GRAZE CRAZE Who is Convicted Fraudster James Adams Jenkins aka J.A. Jenkins?

Why isn’t alleged Graze Craze principal & co-founder James Adam Jenkins, who now goes by J.A. Jenkins, is not disclosed in UFG’s Graze Craze Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which Ray Titus swears is true and complete?  Could it be that the significant other and business partner of Kerry Sylvester has felony convictions for fraud and a reputation for business opportunity scams?  Is United Franchise Group (UFG) hoping prospective franchisees won’t learn the truth about the founders of (arguably) their most ludicrous franchise offering yet?  by Sean Kelly

James Adam Jenkins Graze CrazePublicly, Kerry Sylvester is the founder of Graze Craze, the controversial franchise concept being promoted and sold by the controversial United Franchise Group (UFG) franchise sales machine.

Privately, some say, Sylvester’s boyfriend J.A. Jenkins was an integral, if not dominant, partner in the development of the concept.  Due to Sylvester’s reported health problems, Jenkins has been solely in charge of the struggling corporate locations.

Recent social media postings reference bounced paychecks, under-the-table payments in cash, and company cars being repossessed.

And a spirited ongoing Facebook thread (“Broken Arrow Neighbors”) started 7 years ago details a long history of felonies for fraud, scams and unpaid child support.

A Google search for “James Adams Jenkins” reveals Attorney General Press releases and news stories indicating an ongoing pattern of deception and business opportunity and franchise fraud.

J.A. Jenkins Pleaded Guilty to Consumer Fraud for Deceptive Hunting Trip Scheme

December 19th 2011, Newson6 published Broken Arrow Hunting Guide Pleads Guilty To Fraud:

A Broken Arrow hunting guide pleaded guilty to consumer fraud Monday, according to Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

James Adam Jenkins, 40, entered a guilty plea to three counts of unfair and deceptive practices and paid $91,000 in restitution.

Jenkins operated a hunting guide business under several names including Big Cedar Hunts, Sunrise Outdoors, Platinum Entertainment and BCH Land Management.

Pruitt says Jenkins accepted deposits for guided trips to hunt deer, elk and quail but then canceled the hunts without refunding the money. He didn’t have permission to hunt the land included in his advertisements, according to the state.

He received a 5-year deferred sentenced and probation, conditional upon paying his victims back.

The money Jenkins paid in restitution will go to his victims, Pruitt said. Jenkins also is prohibited from engaging in the hunting guide business while on probation.

J.A. Jenkins Defrauded Firefighters With a Fraudulent Beef Jerky Franchise

Graze Craze franchiseJust 6 months later, on Jun 14, 2012, Bryan Cohen of Legal News Line reported Mo. AG settles with firefighter, beef jerky charity scheme:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Legal Newsline) – Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced a settlement Tuesday with the owner of an Oklahoma beef jerky vending franchise resolving allegations that he failed to deliver and made dishonest claims.

James Adam Jenkins, the owner of BK Premium Products, sold franchises to vend beef jerky for $2,500 and allegedly promised franchisees that 25 percent of the proceeds would go to one of two charities. Jenkins mostly sold the franchise kits to firefighters in Springfield and St. Louis. The settlement resolves allegations that Jenkins failed to deliver materials to operate the franchise and that he never donated any of the $2,500 to charity.

“I know that many Missourians have placed money in these types of canisters with full confidence that their donations were going to charitable organizations,” Koster said. “It is contemptible that anyone would defraud others in the name of charity, and this office will aggressively go after those who do.”

Under the terms of the settlement, Jenkins must provide full refunds to all of the franchisees. Additionally, Jenkins must make quarterly reports to Koster’s office listing the total donations, total sales and charities receiving the donations through December 31, 2013.

“Broken Arrow Neighbors” FB Group Issue Warnings About Scammer James Adam Jenkins of Graze Craze

A January, 20, 2015 posting on “Broken Arrow [OK] Neighbors” FB page prompted 116 comments and 393 shares, including:

RW wrote:

Why is this guy not in jail…He scammed me out of $3000 to secure my territory and sell beef sticks…and the sad part his wife is helping …what a loser…hope you can get your money he owes you

CW wrote:

Ya, I got totally scammed by this guy. He offered me a job as a spokes model in Conway, Arkansas. Gave me an alias & company name (that wasn’t his) that all checked out fine. We are a military family & were on our last bit of money from the paycheck, he offered a very rewarding paycheck & being in the situation we are in I went… We literally used the last bit of the money our family had to live on to get there in hopes of me being able to make some money to support my family & then found out he is a con artist.

KT wrote

He is on Felony Probation with the State for 5 total years. Call the probation dept. He is also wanted by Tulsa County for arrearage in child support. Ordered to serve 6 months in jail. He has a warrant for his arrest. also facing another felony charge pending in Wagoner County Felony He should be in Wagoner County Court at 8 am Feb 4, 2015 charge….. Larceny from a house See prior comments

CTW wrote:

This guy has been scamming people for as long as I can remember. He’s been on the news multiple times for various cons, but mostly for hunting and fishing trips.Jenkins scammed 14 firefighters out of a large sum of money.

One month ago, a Graze Craze employee wrote:

He works at Graze Craze un Newcastle oklahoma…  Screwing us over here at Graze Craze..haven’t gotten a paycheck since Friday

Convicted Felon J.A. Jenkins is Reportedly Involved in Both Franchise Marketing & Operations for the Graze Craze Franchise Program

Graze Craze franchiseDear Ray Titus & UFG:  Why isn’t principal J.A. Jenkins – and his criminal history – disclosed to prospective Graze Craze franchisees in the Graze Craze FDD and state registrations?

What exactly is J.A. Jenkins’ role with Graze Craze?

What of the allegations of cars repossessed, under-the-table cash payments and paychecks bouncing for Graze Craze OK employees?

That complaints have been filed with the Dept. of Labor?

What of the recent default judgement against Kerry Sylvester in Heritage Hills Apts vs Kerry Sylvester?

What of Tom Bernard vs Kerry Sylvester dba Graze Craze?

Are the wheels starting to come off the Graze Craze franchise charade… as expected?

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