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7-ELEVEN Franchise Experience Protest Update and Photos [UPDATED]

7-Eleven franchisee protesters who picketed the company’s “7-Eleven Experience” event have provided UnhappyFranchisee.Com with an update and photos from Las Vegas.  7-Eleven, Inc. franchisees are protesting alleged discriminatory practices and unfair franchise terminations.  First updates from 2/14/15 are in red.  Second updates from 2/14/15 are in dark green.

Note:  This post has prompted a heated debate on the role the 7-Eleven national franchisee association did or didn’t play in the planning of the Vegas protest.  You may also want to read the related posts:

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(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  7-Eleven, Inc. CEO Joe DePinto stated that the 2015 7-Eleven Experience at the  MGM Grand is an event where franchisees can provide feedback and share what’s on their minds.

7-Eleven franchisees, many of whom are engaged in bitter litigation with the Japanese-owned franchisor, may have provided Joe with more feedback than he bargained for.

A 7-Eleven franchisee insider provided us with and update (black type) and photos (below) from Las Vegas.

On Saturday, February 14, 2015, UnhappyFranchisee.Com received a letter from Eric H. Karp, General Counsel for the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) stating that the message we received and posted (verbatim) contained a “number of grossly inaccurate statements about the National Coalition.” 

We have inserted the NCASEF’s statements in red below.

7-Eleven Franchisee Insider’s reply to Mr. Karp’s assertions are in dark green:

7-Eleven National Board held a meeting in Pechanga California on Jan. 20th 2015.

NCASEF States: “It was the Executive Officers and not the Board of the National Coalition that met on January 20, 2015 for a planning meeting; the Board was not present.”

Franchisee Insider contends that Board Members Joe Galea, Jivtesh Gill, Serge Haitayan, Jas Dhillon, Maninder Walia, and Ken Patel (representing Hashim Syed) were in attendance.


The National Franchisee board decided to hold a protest rally at 7-Eleven Experience in Las Vegas Nevada on February 11-2015.

NCASEF States:  “Neither the Executive Officers nor the Board of the National Coalition decided to hold a protest rally at the recent 7-Eleven Experience in Las Vegas Nevada.  Neither the Executive Officers nor the Board of the National Coalition decided or voted to hold, participate in or endorse any such protest rally.”

Franchisee Insider states:  “Executive officers present decided after much debate and discussion that Joe DePinto CEO 7-Eleven has failed to solve any of their five issues that they had given to him and all they were receiving “was lip service”. Executive Officers decided to hold a protest at the 7-Eleven Experience 2015 at the MGM Grand. All Executive board members were to take part in the protest.”


The National Franchisee Board also brought this information to the attention of 7-Eleven executive team and CEO Joe DePinto that they plan to hold a protest rally at the MGM Grand during the 7-Eleven Experience.

NCASEF States: “Neither the Executive Officers nor the Board of the National Coalition informed Joe DePinto or any other 7-Eleven executive that the National Coalition had voted to hold, participate in or endorse any protest rally.”

Franchisee Insider states:  “The Executive Officers decision to hold a protest was conveyed to 7-Eleven in a conference call.
President of the Chicago FOA Ken Patel set up a conference call for 1:30pm on January 20th, 2015 between Jeff Schenck 7-Eleven Senior Vice President of Franchising and the Executive officers…  We will hold a protest at 7-Eleven Experience is the message that was given to Jeff Schenck.”

Franchisee Insider states: “After the call it was decided by 7-Eleven for the National Executive officers to hold a meeting with the CEO of 7-Eleven on Feb-04-2015 in Dallas TX…
“Present at the Dallas meeting was Joe Galea, Chairman, Jivtesh Gill, Executive Vice Chairman, Serge Haitayan, Vice Chairman, Hashim Syed, Vice Chairman, Jas Dhillon, Vice Chairman, Maninder Walia, Treasurer.
“During the meeting with the CEO in Dallas on Feb-04-2015 much was discussed and nothing was resolved… The Executive team left Dallas empty handed and their decision to go on with their original plans [to hold the protest].”


Yesterday, February 10th, more than three hundred 7-Eleven franchisees came together to participate in a discussion to express their concerns over recent discoveries of certifications by 7-Eleven employees that have become public.  Franchisee concerns of 7-Eleven management as to churning of their stores and discrimination.


7-Eleven Experience 2015The franchisees also discussed latest news items of discrimination towards South Asian franchisees by 7-Eleven management.


Andy Khan and Karamjeet Sodhi discussed with the group how they were not allowed to attend the 7-Eleven Experience 2015, even though their franchisee contract says 7-Eleven will provide ongoing training to operate their 7-Eleven franchises and other 7-Eleven franchisees who had not registered for the Experience and it’s workshops or failed to register were allowed to attend.

It was a deliberate act by the CEO Joe DePinto to keep Andy Khan and Karmajeet Sodhi out of the 7-Eleven Experience to make an example for other franchisees that they could be subjected to the same isolation if they make any moves not approved by 7-Eleven or the CEO of 7-Eleven.


