GRN Global Recruiters Network Franchise Complaints [UPDATED]

The Global Recruiters Network franchise (GRN franchise) is promoted as an opportunity to join an industry-leading “family” of permanent placement professionals and receive world-class training, service, support and business tools.  Anonymous franchise complaints, a franchise lawsuit and GRN’s own disclosure documents raise several issues worthy of further investigation. [UPDATED 4/26/17]

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  The Global Recruiters Network franchise website refers to GRN franchise owners as “family”:

For the past forty years, our management team has developed a finely tuned process and trained the very best search professionals.

We continually support our family so they can perform with the quality, integrity and professionalism clients have come to expect from GRN.

That’s the GRN difference.

The franchise-as-family  seems to be a common theme and featured benefit of Global Recruiters Network franchisee recruitment:

When you join the GRN Family, you’ll get this world-class support before you open your business, continuing as you grow towards your goals and beyond. Our franchise support system features:

  • Training
  • Business development
  • Technology
  • Accounting
  • Vendor management
  • Site Selection
  • Recognition programs, meetings and events
  • Legal/HR

Global Recruiters NetworkHowever, both a scathing anonymous comment left on a prominent complaint site and the counter-suit against the company filed by a Global Recruiters Network franchise owner specifically challenge the idea that the GRN network is one big happy family… or even acts as a family at all.

GRN Global Recruiters Network Franchise Complaint:  Illegal Termination

UPDATE 4/26/17:  We’ve been informed that a former GRN franchise owner named Melissa B., has issued an apology for the online complaint she made on RipoffReport which we referenced in our original post.  Melissa B. has stated that the allegations contained in her complaint were false and defamatory.  Updates to our original post are in red.  See our related post:   GRN Global Recruiters Network Franchise Owner Retracts Online Complaint, But Questions Remain

A since-recanted comment left on the website Ripoff Report on July 23, 2015 by a commenter named A former GRN franchise owner* states:

We first joined GRN and met Brad Baiocchi, John Demsher, Glen Louthan and the rest of the executives back in 2003 when they had their location in Downer’s Grove, IL.  They try to paint the picture of how they are one big happy family.  And exagerate [sic] how successful all of the offices are and show you big numbers as to how much you can make.

A former GRN franchise owner claims he and many other GRN franchisees were terminated from the GRN family by Brad Baiocchi, founder and CEO of Global Recruiters Network:

After several years we noticed a lot of odd things happening to where the president Brad Baiocchi started closing down franchise offices without giving any notice to the owners and offices started disappearing with no explanation.

…We had heard there were rumors that Brad was trying to sell the company so we started talking to other owners and our friends at corporate to find out what would happen to the franchisees if GRN did sell.

Ironically, the following week we walked into our office and couldn’t log into the system.  When we called corporate’s IT department we were redirected to Brad’s brother Mark who is an attorney.  We were advised that we were no longer a franchisee!  This was all done without cause, without any written notice or warning…

We contacted an attorney of our own as well as former owners and found out that GRN has done this to over 87 other offices…  In addition, they have scammed everyone out of the $90,000 franchise fees.  When our attorney reviewed the franchise agreement, they illegally terminated us…

GRN responded to the anonymous complaint stating that it is false, and has since received an admission from franchisee Melissa B. that the complaint was false and defamatory.  RipoffReport redacted the comment after receiving a court order to do so.

Read: GRN Court Order & Melissa B’s Admission/Apology Letter to Brad Baiocchi (PDF)

*Since identified as Melissa B.

The GRN FDD Reveals a Disturbingly High Franchise Termination Rate

To see if there is any validity to the since-recanted  A former GRN franchise owner allegation of widespread franchisee terminations, we looked to the Item 20 disclosures of the 2015  Global Recruiters Network Franchise Disclosure Document.

The company disclosed that between the beginning of 2012 and the end of 2014, there were a total of 270 GRN franchises in operation.

Of those 270 franchises, 92 (34%) had been terminated by the GRN franchisor and another 11 (4%) had “Ceased Operations – Other Reasons”

A 38% franchise turnover rate, according to the company’s own numbers, is certainly a cause for concern for every prospective franchisee.

GRN Global Recruiters Network

According to the company’s 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document, GRN terminated 5 additional franchises in Indiana, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, and Texas in 2015.

We have contacted GRN Founder & CEO Brad Baiocchi for the reasons that so many Global Recruiters Network franchise family members were terminated, and whether these terminations resulted in the loss of the franchisees’ investments.

