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LearningRX Insider Secrets: How to Negotiate a Better Price from LearningRX

LearningRX franchise brain training centers charge substantial fees for their services, with LearningRX program costs often ranging from $3000 – $15,000 or more.

According to one LearningRX insider (who’s contributing under the name Former LRX), despite the company’s claims that its programs benefit nearly every student, the LearningRX program “helps some a lot, some a little, and some not at all…”

“LRX gets good results for those students who work hard and stay focused on training, who have fun through the process,”  writes Former LRX.

“Signing up is the right answer as long as you do so with your eyes wide open. That’s why I am here, because I don’t think most parents have their eyes wide open.”

Former LRX told UnhappyFranchisee.Com that parents can get the best value if they understand the business motives of LearningRX franchise owners, and work the system.

Former LRX states that “every parent needs to know that this is a sales process and that they are being sold.

“Sure, the business is about caring about students / children / adults / seniors, but the end result of all that caring is supposed to be a profitable business.”

The text in the blue boxes below is from Former LRX.

LearningRX doesn’t “negotiate,” but they do “discount.”

If you ask about negotiating, you’ll be told that the company doesn’t negotiate.

Franchisees are told not to negotiate price.

Fine, but price is negotiable.

So, if you are going to negotiate, do the director a favor. Don’t ever talk about ‘negotiating’. Instead, give her a reason to give you a discount.

Try the LearningRX Flexibility Discount

The parent might say, “I see that this is what my son needs. He needs 24 weeks to finish the program. I also see that it is best if we do this in the center, but we want to only come 4 days per week. However, we only have $8500 for this, so if you can figure out a way to get us into the program for that much money, I’d be willing to do that. Maybe during a lull in your business call me because we don’t need to start right now.

Know this, the director will be looking at the monthly bookings and think, “Wouldn’t these numbers look so much better with that $8500 in there than without it in there?” Or the director will hear a few trainers say that they really want another student as soon as one can be found and the director will think, “We have this open slot and I have the perfect student, I just need to be able to figure out how to say yes to this person without appearing like I’m negotiating.”

Be creative in requesting a LearningRX discount

I saw parents get discounts for all kinds of reasons…

Maybe you are willing to train before school is out, so you might figure out an off-peak discount.

Or, you might ask the director if they ever provide discounts.

Or, maybe you are related to the friend of a trainer and you get the family discount.

Or, maybe you have already shared the program with another family, so you get the shared-with-another-family discount.

Or, maybe you didn’t come in as a result of marketing that was expensive so you ask for the ‘drive by’ discount.

Or, maybe you ask if they ever have coupons.

Also, know this, the slowest times in most centers happen before school opens and during the November/December holiday seasons. You could also use these as leverage points. “Hey, I’ll sign up here in December if you can get me that discount.”

You get the idea, be creative and get a discount. If you directly ask the question whether discounts are ever given, you might be able to figure out an existing discount that makes sense for you.

NEVER pay LearningRX in full, upfront

By the by, you will likely be told that there is a paid-in-full discount of 5% (or whatever) or a pay with a check, not a credit card 3% discount (or whatever).

These are places to find discounts.

Do not pay in full, ever.

It emotionally makes it difficult for you to pull out of the program. But if you say, “Hey, give me the off hours discount and I’ll pay with checks so that you don’t have to incur the cost of my great-perks credit card” this might tip the scales.

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Tip of the hat to Former LRX for sharing his or her LearningRX insider tips and insights.



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