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AAMCO TRANSMISSION Franchise Complaints

The AAMCO franchise program claims to be the #1 automotive franchise.

Are you familiar with the AAMCO Transmission franchise? Please share your opinion below.

AAMCO claims “When it comes to the transmission repair industry, AAMCO is number one. We’re the #1 recognized brand… #1 national service provider… and the #1 rated transmission franchise by Entrepreneur magazine.”

Aamco franchise marketing claims: “Our innovative team at AAMCO has strengthened its business model, helping our franchisees provide more services, gain more customers, and increase their revenue opportunities.

“With brand recognition among transmission repair customers in excess of 90%, this strategic move puts AAMCO in perfect position to become the market leader in brakes, tune-ups, air conditioning, and other aftermarket services.”

Aamco franchise marketing claims:

Our owners recognize the powerful advantages of the AAMCO brand:

•Brand recognition in excess of 90% among transmission repair customers

•25+ years ranked #1 in its industry

•National fleet accounts that generate millions annually

•Continuous training, operations, and recruiting assistance

•Reasonable business hours which give you a balanced work/play lifestyle


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15 thoughts on “AAMCO TRANSMISSION Franchise Complaints

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    We are currently researching claims against the AAMCO/Cottman Transmission franchise. If you currently own or have owned a AAMCO/Cottman Transmission franchise we would like to speak with you regarding your experiences. If you are interested, please call or email us.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Fortman

  • Bruce Robbins

    I owned aamco in jupiter, fl. 2007-2010. My wife and I put everything we had into the aamco franchise. We believed in their business model, and we jumped on the chance to make our dream a reality in owning a well known name brand in the automotive industry. We had no idea what was going to befall us later on!

    In truth, our dream of an aamco franchise will forever be the nightmare of our lives. Firstly the franchisor took longer than expected in finding us a suitable location to open. When they told me they had a location for me in Jupiter, FL. I went to look at the building, and I honestly had a tough time trying to convince myself that the building “AAMCO” picked for me would really work out. It was a small building in an industrial park, completely hidden from the main road, and the owner, (which I found out later on was not the real owner), wanted over 4k per month for little over 2000 sq ft. Still, AAMCO convinced me it would work, and like a fool, I believed them. After all, they have been around over 50 years, and who was I to disagree, so I felt secure and reassured to be under the arms of a franchise giant.

    When we started out, business was slow, as I well knew things would be very hard in the beginning. The thing that was really hard was paying my SBA loan, as well as the rent, & addition to wages, other expenses. And I drew no salary, I could never make enough. To make things worse, the so-called owner of the building had some performance automotive shop right next door, and there were too many occurances of customers coming to see us, ended up in his parking lot. And instead of being honest & sending them to us, he was diagnosing their cars & doing work before I realized it. In short, he was robbing us blind! In addition to this calamity, the mandatory advertising pool for our area had multiplied it’s advertising, (and the costs!) through the roof, and had no real impact whatsoever in adding business. There was no way we could keep up, AAMCO did not help inspite of my situation, nor our efforts to turn it around, etc. I could not even keep up with the rent. I tried to reason & negotiate with the landlord to no avail. Him & his wife were so greedy, they’d rather see me fail than try to help & keep me there.

    In closing, I relied on AAMCO’s expertise, professionalism, and their eagerness to help me succeed; and in doing so, contributing to their own success. Instead, I was set up to fail: #1 It was a bad location, #2 the landlord was not really the owner, and was paying a silent/hidden mortgage to another person. In addition, his business was in conflict, alhough he did hot rods, monster trucks, he still was a questionable person & stole business from me.

    Today, we are in total bankruptcy, foreclosure. We are now living in our aunt’s garage, and struggling to take care of our 5 year old autistic son. We have to start our whole lives all over again in our 40’s because of AAMCO. I can only say that if AAMCO did “their” due dilligence, they would have never put me in that location, I would still be in business today. Thank you AAMCO! Thank you so much in changing our lives forever!!!