GRN Founder & CEO Brad Baiocchi Invited for Clarification

We are reaching out to the Founder & CEO Brad Baiocchi of the Global Recruiters Network franchise family and inviting him to clarify the nature of the terminations.

Key questions for Mr. Baiocchi:

What are most common reasons that the 92 franchises were terminated?

How much time were these franchisees given to cure their defaults?

Should prospective GRN franchise owners fear that they might be terminated, even if they follow the rules?

  We again invite GRN Founder & CEO Brad Baiocchi to explain the reasons for the high number of franchise terminations, and whether a high level of terminations will continue.






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32 thoughts on “GRN Global Recruiters Network Franchise Complaints [UPDATED]

  • Wishi Hadnot

    I was one of those unfortunate franchise owners that had my franchise taken away and lost my investment and my database (the fruits of my labor).

    Brad and his team are very skilled at pulling the right strings in their sales pitch. A family style relationship was a big draw for a lot of us but trust me, this is not the kind of family you want to be a part of. Brad and Jolie went on about how the core team used to be part of MRI ( but MRI had grown so large that they no longer had those close-knit family relationships so they left and started GRN. In reality, MRI had dropped BBDP (Brad’s recruiting software company) and he was looking for a new way to sell his outdated ATS system. A (non-dysfunctional) family environment had nothing to do with it.

    If you think that people are just being naive or are easily wowed, keep in mind that the majority of owners have a Master’s degree and held a position at the VP or Director level prior to joining GRN. Their target audience is typically someone that was a VP or Director of Sales, was laid off and has been looking for a job for 6+ months, is over 50 years old, has a MBA and has a fair amount saved up in a 401k.

    Some of the reasons for terminations included:
    Working as a consultant on the side (not recruiting related)
    Working from a home office
    Lack of placement activity – several people have walked away from their investment having never made a dime.

    Brad will say that they have a proven process that works but if you ask the franchise owners that are doing well if they stuck to GRN’s guidelines, many will tell you no, they have developed their own processes, methods and styles based on their own experience. Even so, I hope he responds to your requests.

  • John Miller

    I have video tapes of who Brad Baiocchi is … Baiocchi is the farthest thing from being a “family”man … he is a lying scum bag thief!!!
    Give me a call if considering having anything to do with this trash… I will gladly share my videos with you…
    [redacted – personal contact info not allowed in comments – ADMIN]

  • John Miller

    Once again if you’re considering having
    Anything to do with this trash Bradford Baiocchi contact me to receive videos of who this lying piece of trash truly is…..

  • Rick F James

    Hello John Miller, I would like to discuss with you. I am considering a role with them.

  • John miller

    I would be happy to share my video tape evidence reflecting the true character of owner operator of GRN Bradford Baiocchi
    You will not be disappointed doing further research into this piece of trash before putting your trust in him..

  • John Miller

    Thank you for making contact with me..
    I will arrange a copy of the video spanning over an extended period of time reflecting who Baiocchi is…

    One thing about live videos… they don’t lie…. and instead reflect the true person in his little sneaky ways… this guy is trash and I’m going to see to it that he’s incarcerated for a long time for the damage he has caused to other people’s lives…and the frauds he’s committed on the United States Government…
    Thanks again… your not alone in expressing your concerns.

  • John Miller

    “GRN is all about passion, integrity and family culture”. A very relevant quote by CEO Bradford Baiocchi.. Take a look at the video…. This guy is trash.
    Baiocchi is all about stealing from people,
    and damaging people’s lives..
    There’s not an ounce of integrity in this freak’s body…

  • John Miller

    “GRN is all about passion, integrity and family culture”. A very relevant quote by CEO Bradford Baiocchi.. Take a look at the video….
    Baiocchi is all about stealing from people,
    and damaging people’s lives..
    There’s not an ounce of integrity in this freak’s body…

  • John Miller

    The message goes out to all GRN offices…
    I have offered my video tapes of Bradford Baiocchi caught live in his sneaky disgusting ways..He and GRN have damaged my personal life and my children’s lives greatly.. This guy is scum and he will be prosecuted for the damage he has caused to other peoples..

    People who turn their heads to scum trash like Baiocchi and allow them to go on damaging lives are no better then the trash himself…

    I highly suggest that you reconsider your associations with Baiocchi and consider filing a class action suit against Baiocchi and Global Recruiters Network for the
    indirect and direct damage caused to your individual lives..

