NY BAGEL SCAM – The Video Series (UPDATED)

NYC Bagel Scam – The Video Series is an informative and growing library presenting the Craig’s List based franchise offering known as the NYC Bagel Scam or NY Bagel Scam.

This series also chronicles the grassroots effort to end the NY Bagel Scam on Craig’s List and bring the perpetrators to justice.


Help Stop a Scam

NY Bagel Scam Craig’s List Ads Pt 1


NY Bagel Scam Ads Part 2


NY Bagel Scam Ads Part 3

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Stop the NY Bagel Scam GoFundMe page

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One thought on “NY BAGEL SCAM – The Video Series (UPDATED)

  • Brandon

    This is a well put together series. Great job on it!

    This type of thing needs to be required viewing material any aspiring average-joe Franchisee. People wrongly assume that since this is a regulated industry that there are protections available and what they see with their own eyes is the truth. What they don’t realize is that you’re one scam artist away from having your life turned upside down.

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