  • Re: Bruce Robbins,

    Mr. Robbins, I invite you to visit the link provided below. We allow new comments like yours above. I’m sorry to hear of your encounter with Aamco. Your honest and compelling input on our highly popular website would go a long way to help others avoid the harm you may have incurred.


    Editor and Senior Investigator
    Aamco Lawsuit Investigation

  • aamco in east hartford CT is the absolute worst place i have ever had the displeasure of taking my car. i will NEVER recommend aamco to ANY
    ONE unless i hate that person. thank you for letting any idiot put your name up on their shop.

  • aamco poughkeepsie new york 4 manchester rd


  • jackie bladow

    I was lead to believe I was co-owner of the Morgan hill California franchise with my husband Kevin. I filed for divorce and the franchise people contacted me to get permission to sell franchise back. I agreed and waited for my portion of the money. It was given to Kevin. Aamco has refused any disclosure and so has Kevin. I found out about this lawsuit via internet search.. some how aamco helped Kevin in removing me has co-owner I believe….

  • Joseph Fassari

    I have gone through great expense and a loss of work time to prove that AAMCO Transmissions aka Mini Motors Inc. erred in the installation of a transmission on my 2004 Buick Rendezvous. I went to AAMCO for their expertise after finding out there were two transmission codes for my transmission indicating there was a problem. My car at this time was making a moaning / groaning sound noise when accelerating. After spending approximately forty five minutes examining car AAMCO determined that my car needed a transmission. No repairs to the transmission were recommended. Given the mileage on the car 127402 (at time of inspection) I asked for one thing . Please make sure that no other major repairs will be needed elseware on the car since any other repairs will exceed the value of the car. After the repair I found out they were negligent with the repair and telling me the car was ready and safe to be driven. They also ignored a problem with the car I was unaware of . The groaning / moaning noise. This turns out to be my rear axle. Although it passed three out four tests with the dealer. No guarantees that a costly repair will not be needed in the future. If known to me I would not have pursued the transmission repair or its replacement. Instead they recommended other repairs including one from a different code found when I had my car first diagnosed at Firestone. PO 131. Oxygen sensor, They claimed replacing my gas filter will fix this. The other repair was for my rear brakes.

    They performed the repair and completed it on 02/26/2014. They told me the car was ready to go. After paying the bill by credit card I received the keys and left. Briefly! Before I could leave the parking lot My dashboard / instrument cluster panel was displaying warning lights indicating a problem with the car. After spending an hour explaining to them I cannot take this car in this state they checked it again. They called there supplier (AAMCO) and decided to order another transmission and replace the one that was installed. I have no documentation to this replacement. Only their word that it was performed. I left the car for another week and was told it was again ready . Again the problem occurred. I was then told that the car had this problem when brought in by me. This was untrue. Everything was working . There are no notes their work papers indicating this condition. I have other witnesses (Other repair shops) that week and from a prior repair indicating no problem with the cluster panel. Two mechanics told me it was a pinched wire from the repair they made since so many items get disturbed. In conversations with AAMCO I was told several things. One, drive the car and see if the computer will reset itself. Two, they have had problems with ignition switches causing this problem. Three the car was safe to drive. They also provided a Vehicle record report dated 12/06/2013 stating other codes including a cluster problem. According to Fairway Motors the mistake (wire) made would not show that code. My car was never in their repair shop until 02/2014. Several things occurred that affected me driving my car. My gas gauge was not working giving me false readings. Two, driving at night my lights would turn off unexpectedly. Three, my speedometer was not indicating the correct speed. The last my transmission was shifting harshly (Was in a default mode from the wire).

    I decided I had to put an end to this nonsense of trading words and searched for a mechanic. This was difficult since most of the mechanics realized they were looking for a needle in a haystack. I was turned down by four mechanics. When I asked several mechanics if AAMCO was negligent if they can produce documents in court. I found out the old boys network exists and no one wants to bad mouth the other in fear of reprisal. I decided to take the car to a dealer out of the geographic area. I chose Fairway Motors in Hazleton. I asked Fairway if they had a working relationship with this AAMCO. Repair shop. They said no. What did not tell was they will not bad mouth the other. When I mentioned to AAMCO I brought the car there and they made the repair. There response was we know those guys. And mentioned the service manager by name.