    John Miller

  • John Miller

    They were running in and out of hotels
    For years when Baiocchi put it into her head to put me in jail with his trumped up domestic
    battery charge. What do you suppose I’m going to do to your client Baiocchi..

    Mark Baiocchi is on the same page..
    And that’s a bad page to be on…
    He knew everything that was going on and attempted to get his college law school buddy to join in on the scam
    and represent the two of us.. Terese and me… But he had some integrity and informed me of what they were up to and said to me that he wanted no part of it.. How much integrity do you have…?

    Have you seen what’s going on in the Hearings involving Cohen’s fraud…

    You should pay attention to that…

  • John miller

    Click Click Click

  • John miller

    Thank you for informing me,

    My apologies for the mistaken previous post to this forum..

    The previous post was a partial email
    to the attorney who represents and had represented Bradford Baiocchi as well as my former spouse in respective divorces,
    paid directly from the corporate accounts.

    Divorce is hard enough on children of divorce, but what Baiocchi and my former spouse have done brings it to a new low..

    Not only were they lying stealing and cheating, they concocted a plan to cover up what they were doing to make themselves appear to be victims at the expense and damage to my life and many others.

    The videos are very clear, as well as the time frame.

    Justice will be served on Baiocchi as well as any of the others who have associated with Baiocchi and have contributed to the damage to other people’s lives..

    The attorney who represents my former spouse and Baiocchi hides behind his “duty” as their lawyer and attempts to cover up their misdoings .
    In the mean time I have to deal with the damages caused directly to my children..

    My children, in the end have suffered the most…

    Thank you for your time spent in this regard.. Those that damage other people’s
    lives will be punished….


  • John Miller

    To those who are concerned,

    To answer the question of why Bradford Baiocchi doesn’t sue me for slander is simple..
    Because I have the evidence of his frauds and he knows that I’m telling the truth.

    The best place for this trash Baiocchi is sitting 10 years in prison cell. But even the 10 years won’t replace the 10 years of damage this freak has caused to my children’s lives…

    I certainly hope the federal authorities put this garbage away soon. Despite him being locked up not helping my children, I want him locked up so that he can’t damage anyone else’s lives..
    And I’d like to get some satisfaction that there is justice in our judicial system.

    Take a look at Baiocchi on his web page, “about us”, This guy is a freak.

    While your looking on the web page View the little guy to the right of Baiocchi… Louthan….
    I want to know who the hell told this little guy that he was allowed to rummage through other
    people’s personal financial records.
    Louthan will be an example to others also.

    I’m being total transparent here. I don’t hide from anyone.. Only thieves who damage other people’s lives hide out and sneak around….. Think about that please..


  • John Miller

    Mr. Louthan should should have requested from me the to right to rummage through my personal records… There are laws to protect people from trash that think
    that they have some right to damage other people’s lives by rummaging through their personal property without consent…

    When someone steals from someone else,
    and damages that person’s life, and damages that person’s children’s lives for that matter!! what do you suppose that person whose been damaged thinks about at night..

    That question is for you Louthan….

    We all know you and some of the other freaks at GRN read this forum…
    Now answer the question for all of us out here who are curious on why little Loughlin
    took the liberty to go through other people’s personal property??
    Please answer the question Louthan.

  • John Miller

    Louthan has had a full week to answer
    on why he was illegally rummaging through my personal property..

    Come out of your hole little mouse.

    Let everyone know why you were in my personal property..

    You and the freak Brad Baiocchi need to go to jail.. You shut down 100 franchises.. How many lives have you damaged..?

    Sneak around, lying, stealing and cheating.
    Damaging other people’s lives. Now look at the little mouse hide…

    Your just what I thought you were when I last saw you in the court room..
    You turned a bright red and shivered while you stumbled each and every one of the words that came out of your mouth.. Just like a little mouse hiding out in a corner..
    You and Baiocchi have damaged many
    people’s lives… you should be shivering
    in fear…

  • John Miller

    I received some documents recently showing more about Bradford Baiocchi’s character. Apparently Baiocchi was out buying “blue jeans” (as comical as that may sound), [redacted]
    Not only is this guy a con and a lying thief, he would damage children’s lives to try
    and get whatever he can , and how ever he can… For those of you who would like a copy of the documents, I will make and send them off to you..


