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LADY OF AMERICA Franchise Warning

Source: Rip-off Report
Do not buy a Lady of America Franchise!! They are a deceptive company and will show you false projections, unrealistic numbers and scam you while receiving kickbacks and unusually high royalties.

I owned one of these franchises and suffered through seven long years with no profit and now I am $250,000 out of my personal money. The franchise will not make you any money but instead leave you with lots of debt and headaches.

The company offers little support once you sign with them. If you want to start a fitness business, hire a consultant to teach you the ropes and keep your own money. The fitness business is not rocket science and there are several great consultants out there.

Out of a lot of money
Southeast, Pennsylvania

3 thoughts on “LADY OF AMERICA Franchise Warning

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  • DO NOT BUY A 123 FIT franchise!!! They too are crooks.

    Their costs are outrageous. You are in over $200,000 before you even open your door.

    They make false promises. Their marketing SUCKS.

    They show you this Biz Fit program that is suppose to show you how much you will make. It has some many glitches in it and is so WRONG. But of course, 123 fit dont claim earnings in their UFOC, so 123 fit ADs show you how to use this but then they say they didnt. LIARS!!!

    They only have 27 clubs open. Over 35 are closed or will never open!! Once they get your money they dont help you at all.

    Quiznos people are behind this. And look at all the lawsuits there.

    One of the many BROKE franchisees.

  • Hadrian Swall

    Do NOT buy a LOA franchise. An associate recently bought one and discovered within WEEKS that (1) sales figures were falsified, (2) membership rolls were exaggerated and (3) all supplies must be purchased from the “company store”. Many, many more problems but suffice it to say that the concern was not viable, LOA knew this and yet they still allowed the transaction.

    Somewhere in the neighborhood of $250K is placed at risk when you do this.

    Lady of America is in the business of selling franchises, not helping women to become fit/healthy. Open your own “mom and pop” place instead.

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