    What they found with a repair cost of $360.19 and $94.34 (Had to make to trips for lack of time even though I had set up appointments in advance) was a bad wire where work was performed by AAMCO. They said the transmission was not communicating with the computer. I do not believe it was intentional but AAMCO erred in the installation of the transmission. From what I understand they have to touch a lot of parts including dropping the engine and transmission. AAMCO is a state certified inspection repair shop. They should have not let me drive my car in that condition. Since my computer is working correctly I have new code 0455. After the dealers repair. I also had my axle serviced since Buick put out a service announcement for the groaning / moaning noise on my car (I was unaware of). A broken part for the new code was found. (I do not know if AAMCO created this problem. I do know it was not there before the repair). I have not replaced this part yet since I need to determine if the servicing the axle as per the bulletin worked. After five this days it has not . The mechanic who serviced it told he thinks it is a bad bearing and noted on his repair. I had to this to determine if a costly repair is needed. I relied on AAMCO’s expertise and they failed me. Attached is all my receipts. A video is enclosed as well showing the cluster problem. I also reviewed a service repair for new tires in November. The transmission codes were noted (No one explained it since my wife picked up car). The tires were purchased at Sears..

    From what I know now I would have preferred AAMCO to be honest tell me it was too costly to repair the car. I would have traded the car in and purchased a newer one. I was trying to avoid another costly payment since I purchased two cars in the past year with payments for my family. Now I have to worry whether I squandered $4,000. I welcome any advice or help your office can provide for this dispute. We need to hold people or businesses more accountable for their actions. I know I have been as a state certified real estate appraiser in both NY and PA.

    Sent to consumer advocate in Pa

  • Nance Parry

    I’ve been seriously ripped off by AAMCO Monrovia, CA for 2 transmissions that I never needed, while they didn’t fix my power steering, which is what was needed. I lost weeks of time, about $2,000, and I intend to sue them for negligence, fraud and lost wages.

  • Bob Romano

    AAMCO Franchisee, Veteran Business Owner, Faces financial ruins at the Hands of Corrupt Franchisor AAMCO Transmissions Inc., and its Unscrupulous, Deceitful Business Practices!

    Robert Romano, (Bob), became an AAMCO Transmission Franchisee in August, 1992. Bob opened his AAMCO Center in Hollywood, Florida. Bob invested everything he had, to open his new franchise. Through day to day hard work as a “Hands On” owner, he was able to gradually build a very successful Transmission Repair Business, with an outstanding reputation in the local community of Hollywood, and the surrounding communities. Within 5 years, Bob’s AAMCO Center reached Pinnacle Status within the AAMCO Franchise Chain. He was a highly recognized Dealer. Bob believed that treating his customers with respect and professionalism, in addition to properly repairing their vehicles, would build his business, one customer at a time. Each year Bob’s business continued on a successful path. Although a very challenging business, Bob believed that he had made a wise decision in partnering with his Franchisor, AAMCO Transmission Inc., when he began his business relationship with AAMCO in 1992. At that time, AAMCO Transmissions Inc. was family owned by the Morgan Family. During Bob’s early years with AAMCO, his business relationship with AAMCO and its employees was a mutually positive one. Bob considered AAMCO to be genuinely concerned for the success and longevity of its AAMCO Franchisees.