    ADMIN Note: John, please refrain from ad hominem attacks on physical appearance and allegations of a personal nature. I understand that you’re angry, but Bradford Baiocchi’s jean-buying habits and physical appearance are not suitable topics. The GRN Global Recruiters franchise opportunity – from a business perspective – is the subject here.

  • John Miller

    Thank you… I appreciate your information
    and will refrain commenting about Baiocchi’s appearance. But what this guy has done to damage other people’s lives will be a subject matter that will not go away easily… Just as the damage and resulting pain to those that are the victims does not go away quickly or easily… It goes on and on….and affects people’s lives in many negative ways….
    When people like Baiocchi do things that hurt others they need to be held accountable.. It is the only deterrent
    there is to prevent other dishonest people
    from repeating the same damaging actions…

    Thank you again..


  • John miller

    Baiocchi and Louthan are going to be more examples of why you shouldn’t damage other people’s lives…

    They’re just lucky that I am a law abiding
    American citizen, unlike them…

    They steal from people, they lie, they cheat
    and soon they are going to pay for the damage that they’ve caused. Although their punishment will never replace my children’s childhoods…

    A fat mouse and a little pip squeak mouse
    hiding in the corner in the hope that Attorney Mark Baiocchi, the brother of Brad can come to their rescue…

    They’ve done the damage….now, like some of the other dishonest people in the recent news, caught in lies and cheats, they soon will pay for the damages caused to other people’s lives. Families destroyed.. Children’s lives destroyed…

    Baiocchi and Louthan and any of the other trash involved need to be put into a garbage can….. soon


    John Miller

  • John Miller

    This comment is my formal apology to the good, hard working and honest people who own GRN franchises… My anger is not in any way directed at you… I’ve had to deal with much pain and mental anguish for years and years due to the actions of Bradford Baiocchi and some of the other high end people at GRN Corp. who knew what was going on and failed to care enough about the lives that were being damaged.,.
    This pain inside of me has caused me to write some of my experiences down in this forum and vent out my angers.

    My children’s childhoods was by far the most important thing in my life…
    I tried to shelter them the best I could.

    I would like a formal apology to my children from Bradford Baiocchi for the damages that he has caused to their lives…



  • John Miller

    I’ve asked Baiocchi to formally apologize to my children for damaging their lives..

    Where are you Baiocchi… Are you at a
    new “low point “ in your life??

    You are a mouse …. a coward fat mouse…
    A coward, fat, drug attic, lying thief mouse..

    What’s wrong mouse are you at that new
    “Low point “ in your life….

    You have damaged many people’s lives freak..

    Everyone should feel sorry for Brad..
    Because Brad was at “low point “ in his life..

    Do you remember showing up numerous times in McHenry County Court House trying to provoke me.. or prank phone calling me…..Giggles and trying to taunt me to punch your scull in so I would get criminal assault charges filed on me and lose my children.. I went straight to
    Lou Bianchi and the States attorney Office to make record of what you were doing
    immediately after those court hearings.

    Before you go to jail you formally apologize to my children in this forum…

    How much did you pay to bribe Melissa B.
    How about Finn..??
    You couldn’t “pay off” me could you freak ?
    See my kids are way more important to me then $$$$$$….. you’re a drug attic moron who will soon be at that new “low point.”

    In the mean time stay the hell away from my kids..

    Sincerely, John

  • John miller

    Drug addiction is no excuse for damaging other people’s lives..

    Especially not my Children’s lives…

    Apologize to my kids.. Now Baiocchi!


  • John Miller

    Baiocchi has failed to be a man and apologize to my kids… why? Because he is
    a coward..

    Baiocchi had the nerve to show up with his brother Mark at my father and my children’s grandfather’s last visitation after his death from cancer at the young age of 69. Baiocchi did not attend my father’s wake to show respect for a great man which he had never met, he rather showed up in his many attempts to persuade
    my wife, and his employee that he was “such a good guy”… In reality he had sick underlying motives.. Baiocchi is a Con.. A fake. A thief..
    Out of respect for my kids, I won’t throw insults at their mother..

    My father was everything that Baiocchi is not but claims to be…

    My father was a man with great “integrity”
    A man who had nothing but Great “family”
    values. I could go on and on…..That is why there was a line two hours long outside the church waiting for one last sight of a great man…

    This goes to potential GRN investors:
    One should beware of who they entrust their hard earned money with…

    You are a piece of trash Baiocchi..
    Stay away from my kids…

    My last post.

