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THE UPS STORE Franchise Warning: It’s a Scam Claims Franchisee

THE UPS STORE Franchise Warning: Franchisee calls it a scam designed to make money for UPS at the expense of its franchise owners.

UnhappyFranchisee.Com has received another in a long line of complaints about The UPS Store franchise opportunity.

This UPS Store franchise owner even read the many warnings here and elsewhere about The UPS Store, but let himself be convinced by the franchise salesman that the complaints were unfounded.

He and his wife proceeded with the purchase of a The UPS Store franchise and have regretted it ever since.

He claims that UPS controls every aspect of his business, and has engineered the entire business model to make sure that UPS gets maximum profits while he is bled dry.

Do you have any experience with The UPS Store franchise – good or bad?  Please share your experience in the comment section below.

The UPS Store Franchise “should be against the law.” – UPS Store Franchisee

The UPS Store Franchise Owner writes:

My wife and i purchased and opened a UPS Store.

I read some of the bad comments on line but was assure by the local UPS Store Franchisee that they were not true that was only one of the things he told us that wasn’t true.

I only have one thing to say. The UPS Store is a huge money maker for UPS and not the store owners.

They drain  you and drain you  of both money and energy.

They say you are self employed but control everything you do from the time you walk in the door until the time you leave, You work for UPS but receive zero of the rewards.

UPS makes money on everything you do and the items they make you buy from them, which is everything.

They require you to use systems they approve for everything and get kick backs from the services you are forced to buy.

Financially they drain your accounts with everything you have and don’t care if you can feed your family or not.

They take shipping from you and call you a "Print Shop" but require you to buy inferior equipment a real print shop would not get caught dead with.

I could go on for a very long time but I’m sitting here in my UPS Store knowing how they have taken advantage of me and my family should be against the law.

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10 thoughts on “THE UPS STORE Franchise Warning: It’s a Scam Claims Franchisee

  • The store owner who wrote the post above is so accurate. We, as The UPS Store owners, do not understand how this can be legal. They hold your franchise agreement, they insist you buy equipment/supplies from their sources, they encourage customers to pay on-line and then drop-off packages at The UPS Store, making UPS your biggest competition. They put stores so close together that UPS is your biggest competition and the other stores nearby are also your competition. If there is anyone out there who can give some advice about the legality of this business model, we UPS Store owners would love to hear it!!

  • UPS is now allowing people to ship packages to your store ( so they can pick them up without having to rent a mailbox). Talked about how difficult the rules of the game are stacked against the owners. If you do not have a huge packing and mailbox revenue you will only just stay afloat and break even. You are better off not being in a expensive city because the rent alone could sink your store.
    UPS also goes after your current shippers with easy on-online shipping accounts.
    Dont worry you can steal tape their boxes for free lol.
    I just put my store on the market after a decade and I have had enough.

  • ITS not a scam but it is very hard to make money.
    You can do very well if you buy a high end store but it may cost you over 500,000 dollars.
    UPS is not worse than Subway or other mediocre franchises that are treading water.
    Will I recommend you buy one??

    I would say NO. People are mostly shipping with on-line accounts or through internet sites like Amazon. The copy business is even far more difficult to make money so you are stuck with packing ( which can be hard to find customers) and malbox ( mailbox has become harder now that the Post Office is receiving Fed-ex and UPS packages.

  • 150.000 to 300,000 will only buy a low end UPS store, and you will only net a good 30grand.

    Unless you have tremendous people and sale skills it is a bad investment.

    I avoid super high prices areas like the North East and the West Coast as rent will be super high too.

  • I did own a UPS store for several years and I would highly recommend you avoid this company!!!!
    I do not even know where to begin, so I will just make a few major points why UPS is a terrible franchise:

    1) Shipping is where you make most of your revenues. When I started my store, I only had about 20 percent drop offs ( these are pre-paid shipments) then in more recent years that numbered had skyrocketed to 80 percent!!!

    2)UPS continues to force you to upgrade and buy things all the time and this adds on thousands of dollars every year. Non of the stuff is important to gaining more customers

    3) UPS steals your customers and gives them personal private accounts.

    Trust me unless you want to shell out several hundred thousand dollars to obtain a super store you will barely get by. Do not invest in this franchise or you will pay a heavy price.

  • joey

    I opened my store in 2005. It has been for sale since 2011. I was positive at one point, then realized what UPS’s real plan is. They want you to work for them for free then use their name to build your print shop. I wish they could be investigated by someone.

  • Bob Plant

    The business model is slanted to the aspects of a Chase merchant credit card services billing statement. By the way…the packaging material used by the “so called approved vendors” is toxic. My health in those of my former employees has suffered greatly. Medical test are being evaluated at this time. For those still in operation, beware of the “peanuts and bubble wrap”. Wear a mask to protect you from it’s toxic dust.
    headlines to follow and good luck.

  • Bill Spicer

    The UPS Store franchisees have not had an advocate (area owners) since The Gold Shield Lie was crammed down our throats. Our area owners have been told by UPS to shut up and do what they are told. I have been a store owner for over 25 years and have witnessed a calculated effort to strip TUPSS of it’s shipping revenues and force us to become print shops with absolutely no chance of being profitable. I am so disgusted with UPS/MBE It makes me sick. My brother is an area owner and this assassination of store owners has cost us our relationship. I will put my store on the market and lie though my teeth to sell my store to some other gullible sap. I will never understand why UPS would treat us the way they do. UPS/MBE are an abomination. Why would a Billion dollar corporation feel the need to make it’s money off the backs of their franchisees? Let me know if anyone can come up with a credible answer.

  • The UPS Store franchise is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen! It ruined my life. It will forever be the main reason as to why I hate people. I can’t even show my face in my area because of that franchise. My parents decided to open the franchise and it became a living hell. The UPS store is scam and your biggest opponent was UPS Coroporate itself. I wish I had never heard of that franchise ever in my life. I go to therapy now because the franchise and other reason. I would explain more in depth but pretty much the comment here sums up everything. On top of that when my dad tried to sell the business for someone else to own it, UPS coroporate terminated it. I hate UPS, I hate UPS store, I hate people. I wish UPS can go to hell with this bullshit scam. Never ever open a franchise with this company. It’s not worth anything.

  • Yes. It’s true with UPS & many of pack ship stores. It’s a dying business to be one of these ups owners. If you gross $300k a year you earn about $30k for am 80 hour work week. That’s the lucky ones! They get a mere $1 (one dollar) for a prepaid ups dump off. Have to price gouge folks & upsell ups delivery service even though you could offer usps postal cheaper to them. Thought about buying a ups franchise & worked at a store and saw the real deal & I ran!!!!

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