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INSTANT IMPRINTS Franchise Warning: 93% Turnover Rate!

The Instant Imprints franchise opportunity is effectively promoted as a lucrative B2B business with an attractive revenue model, a legendary, caring CEO & lots of happy, successful franchisees.  However, a deep dive into recent Instant Imprints Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) reveals a disturbing 7-year franchise turnover rate of 93%*.  Such high turnover makes one wonder:  who are these happy franchisees in the video testimonials… and why are they still smiling?  by Sean Kelly

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Instant Imprints promotes its franchise opportunity as an excellent “lifestyle” business to own… requiring an initial investment ranging from $170,000 to $350,000.

The Instant Imprints franchise webpage currently features videos (that are also widely promoted on YouTube & elsewhere) that create a compelling story of opportunity.

However, an analysis of company-disclosed information for the 7 year period ending December, 2021 indicates a disturbing 93% franchise turnover rate.

Between January, 2015 and January 2022, the number of Instant Imprints franchises appears steady, with 45 franchise in the U.S. and Canada in 2015 and 45 at the end of 2021.

However, Instant Imprint Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) also indicate that 42 franchises exited the system through closures, terminations or transfers to different owners. 

The standard formula for franchise turnover reveals a 93.33% Instant Imprints franchise turnover rate:

Instant Imprint Franchise Turnover Rates

3 year (2019 – 2021) :  42%

5 year (2017 – 2021):  58%

7 year (2015 – 2021):  93%*

EXITS (42) ÷ Average Franchises Open (45) X 100 = Franchise Turnover Rate (93.33%)*


The data was compiled from the Instant Imprints Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) filed in 2016, 2019 & 2022.

  YEAR Start End Avg   Franchise

















2015 45 50 0 0 0 2016


2016 50 48 3 2 5 2019


2017 48 54 3 3 6 2019


2018 54 59 2 7 9 2019


2019 59 62 0 1 1 2022


2020 62 54 9 1 10 2022


2021 54 45 9 2 11 2022


TOTAL 26 16 42 3 years = 42%

5 years = 58%

7 years = 93.33%*

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Are Instant Imprints Franchisee Recruitment Materials False & Deceptive?

The Instant Imprints franchisee recruitment website features several videos narrated by gregarious, seemingly trustworthy Christian Collucci.

The first showcases the luxurious Mercedes of Ralph Askar, the owner of the Instant Imprints franchisor, as he drives through Southern California to the grand opening of a new franchise location in San Marcos.

It shows a small army of franchise executives and staff happily supporting the new San Marcos franchisees Rod & Christine Rosine.  The young couple beams with pride as they cut the ribbon on their new Instant Imprints franchise while proud franchise papa Ralph Askar looks on.

Christian Collucci Promises New Franchisees Accounts Worth $540,000 – $720,000 Annually

In this video, Instant Imprints promises prospective franchisees initial revenue of $540,000 – $720,000 annually.

(In another video, Ralph Askar all but promises break-even in the first 6 months).

Christian explains that franchisees benefit from

  • 5 revenue streams,
  • an 80% customer reorder rate,
  • the industry’s highest average ticket &
  • extensive training & support.

Christian Collucci says the Instant Imprints team is dedicated to helping the franchisee quickly secure their first 15-20 accounts that each generate a minimum of $3,000 per month ($540K – $720K annually).

The Second Video is called “The Franchisee Lifestyle at Instant Imprints.”

“The Franchisee Lifestyle at Instant Imprints” video opens with an even more extensive look at Ralph Askar’s luxury Mercedes.

Ralph Askar says his team is committed to helping each franchisee reach break-even in the first 6 months… or sooner…

“I want to see our franchisees prosper from their hard work & reward them for their contribution to the network,” says Ralph.

Help Us Fact-Check the Instant Imprints Franchisee Recruitment Claims

NOTE:  The franchisee status update is a work in progress being revised as input is received.  If you see details that are incorrect or misinterpreted (some will undoubtedly be) please let us know and we’ll correct or amend in short order.  Unverified  tips, hearsay, scuttlebutt and rumors can be valuable in the absence of corporate transparency, but should be regarded as such.  Official disclosures in the FDD should likewise be scrutinized and fact-checked, as they have not been reviewed by any agency.

Are you an Instant Imprints franchisee, former franchisee, employee, former employee, broker or other insider?

Were you one of the testimonial-givers currently featured by Instant Imprints… or know the circumstances of their departure?

We are looking to hear from the following former franchisees or to hear the reasons they left Instant Imprints before the completion of their franchise agreements:

  • Don & Chandra Keith, of Calgary AB state that Instant Imprints franchise is enabling them to “create a legacy” for their family and build a business on their own terms.
  • Wendy Allen of O’Fallon, MO states, in the current video, “We’re our own boss.  We can determine if we want to work past 9 to 5… It’s so rewarding!”
  • Kathy Schneider of Fullerton, CA states that the Instant Imprints franchise enabled her to get out of the insurance business, get off the road and spend more time with her children.
  • Area franchisee Chuck Sawyer of Raleigh, N.C. states, on the franchisee testimonial page of the website, “Instant Imprints is an exiting [sic] opportunity and offers the right driven individual a chance of a lifetime to grow their business exponentially.”
  • Bill Allen of O’Fallon, MO (also featured on the website) says Instant Imprints enables him to work with amazing customers.
  • Gagan Bhathal, Vancouver, BC Multi Area Franchisee is quoted in press materials: “We get everything we need as a franchisee, from beginning to end, from Instant Imprints.”
  • Mike Boyd, Linda Boyd of Westminster, CO, were Area Franchisees who owned multiple franchises.  Mike was also an Instant Imprints franchisor corporate executive.


  • Candice & Mike Williams, Louisville, CO [Transferred ownership]
  • Greg Chiasson Centennial, CO [SOLD, Defendant in Lawsuit]
  • Susie and Glen Ellison – Little Rock, AR (Store Currently For Sale)
  • Brian Drysdale – Wilmington, DE (Store Currently For Sale)

Please post an anonymous comment below (your email won’t show publicly) or email Sean Kelly in confidence at UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail[dot]Com.

We want to know whether these franchisees still endorse the Instant Imprint franchise now that they’ve moved on… and whether the franchisor has been granted the right to continue to use their endorsement.

Acknowledgement:  We gained a wealth of information and insight from the Instant Imprint franchise complaint site FranchiseIssues.Com.  We are not affiliated with the Franchise Issues site, its author or its contributors.  Our information is gleaned from publicly available sources.

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Sean KellySean Kelly is a recovering franchise marketer, an award-winning investigative journalist, & a devoted IdeaFarmer & chicken wrangler in Lancaster County, PA. 

His hobbies include collecting cease and desist letters, imprisoning scammers (current count: 2) and tormenting bullies. 

He’s literally the only one alive who wants to hear your franchise-related woes. 

Email:  UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail[dot]Com.

2 thoughts on “INSTANT IMPRINTS Franchise Warning: 93% Turnover Rate!

  • Cynical Observer

    It does seem odd that more news of a franchisor’s failure rate is not disclosed to the public at large. Do the government departments ever investigate or curtail the lending of money to franchise systems?
    Cynical people might say all are benefitting from a system that rewards banks and franchisors who have failed units.
    Experience shows the franchise systems do well from turnover “churn” and banks have their loans covered by guarantees.
    This franchise in particular has a horrific failure rate. Are we seeing it all or has some been hidden by transfers?
    Time to tighten up on oversight and stop the loss of hard working investors’s investments. IMHO

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