  • John Miller

    As I patiently wait for the Feds to do their job I came across this latest insult to my children…

    Attorney Mark Baiocchi (brother of Bradford Baiocchi) has committed the ultimate scam,,,,, and I need to post this lying piece trash’s scam to all those interested..
    This garbage claims to be an attorney who represents “whistleblowers” …
    How comical is that..
    This fat freak who tried to get his law school buddy to represent me and my wife together.. (A wife who was sleeping with his brother Brad in hotels being billed as GRN expenses under falsified names… )
    ( Your names ). GRN owners…
    while damaging my children……, as well as ripping you, the Un-suspecting GRN investors off Is nothing more then Scummmm Bag like his brother…

    You’re going to pay the price for damaging my children Freaks……,!


  • John Miller

    To unfriendly franchise …
    Please put out my last comment to this forum….. These freaks have damaged my life, and more importantly my children’s lives greatly…. My kids don’t even understand it yet……
    Brad Baiocchi, Mark Baiocchi as well as many other’s within the GRN Organization……they have destroyed lives…
    This is a forum to express opinions…
    Mine are not opinions but rather facts….
    Please put it back along with my request for you to do so Sean…. thank you…

  • John Miller

    Wake up unsuspecting GRN franchises..
    This freak Baiocchi and his little mutant side kick Louthan are trying to rip off as many as possible to fill their coffers before filing for bankruptcy.. This Baiocchi freak is trash and will take you for anything he can get before the feds come down on him for numerous frauds … if you give money it will be gone..feel free to contact me through
    Unfriendly Franchise for more information and video / docs of GRN previous frauds
    committed .
    I’m very very proud to be putting these pieces of trash in jail! Tax fraud is not a means of filing for filing for bankruptcy
    But these Baiocchi freaks are so stupid they will try anything..

  • John Miller

    How my life has changed due to the lies, cheats and cover ups committed by others..

    I apologize again to the good people who read my thoughts and hear my angers that come out in the middle of the night when unable to sleep..

    People have damaged my life and those closest to me so greatly by their lies, their disregard for doing the right things in life and their having no problem damaging other people’s lives along the way to cover up what they have done..

    I vent out my angers in the middle of the night and use words that I would not typically use in any context let alone an open forum viewed by those in the communication string.. I’m a professional airline pilot and I’m at times very disappointed in myself for allowing other people to push me to be someone that I’m not,

    My use of words like freak, mutant,
    fat and trash damages my own image and for that I am Ashamed.. This is not an appropriate way to describe anyone, including those engaged in the very actions that brought me personally to the state of disgust that I’m in.

    To reiterate what was expressed in a previous post, when people hurt others
    by their bad actions the pain inside those hurt does not go away quickly or easily and affects their lives in many negative ways..

    Those who have damaged my children’s
    childhoods as well as the damage my children will carry throughout their lives, because of the culprits own personal greed, is time gone that will never come back.
    I hope the proper authorities can see through the culprits further lies and further
    coverups and they prosecute them for their bad actions that have caused the pain in others…


  • David Ressler


  • John Miller

    We’re going educate this fat piece of trash Brad Baiocchi on why you don’t damage other peoples lives…

  • Stephen Schulman

    Brad and Mark did the same to me after 12 years as a franchise. They could be sued for millions is I could afford an attorney. Contact me and I will disclose.

  • Stephen Schulman

    They also destroyed me. I was a Franchisee for 10+ years. I am 70 years old. I was closed over night without notice and false claims by Brad.

  • John Millet

    I am sorry for your loss Mr. Schulman.
    Baiocchi will be punished for the damage he has caused to my children and to me.. That damage is irreparable.. You can’t get time
    back !!

    The question is if you and the many other offices who have been
    damaged will receive restitution for the damages that he and the others at the GRN Corporate Office involved have done to you..
    I’ve previously suggested that you and the other offices affected file a class action suit against Baiocchi / GRN. Best of my knowledge that has not taken place as of yet..
    The IRS and the fraud investigation unit within the IRS are very methodical,, but also very slow, so I’ve been told. I believe that they will indict Baiocchi at some point..
    But that most likely will not help you and the others to receive restitution….

    Good luck.. I wish you the best!


  • John Miller

    Thank you for the information…

    3,600 plus dollars spent in a Las Vegas Strip Club in one evening by Bradford Baiocchi and very sadly to say , someone else ..

    You are finished freaks …….

    Billed to the company…

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