WIRELESS ZONE Franchise Complaints

Wireless Zone® claims to be the largest wireless/cellular retail franchise in the country with over 450 retail locations and growing.

Wireless Zone® claims to have an exclusive relationship with Verizon Wireless® that gives them the ability to co-brand with the largest wireless carrier in the U.S.

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Wireless Zone Franchise Marketing claims:

Wireless Zone® is a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer with a strong, proven franchise system since 1988. No experience in the wireless industry is necessary as our turnkey business system supplies you with all the necessary tools and resources. You can expect:

Training – You will begin at our Wireless Zone University® in CT for two weeks and follow up with one week of in-store training at a Wireless Zone® authorized training store.

Store Planning & Build Out – Our build-out team will assist you with all the arrangements from permits and installation to store deliveries and setup.

Field Support – Our field team will assist you with ongoing operational support and function as your local business consultant. We have field support staff in each region who regularly visit stores to review performance and advertising strategies, discuss best practices, provide updates on technology, and consult with our franchisees on ways to enhance their businesses.

Warehouse- Our Central Warehouse provides helpful terms and conditions, supporting our franchisees on orders small and large.

Customer Service Support – Our customer service team is a resource for you. This department will field your calls to ensure your customer’s satisfaction with your store.

HR Department- Our HR department is a resource for understanding and complying with local employment requirements.

In-house Ad Agency – AdOne™, our in-house advertising agency, supports our franchisees by creating in all forms of media as well as managing carrier co-op programs and manufacturer market development programs. We invite you to investigate if Wireless Zone® is the right call for you.


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8 thoughts on “WIRELESS ZONE Franchise Complaints

  • May 2, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    1-11-2012 I upgraded & purchased a droid at Wireless Zone, Morris Plains, NJ, 973-998-7515, Mgr., Jerry.Jerry advised me that VERIZON now has their own phone insurance @ $6.99 a month. He would add my 2 lines to Verizon’s Insurance & my checking acct. w/b charged $6.99 for each phone monthly. He w/cancel my insurance w/Asurion on my verizon bill.

    1-18-2012 returned Droid to VERIZON WIRELESS in Rockaway, NJ

    1-18-2012 purchased I-phone @ Apple Store in Rockaway, NJ

    Well, Jerry did NOT cancel my Asurion Insurance but he has been charging me $6.99 twice each month with his insurance, which is not VERIZON WIRELESS, it’s Wireless Zone’s Insurance ?????.

    I spoke w/Jerry last week. He indicated he’d look into it & get back to me. Still waiting for his return call, so I called him @ 5:30pm tonight (5-2-2012). He said I was mistaken, thatit is not an Asurion charge on my Verizon Wireless bill, it’s a charge for my 2nd line. I explained to Jerry, I can read my bill & it clearly states, ASURION. And for 3 months, his wireless zone insurance has been taking pmts out for a phone I only had from 1/11 thru 1/18/12. He never cancelled the Asurion. So I’ve been paying both companies. He misrepresented himself when he told me VERIZON had a new insurance. IT IS NOT VERIZON WIRELESS, IT’S WIRELESS ZONE charging me. I’d like a refund for $41.94 from wireless zone. And Cancel the wireless zone insurance, I’ll keep Asurion. Jerry said he’s with customer & will call me back. And I told him, that’s what he told me last week.

    Today, 5-2-12, I spoke w/VERIZON WIRELESS Customer Service Rep, Dana R., who went above & beyond. She called Jerry at wireless zone, who didn’t have the time to talk to her either but he did take the time to tell her there will be no refunds.

    I don’t know how this site works yet, but did anyone else have this problem. and was it resolved. I’m going to try & get the district manager of wireless zones in Morris County, NJ. Any suggestions w/b helpful. Donna

  • January 18, 2013 at 7:01 am

    BEWARE OF VERIZON FRANCHISES…I have been burned twice now, not realizing that the stores I was dealing with were franchises. The first, in Santa Barbara, totally wiped off my ten year history with Verizon as he talked me into a really bad phone [the $50 a month special] I returned to my home [another state] where I fortunately have a corporate store, and they were able to restore some of my history, get me into a 4S Iphone, and warned me to stay away from the franchises.

    Then again visiting CA, went to Verizon Wireless franchise store in Camarillo on Los Posos, and bought a car charger which was broken. Never worked. When I returned it I asked for a refund, and they DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS! So beware when you walk out of that store, if the device doesn’t work, you may as well be in a foreign country, because they no longer speak your language!

    Horrible service, rude boys working there…proudly point to a contract that you sign when you buy anything that says no refunds. You can buy something else on a type of debit card they give you, HOWEVER, it has to be from their franchise store[s]…problem with that when you are traveling is you may not be near one of their stores, which is my case…

    SO WORD OF CAUTION…find out first if is franchise, then stay away….

  • September 13, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Wirelesszone in Bangor Newport skowhegan Maine owner is a drunk who assaulted me!
    I worked for him for 3 years and was consecutively his best producer every month until one day he decides to fire me to save money and pay someone else less. I said ok well its your store your choice nothing I can do, so I went to get my things from my desk when he violently grabbed me swung me around and pushed me out the front door! I was Absolutley stunned!! I still am as it was totally cordial until he flipped for no reason. Go to a real store don’t support this drunk hi polar maniac

  • February 7, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Wireless Zone, like any other wireless franchise, gets paid only when they sell so Customer Service is practically non-existent. Sure, they’ll help you out here and there, but don’t expect much help from them otherwise. At the end of the day, most will lie and or do whatever they gotta say to get you to buy something. They never mention that their insurance has a deductible so you never know until you gotta claim your phone. They push devices onto customers based on the device’s profitability. They are the only Verizon outlet I know that sells Refurbished iPhone 4’s on 2 year contracts. The problem is that phone is 4 years old as of this year of 2014. If for whatever reason there isn’t a Corporate Store that can help you near where you are, you are better off shopping at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Radio Shack when buying a Verizon phone. At least you’re getting a better deal and an unbiased sales rep.

  • February 12, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    No one should ever sign up for a franchise in the wireless industry. you have to worry about a 3rd party handling your commissions.

    There is actually a really good program that just started and it’s not a franchise. Its a cross brand between Roboshields and Boost Mobile in the malls. Very profitable.

    check it out http://roboshields.com/reseller-program/

  • November 15, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    3 stupid people and a commerical classic.

    Stupid people, this forum are for franchise owners.
    it’s nobody’s fault that your a fucking retard and thinks you
    can break a phone everyday and the magic phone fairy will give you a free phone for paying 10 bucks a month on an insurance.

    Maybe next time you smash your car ask the insurance company what a deductible is.

    I bet your the same retard that butch about a restocking fee like it’s something new.

    Next time do sometime you learned in grade school.


  • June 14, 2016 at 10:19 am

    The Wireless Zone system is a mess and someone would have to be crazy to invest in it at this point. Every change that Wireless Zone has made in the last several years have been to squeeze more money out of the franchisees. There is no leadership or trust in the franchisor. In last the last 2-3 years they’ve lost over 100 locations, they had almost 450 in 2013 and are down to 350 at this point. Nearly half of franchisees are suing them presently in federal court.(http://www.law360.com/cases/55e5ee9de50111779e000001 ) They are intent on milking the franchisees until there is nothing left.

  • October 21, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Message to Bob Villa: You are one very angry man. Obviously you hate what you do to be so miserable. You are pathetic. I feel extremely sympathetic for the people that have to work for you. Word of advice: GET ANGER MANAGEMENT THERAPY ASSHOLE

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