    Glad to hear that your life is good surrounded by all dat lovin in da pokey.

  • December 15, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    Dear Another victim, former employee, former believer on December 8th,

    LMAO. LOL. O my gosh. No one cares who you are and I mean it. REALLY no one cares who you are. There are bigger things going on here than you.

    I think you may have seen too many of those disco lights at your new place of work at the strip joint. Hey, but thanks for the laugh I appreciate it. Tell Robin I said Hi!!!!!

  • December 15, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    I used to talk with Dale Nabors on Blue Mau Mau and I, too, think that Dale thought he could take over Cuppy’s and make a success of this franchise. He did “believe that he could succeed” but, apparently, once he bought Cuppy’s, things went terribly wrong and he was caught in a terrible trap that he hadn’t foreseen—more money going out than coming in and things getting worse every day. Maybe Dale was defrauded in the sales process? Will it all come out in the wash?

    I don’t think Dale deserves to go to jail any more than any of the other franchisors who use the status quo of the law to try to start businesses knowing that the law will protect them from those who will fail — And, that the law will protect them for not telling NEW buyers of their franchise how many past buyers have failed or are unprofitable. As for kiting checks and writing bad checks, Dale should have known better!

    “Othersword” tells us that the SBA will probably try to quiet this matter down and it looks like “the money” is gone and there will be no restitution. The SBA Franchise Registry carried Cuppy’s for a long time — didn’t it? The FTC and the SBA are in the business of encouraging franchiSORS and franchisees merely provide the hard/tangible assets for the franchisors.

    The fact is that government encourages and protects the franchiSORS under regulatory policy, the disclosure document and the boilerplate franchise contracts, and franchisees are a calculated sacrifice to encourage new investment in the economy by the franchisors.

    When you buy a franchise — you are really NOT buying a business of your ownj, you are merely dedicating your assets to the business of your franchisor.

    Please read: in a Google Search: “Buying a Franchise –The Great Hoax — A Business of your Own” and Franchise Regulation Realities — Deception or Patriotism —-call your Representatives and Senators and your state representatives OFTEN if you want to help others.

  • December 15, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    I have known Robert Dale Nabors for years and anyone who thinks he should not go to jail is an absolute IDIOT. If you truly believe that, then you don’t want to admit that you were sucked in by a professional con artist.

    Several years ago, I was ‘one of you’, then Dale’s world fell apart as his scheme was revealed. Unfortunately, some who are victimized by a con artist just chalk it up to experience, for they want to avoid embarrassment of being so stupid to fall for someone like him. —Dale packs up, moves to another town, starts to charm his next victims…

    Dale belongs in one of two places—jail or a mental institution.

    I have followed the Cuppy’s adventure on the internet and quite honestly, would not have been surprised to see him on America’s Most Wanted after fleeing the country with all the Cuppy’s money. He says it’s all gone, I say bullsh#t! It’s just a matter of time before he disappears. He has it stashed somewhere.

    For those of you ‘Believe and Succeed’ followers, time to admit you’ve been conned. People like him never change. And history has once again repeated itself, just this time, he hit the jackpot.

    Best of luck to his newest victims. One day I will write a book about him. I’m just waiting until I know what the ending will be. Will the Cuppy’s victims be the ones to put him away, or is he already onto his next venture?

  • December 15, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Okay Guest! If those people who bought Cuppy’s when Cuppy’s were being accredited by the AAFD with their “good contract” — then, did Dale con Robert Purvin, who wrote the book, Franchise Fraud?

    If your point is that “franchising attracts “con men” — I buy your point.,

    But the point is — that the “con” men feel very comfortable doing business under the FTC Rule that badly and inadequately governs disclosure of risk in franchise sales to the public.

    You divert attention (by your comments) from the constructive fraud of the contract for sale of the franchise (the franchise agreement) and the government disclosure mandate, the FDD, that are packaged together, and that protect the con men from lawsuits for common law fraud in our courts. Why? Because under the FTC Rule, they apparently don’t have to disclose the odds of failure and unprofitability of units in their system to new buyers of the franchise.

    Read “Buying a Franchise — The Great Franchise Hoax — A Business of Your Own” in a Google Search and “Franchise Regulation Realities — Deception or Patriotism” in a Google Search.

  • December 18, 2009 at 6:36 am

    Carol Cross is still sipping the Dale Nabors koolaid as she rambles on here about all her franchising expertise. I wonder why old Carol waited until after she sent the check to do the research and get the facts.
    If this isn’t the case, and Carol did the research before she sent the check, then why did she send the check.
    Anyone still think that Morg is NOT guilty of selling franchises to people who are not franchise owner material? String him up, folks. The proof is right here on this site, in some of these posts, like old Carol here..

  • December 18, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Im Cross – what about the people who bought in before the stuff hit the fan on the internet, we got in right when morg took over from roy and nothing was on the internet yet…he had his con going the whole time

  • December 18, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Ha! Ha! — “selling to people who are not franchise owner material” –All those who are alive and breathing and who can qualify for a loan are the targets of the con artists in franchising.

    It is TOO LATE once franchisees put their signature to the contract and unfortunately, franchisees are not given true disclosure from the sellers of franchises who don’t have to tell them anything about the “performance” of the units in the system IN WRITING. Research, AFTER the fact, doesn’t save anyone — how true! But at least I know where we have been and why, and, perhaps, I can help others. ONLY when franchisees will SUSPECT those franchisors who don’t make “earnings claims” and understand that the franchisor CAN profit even when they don’t will there be changes in how franchises are sold to the public.

    Read”Buying a Franchise! The Great Franchise Hoax — A Business of Your Own?” and “Disadvantages of Buying a NEW Franchise” and “Franchise Regulation Realities — Deception or Patriotism” in a Google Search,

  • December 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Bobby Robert Chrysler Morgan is at [redacted] practising medicine without a licence saying he can heal people with cancer and diabeties.

  • December 17, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Why was the location of Morgan redacted in the post from Dec 16th?

  • December 17, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    While I’m an avowed carnivore with a preference for medium-well, the aforementioned company looks like a legitimate business that isn’t harming or scamming anyone. I haven’t seen any evidence that they are “practising medicine without a licence” or are promising cancer cures. Maybe I’m getting soft, but I don’t see how damaging the reputation of a legit small business with exaggerated claims is going to help the victims of Cuppy’s.

    Those with legit reasons to know Morg’s whereabouts already know, or they can contact Hurting a legit company’s search engine results isn’t going to benefit anyone.

    Plus, I don’t want to get coal in my stocking. Again.

  • December 17, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Why not post where he’s at and let the people decide if it’s a legit business? Seems like you’re gettin soft in your old age………

  • December 17, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    This site grew out of empathy and compassion for small business owners. He’s not the owner of this business. I just don’t feel right about having all this come up on a Google search of their name. They’re trying to run a business and feed their families too. I may be getting soft, or maybe I don’t see the point of tossing one more innocent victim on the heap.
    We also have a policy of not disclosing people’s addresses or contact info in the comments. If someone really needs to know that info I believe they can go into PACER and get it from legal documents.
    Thanks for understanding. And thanks for pointing out my old age :)

  • December 18, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I hear ya ADMIN. Or how about this… the info and maybe then the owner of the business he’s workin for will realize what a dirtbag he has working for him and will get rid of him. Kinda like payback for that scumbag. Know what I mean? In the mean time I completed my Chapter 7 and the fxxking bank is still tryin to take my house. See where I’m coming from?

  • December 18, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I see where you’re coming from. I’m really sorry to hear about the Chapter 7 and the house, especially at this time of year. Been there, done that, but got through it. Hang in there… you will too.

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