    In 2001, it came to Bob’s attention that a prospective AAMCO Franchisee was considering the opening of a location, just west of Bob’s AAMCO Center, in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Bob had great concerns of the impact this AAMCO could potentially have on his business in Hollywood. Through AAMCO’s , then diplomatic system concerning new AAMCO Centers and the proximity to existing AAMCO Centers, Bob was able to dispute and provide AAMCO with statistical facts of the potential, severe impact, that this specific location would have on his business. Bob then had a long telephone conversation with the then CEO of AAMCO Transmissions, to discuss this matter. After lengthy, detailed discussion of the specific facts, the two came to an understanding that to protect Bob’s business and its continued success, AAMCO would officially modify and relocate the Pembroke Pines Zone, further west and further away from Bob’s AAMCO Center. Bob received the official Zone revision in writing, from AAMCO, shortly thereafter. A few years later, that specific location became a Cottman Transmission Center. The new Cottman did in fact have some impact on Bob’s AAMCO Center, however, it was a competing company. At that time, Cottman Transmissions was considered to be a much smaller chain than AAMCO, the shop was a new business and it had its own small yellow page ad in the telephone book. Bob’s AAMCO was able to sustain this competition and really had no alternative, as it was considered to be “fair trade in the marketplace”.


    In March, 2006, the announcement was made via webinar to the existing AAMCO Dealer Body, that AAMCO Transmissions Inc, had been sold to American Driveline Inc., who also owned Cottman Transmissions Inc. The webinar represented that AAMCO and Cottman would somehow merge together and become “One big happy family”. It was also stated that the goal was to have the majority of the stores converted to AAMCO locations. It was further announced that the new CEO was to be the existing Cottman CEO, Todd Leff. Mr. Leff would be taking over the management of both chains and begin the extensive “merger”, or as many AAMCO Dealers refer to it as the “the Cannibalization of the AAMCO Chain”. After the shocking announcement, things quickly began to deteriorate. What was once a legitimate, professional company, was now on the path of a ticking time bomb. The existing AAMCO Dealers immediately expressed vast concerns of Cottman Centers, near to their existing AAMCO Centers. Not to mention the decline in equity to their businesses. All of AAMCO’s Fleet Accounts/ Customer Lists, telephone procedures, sales procedures, warranties, etc, were immediately shared with the Cottman Dealers. In the webinar for the Cottman Dealers, it was stated that AAMCO would provide funding to Cottman Centers, in order to assist in relocation, if the existing Cottman was too closely located to an existing AAMCO Center. The next day, Bob immediately notified AAMCO in writing of the revision of the Pembroke Pines Zoning and its proximity to the existing Cottman Center in Pembroke Pines. It was evident that the Cottman would need to be relocated further west into the official Pembroke Pines Zone, in order to convert to an AAMCO Center, and protect Bob’s AAMCO from devastating impact. AAMCO failed to respond to Bob’s telephone calls or letters concerning the Pembroke Pines Cottman. The “new regime” completely ignored Bob’s concerns.

    The next immediate issue at hand for Bob was that he realized that his original Franchise Agreement was going to expire in about 15 months and he had heard that the new company would be making revisions to the existing AAMCO Franchise Agreement. The AAMCO Franchise Agreement required that “either the franchisee or franchisor must give written notice, more than 12 months prior to the expiration of the current Franchise Agreement, of their intention not to renew”. Bob immediately called AAMCO and requested his Renewal Franchise Agreement, in order to review its terms and conditions, so that he could make an informed decision, as to whether he would renew his Agreement for another 15 years. Bob had concerns as to if his AAMCO Center could remain on a successful path; and believed that the revised Renewal Franchise Agreement, and the terms contained therein, were the key factor to the success or failure of his business. AAMCO ignored Bob’s request, so Bob requested in writing, via certified mail, once again for the Franchise Agreement for his review. Finally, Bob received the Renewal Franchise Agreement, it had all of his pertinent information filled out, specific to Bob’s AAMCO Center in Hollywood, FL., Bob reviewed the new Agreement in its entirety, it had not been modified significantly, from his old Agreement, so he then decided to sign it, had a witness sign it and applied his corporate stamp to the Agreement. Bob returned it to AAMCO on June 27th 2006.