The franchisees also distributed hundreds of t-shirts with slogans showing their concerns to wear and take back to their stores for employees to wear to spread the message nation wide as to 7-Eleven taking away their profits and livelihood. As Joe DePinto spoke on February 11th addressing the franchisees and 7-Eleven employees, many franchisee wore  red color t-shirts with slogans expressing and voicing their concerns as they attended the event. A large number of 7-Eleven franchisees stood outside MGM Casino protesting.


The 7-Eleven franchisees have started a no confidence petition in Joe DePinto to lead 7-Eleven as CEO of 7-Eleven. Today, February 11th 7-Eleven franchisees and families could be seen in various casinos wearing their red t-shirts expressing their views.

Franchisees Picket the “7-Eleven Experience 2015” Event

7-Eleven franchisees are determined to alter their reality that 7-Eleven is seizing their stores with little warning and no compensation, as charged in multiple lawsuits.

7-Eleven Franchise Protest
7-Eleven Franchise Protest
7-Eleven Franchise Protest 7-Eleven Franchise 7-Eleven Franchise Protest
7-Eleven Protest

More protest photos can be seen here: 7-ELEVEN Franchise Owners Protest 2015 “7-Eleven Experience” [PHOTOS]

Chief among franchisee concerns is whether 7-Eleven, Inc. is discriminating against South Asian franchise owners and illegally seizing great numbers of their stores to resell for profit and/or internal political reasons.

Franchisees are also concerned over  suspicions that 7-Eleven, Inc. is making a deliberate effort to change the ethnic make-up of its franchisee base by selling primarily to non-South Asians, as is suggested by a certified statement by former franchise salesperson Janet Corral. (7-ELEVEN Covering Up Illegal Plot to Purge Indian Franchisees, says Attorney)


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6 thoughts on “7-ELEVEN Franchise Experience Protest Update and Photos [UPDATED]

  • we heard about the protest inside MGM as joe spoke and did his horse and pony show. My hat off to the brave who got out as most franchisee’s inside were on their cell phones.

  • dhillon singh


  • Jerry

    Nobody is going to stand up for the FZs. Haven’t you all
    realized this yet? All FZs would need to stand as one and
    this will never happen.
    Also stop relying on FOAs for support.. Get what is owed
    you, on your own..

  • Anynymous FZ

    Admin. The folks mentioned in the begining of the article were indeed present at the Pechanga Trade Show. Not privy to what transpired behind closed doors or in whispered huddles. Even my FC asked me if I was going to Vegas and participate in the protest. It kinda surprised me that my FC already knew (therefore SEI knew) about the “plot”

  • FC Here

    The protest was a joke in Vegas….I saw more FZ in the trade show than protesting….that’s why FZ are not taking seriously…they don’t even support one another and now we own your own FOA…why are FZ complaining about anything……when its in the contact they signed….its not our fault you didnt read it…..we should take back more stores…..

  • Anonymous

    a former 7-Eleven franchisee. I recently reached a settlement with the 711 corporation. Under constant threats to issue me non curable breach I was literally forced to accept that settlement in lieu of selling my interest in the store. Their continous meddling in store operations and blaming me for everything that might have gone wrong soured our relationship. This company like any other company that is out there to suck every last penny out of a genuine hard working person. They are ruthless and most draconianly motivated company . In fact buying into 7 eleven is like you are buying a membership into a high end exclusive club where you have no authority but you are bound by every rule in the book . Your membership can be cancelled anytime without your knowledge or they have the power to create circumstances where you are left with no other option but to withdraw. Once they take money out on any pretext ,regardless of any reason wether it is legit or illegit you need to forget about that money . Think that money went into dark hole and will not see the light of the day . They never accept mistake on their part and will overlook every request made to refund that money . They have perfected various ways to scam hard working franchisees. For example their latest scam is as follow
    For last 10 years my stores inventory ran on average between 55k to 60k. 7-Eleven came out with this scam that the sales are not growing because of poor assortment of products in the store. So my fc ordered more stuff and raised my inventory over 100k. That is almost doubling my inventory . All the new products seven elven introduced it makes profit on it by buying it cheaper and selling it at profit to the stores in collusion with McLane . By selling that product at higher than average cost 711 generated it’s first tier profit . Now that merchandise if it does not sell will sit on shelves for days. You pay interest on that merchandise. That interest income is second tier profit for 711. Whatever new merchandise you are able to sell to customers that profit is again shared by 711generating third tier profit . At the end of few months whatever merchandise don’t sell and goes bad you write them off thinking that 7 11 will share the cost but you don’t know what they actually paid for it to begin with. Any ways you write off bad merchandise and higher write offs drag your gross profit down and reduce your take home saving more money to 711. Tha is fourth tier of profit you just made for 711. Looking at big picture you wonder who is in the business of making money without lifting a finger ???????? At someone’s expense .trust me that someone else is just you not neighboring circle k . They got you at the right spot….. by the balls..and there is no good night kiss at the end.

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