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SNAP-ON Franchise Parody Site: Crap-on.Com

Snap-on Tools franchise complaints and issues have given rise to a humorous, biting Snap-on parody site called Crap-on.Com.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Snap-on franchise parody website states that, in April, 2016, the Snap-on Inc. (NYSE: SNA) board of directors announced that it would be issuing yet another stock dividend.

That means that Snap-on Inc. (NYSE: SNA) has paid stock dividends every quarter since 1939. asks:  What is the secret to the success of Snap-on Inc.?

According to Crap-on.Com, written as if its an official Snap-on promotional website, the reason for Snap-on’s success is a previously secret internal program called the Crap-on Dealers Program.

The tagline below the Crap-on Dealer Program logo states its been “creating profit and shareholder value at franchisee’s expense since… forever.”

Snap-on Screw drivers

Crap-on.Com Reveals Snap-on Success Secrets

The pages on feature (allegedly) Snap-on’s proud explanation of its strategy of screwing “drivers” (the Snap-on franchised dealers who drive tool vans on a designated route) in order to maximize shareholder returns:

Screw Drivers Key to Snap-on (NYSE: SNA) Success

Here’s a PDF of that announcement that’s being circulated online:

Screw Drivers Key to Snap-on Success (PDF).

This page gives more details and invites “praise” for Snap-on’s innovative approach to franchisee exploitation:

Snap-on Franchise’s Crap-on Dealer Program: Add Your Praise!

Snap-on Franchise Memes Are Going Viral

Crap-on.Com has a gallery of humorous Snap-on meme pictures for posting on Facebook, Twitter and across social media, with an invitation to make and submit your own:

Snap-on Meme Gallery – Send Us Your Pics

snap-on franchise Snap-on Salute Snap-on Franchise

Crap-on.Com: Snap-on is Proud it Hasn’t Outsourced Exploitation Overseas

According to, it is Nicholas T. Pinchuk Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, who decided to break the silence and unveil the secret Snap-on franchise program known as the “Crap-on Dealer Program.”

The site states that, in this time of fervent nationalism, Nicholas Pinchuk (known affectionately at the home office as Nicky Pinchy) wants Snap-on to be recognized for not outsourcing, like other manufacturers.

States Pinchy:

“While other manufacturers are making profits by exploiting workers in Latin America and Asia, we refuse to ship our exploitation overseas. We are an American company, squeezing profits from the hard-working franchise owners who once owned homes right here on Main Street, USA.”

Nicky “Pinchy” Pinchuk and Thomas “Tommy Gun” Kassouf even unveiled the logo for the Crap-on Dealer Program, which is adorned with a steaming pile of poo:


Crap-on Dealers Program



Check out the website at and let us know what you think.

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