    On July 18th, 2006, AAMCO returned the signed Renewal Franchise Agreement back to Bob. Written across each page of the contract by AAMCO was “ VOID will not be countersigned by AAMCO”. Bob immediately called AAMCO to find out what exactly was going on? AAMCO stated that there were a few changes being made to the Franchise Agreement and that they would send him another Franchise Agreement shortly. Bob specifically reminded AAMCO that he needed to receive the contract prior to August 1st, 2006, in order to have time to review it once again and make a decision, based on the next contract that AAMCO would be sending to Bob. After repeated requests to AAMCO, they failed to provide a replacement renewal Franchise Agreement. The 12 month window passed. Bob was now operating his business without a franchise agreement. At that time, Bob concluded based on the” VOIDED , not Accepted by AAMCO” renewal Agreement and the failure by AAMCO to provide any replacement, confirmed that AAMCO, had in fact, given Bob written notice of their decision not to renew Bob’s Franchise Agreement. Bob continued to operate his business without a valid renewal Franchise Agreement.

    In the short months that followed, the owner of the Cottman Transmissions in Pembroke Pines, contacted Bob regarding AAMCO’s mandatory placement into Bob’s full page, yellow Page Ad, in the telephone book. Now, not only did Bob not have a valid franchise agreement, leaving him without rights to protect his business from AAMCO; He was also being forced to turn over 50% of his full page ad. Bob’s Ad took many years to earn front placement and now the converting Cottman Dealer, would automatically be receiving 50% of Bob’s customer contacts. AAMCO would not be relocating the Cottman further west, which was required, per the zone revision; instead, AAMCO permitted the conversion to take place, out of zone, and much too close to Bob’s AAMCO Center. Bob continued to call AAMCO to dispute this matter without success. The new regime’s policy was to never return phone calls to the franchisees. The only contact ever made to Bob’s AAMCO, was to demand Franchise Fees. It was clear to Bob that this new company, had deliberately manipulated the time factor of Bobs Renewal Franchise Agreement, in order to deceitfully manipulate Bob, during the Pembroke Pines Cottman conversion to AAMCO.


    AAMCO Dealers have a local Advertising Pool, in which each AAMCO Dealer contributes to, in order to place local advertising, as a group, in the marketplace. Bob was the Ad Pool Chairman for many years in the Ft Lauderdale, Miami Market. The Ad Pool would periodically vote on and place different types of advertising, at the decisions of the local pool of AAMCO Dealers.

    When Cottman Transmissions came in and took over the AAMCO Chain as the new Franchisor, the Ad Pool also took a serious turn for the worse.

    The employees from AAMCO would come to Florida to attend the local Dealer Ad Pool Meetings. Actually…Control the Ad Pool Meetings. The AAMCO Dealers were specifically told by AAMCO’s employee, Brian O’Donnell, “that if they did not vote for the Television Advertising Package presented by AAMCO’s agency, and pay the monthly assessments of $2200 per month to support it, that the Dealers would lose their businesses…One by One.” AAMCO representative, Bruce Chinsey, also stated that “if any Dealer failed to pay, that AAMCO would pay that Dealer a visit and it wasn’t going to be pretty.”

    Bob read the “writing on the wall”……The loss of business due to the Cottman /AAMCO conversion in Pembroke Pines, so near to his AAMCO, in addition to the $2200 mandatory, ineffective advertising assessment placed upon his company, and the fact that he didn’t even have a Valid Signed Renewal Franchise Agreement to protect his business, was devastating to his AAMCO Center. It could no longer sustain this disastrous situation. Bob continued to operate and pursue a Buyer for his business. He reduced the price and believed that he had to give it away, due to the brutal situation, that the “New AAMCO” had created from him. Bob sold his AAMCO, in order to sever any further business dealings with these unscrupulous people at AAMCO. AAMCO’s mission is to run the old AAMCO Dealers out of business…one by one…by putting unjust financial strain upon them, take over their stores, create Profit and Loss Statements and Resell the stores to new prospects. Bob watched this happen first hand, to many of his fellow, longtime AAMCO Dealers. Now it was Bob’s turn. Bob was actually fortunate to find a buyer, regrettably, most AAMCO Dealer’s lose their businesses these days. However, selling his business at age 53, was far too premature. He must continue to work for a long time ahead. Bob signed a non-competition Agreement with his buyer. It stated that Bob would not work in the Transmission Business for two years within Broward County, Florida. (Approximately a 30 mile radius around his previously owned AAMCO in Hollywood.) AAMCO Transmissions Inc. approved this non-competition Agreement in Bob’s Terms of Sale. Bob has and will continue to honor this agreement with his Buyer.


