“We Stopped a Scam” Fundraiser – See Who Contributed & Why

The “We Stopped a Scam” campaign is a grassroots initiative designed to warn individuals and families about an aggressively promoted scam on Craig’s List, to urge government agencies and law enforcement to act, and to recognize the individuals and companies who are protecting consumers through their donations and actions.

We Stopped a ScamAs of 12/14/18, 11 donors have contributed $2200 toward our short term goal of $5,000 (medium term goal: $10,000).

The program is working!  Thanks to the donors below:

  • We are running 30+ monthly warning ads on Craig’s List (toward a goal of 50+),
  • We filed complaints with the Small Business Administration (SBA) & FranData asking them to remove New York Bagel from the Franchise Registry & investigate a $190,000 loan that U.S. taxpayers are on the line for
  • We submitted complaints to the Attorney Generals of numerous states, including FL, TX, NJ, PA, NC, SC, TN, CO, DE, MA and the District of Columbia
  • We submitted a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission
  • We submitted information on 3 new victims to the FBI

We need your help to continue this campaign, spread the word, and send the message that good people will not remain silent when their fellow citizens are being abused.

Please also share your motivation for donating. We will include you as part of our ongoing media campaign!

Please contribute here:  We Stopped A Scam Fundraising Campaign

Sponsors (1000+)

Be the first!

Franchisor, Law Firm, Consultant & Service Provider Sponsors believe that franchise sellers should follow the rules by providing prospective franchise owners with honest, accurate information as required by the FTC’s Franchise Rule.

Sponsors may be franchise sellers who express their commitment to complete and honest disclosures, law firms that help franchisors maintain FTC compliance in their sales efforts, and consultants and attorneys who assist prospective franchisees with due diligence and complaint resolution.

They may also be caring individuals who want to end the deceptive practices of the NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop franchise sellers.

Sponsor firms will be promoted through the We Stopped a Scam public relations and awareness campaign.

Contributors ($500 – $999)

$850  Gordon C

$750  Anonymous


Supporters ($150 – $499)

$250  Anonymous


Good Samaritans ($5 – $149)

$125  Anonymous

Reason for giving:  “Honest, hardworking people and their families are being destroyed.  This has to stop.”

$100  Anonymous

Reason for giving:  “STOP THE SCAM.”

$50  Anonymous

$25  Joel Libava, The Franchise King

Reason for Giving:  “Franchisors who take advantage of good people need to be stopped. The Franchise King® Joel Libava.”

$20  Jessica Falbo

$20  Anonymous Victim

Reason for Giving:  “I am a NY Bagel scam victim.”

$10  Anonymous

$5  Anonymous Victim

Reason for giving:  “I donated $5.00 to your cause. I know it’s not much but I’m really in a tight spot right now. I only wish I can recover my $25,000 from these idiots.”

For more information on the NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop franchise scam on Craig’s List, watch our video overview here:


Questions?  Ideas?  Media Inquiries?  Please contact us at UnhappyFranchisee.Com[at]

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