    When Bob left AAMCO, his credit was ruined from incurring so much debt from AAMCO. Bob, and his wife Linda, are trying to move on with their lives. They have moved almost 100 miles away from Bob’s old AAMCO Center, into Martin County, Florida. Linda has opened a small Transmission and Auto Repair Shop in an industrial park area. The business is new and struggling to succeed, as new businesses will…

    AAMCO has now served a lawsuit upon both Bob, their ex-franchisee, and his wife Linda, in effort to shut her new business down. AAMCO states that Bob is now competing with the local AAMCO in Martin County. Its Bob’s conclusion that he has not had a valid Franchise Agreement since Aug 2007, when his original contract expired. Bob is honoring his non-competition agreement with his buyer, AAMCO deliberately failed to carry out proper and timely franchise renewal procedures for Bob’s AAMCO Center, in a fraudulent attempt, to convert the Pembroke Pines Cottman Center to an AAMCO, which was out of zone, too close to Bob’s AAMCO and should have been moved further west, into the official Pembroke Pines zone.

    Bob wanted to share his experience of dealing with such deceitful, corrupt, people, as are these people at AAMCO. Today, a year and a half after Bob ended his relationship with AAMCO, they continue to bully and harass him. If you are considering the purchase of an AAMCO Franchise, please consider his story. In addition, be sure to review the details of the AAMCO Dealers Class Action Criminal Lawsuit, against its Franchisor, AAMCO Transmissions Inc., Bob’s is just one story, of many financially devastated ex AAMCO Franchisees.

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  • Aamco in Sebring, Fl is trying to keep my truck for an error they did i send my car to their shop for a scan the guy (NICK)called me saying it looks to be the tranny i said i think it is more like computer or wires and he was supposed to check again and call me back , when he did call me the tranny was already rebuilt and i have a bill of 3k for a truck that does not work after all i did not know they where going to rebuilt the tranny and still have the same problem now has a new tranny and still dont work i have to pay 3k or he said he has no problem keeping it , i am trying to contact the AAMCO HEADQUATERS but i have a feeling after all this complains from more than 600 people around the usa that i may have to put a lawyer … if there is any lawyer that looked at this and wants to take the case , please let me know


  • AAMCO Downey, CA is the worst…supposedly rebuilt my daughters tranny on her 2005 Camry, had the car over 2 weeks with no follow ups or returned calls. Then had to take the car back because it was not running right. Another week later, after complaining to corporate, they delivered the car. Weeks later when getting an oil change at a different shop, mechanic pointed out tranny pan had a bead of silicone around the pan instead of a gasket, pan is leaking and tranny was over-serviced about 1 quart (had to remove excess fluid).

  • Dawn Rios

    I took my ford focus in to Aamco sat. morning because my car started whining. No engine light on. It happened when I accelerated.

    The girl told me she would call me after diagnosis. They closed at 1:00. 12:50 and I hadn’t heard from them so I called and got no answer. I tried for 15 minutes. Now they have my car , my key,they are closed on Sundays.

    I dont know if my car is inside outside, if they’ve looked at it. I’ll be in the dark till Monday. Pretty mad!

  • People these company’s ate scams never use Aamco if you’re wanting to get your auto fixed properly. Scammed my daughter in Houston Tx. She moved to Allen Tx same problem tranny which was supposed to be be fixed a month prior. Well Allen Tx did the same thing kept her auto almost a month and she had two teenagers in school and she worked. They litterly had to take uber rides and wasn’t reimbursed. Nasty on phone and a bunch of liars. She has recently moved back to California which had to tow her car all the way here because it wasn’t driveable and she had to pay thousands of dollars for nothing still having problems. People never go there. The franchise is a big RIP off/ scam artist.

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