LEARNINGRX Brain Training: What LearningRX Costs

LearningRx franchise brain training centers provide educational  and tutoring services throughout the U.S.

LearningRX claims “We change lives every day through the incredible power of brain training! Our programs are designed to target weak cognitive skills and help anyone from age 4 to 94 to achieve guaranteed results. Our goal is to ensure that people of all ages can receive the help they need to train their brains, get smarter, and be successful in life.”

But what do LearningRX services cost?

LearningRXAccording to one company insider, LearningRX will not disclose their fees and costs publicly or over the phone, as they have a very aggressive and systematic sales process designed to get parents into an initial meeting (called an “Assessment”) before disclosing their program’s substantial costs.

No matter how hard you press for their fees over the phone, LearningRX will tell you that costs vary from situation to situation because their program is customized to particular students, and the Director will cover that in the Assessment.

However, our LearningRX insider claims the programs and related costs are fairly standard and predictable.

The LearningRX insider has provided us with a detailed overview of the slick sales process parents can expect (see the related post, to be published soon), as well as ballpark costs and fees currently charged by LearningRX (below).

Former LRX writes:

The shortest duration program LRX centers do is 12 weeks, though this number is increasing as centers sell longer and longer programs. The program is sold in 4 week increments, but the most common program lengths are 12, 24, and 36 weeks.

The program is delivered either as a partner or a pro program.

In the “Partner” program, there are three hours in the center with a trainer and three hours at home with you (or with the online digital trainer called Max).

In the “Pro” program, you will be in the center 5 hours per week. You will often pay more per hour for the Partner program, but there is little justification for this. It is true that the center trains you to train your student, but you also end up doing as much work as the trainer in the center (or more). Be this as it may, we can estimate program costs now.

Let’s use $85 as a per hour estimate. 12 weeks in a 3 hour per week (in the center) program at $85 per hour puts you around $3000.  The center I was in had this closer to $4000. So let’s say $3000 – $4000. This is your baseline for a 12-week partner program.

Now, in the Pro program, you’ll have 12 weeks in a 5 hour per week program at $85 per hour. Your calculator will pop out $5000. I have heard some centers are less than this and some more, so this is a good estimate.

If you are going to expect changes in reading *or* math, then double the above, because you’ll be placed in a 24-week program. Partner in the $7000 range. Pro in the $10,000 range. Plus or minus.

If you are going to expect changes in both reading and math, then triple the above, because you’ll be placed in a 36-week program. Partner in the $10,000 plus range. Pro in the $15,000 range. Plus or minus again.

What you cannot know is how much change you can expect to see in your child and how much value you place on this change….

Many parents end up happy.

Some end up disappointed.

Some should be disappointed, but aren’t….

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5 thoughts on “LEARNINGRX Brain Training: What LearningRX Costs

  • September 17, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    LearningRx is based on pseudo-science and we basically lie about every single aspect of the program. For instance our director doesn’t understand the Assessment results and if the before and after scores actually go down he will say it is because you’re brain got stronger in one area and is using that area instead.

    If you look at the test results however it will show that they answered less questions correctly!

    The assessment says that it is not to be used as a diagnosis for learning disabilities or IQ assessment…yet we lie to people and tell them that our test is better than an IQ test and is more accurate or that it is based on the Woodcock Johnson III. I had a friend that is a college graduate (engineer) take the assessment and he scored super low. The director was trying to tell him that if he wants to succeed in life he better sign up and my friend laughed in his face and told him he makes X amount…that was a fun day! Still, what’s sad is that we rip off a lot of people.

    Children under 8 years old, especially ones that aren’t good with a computer mouse (and I mean REALLY good) will ALWAYS score very low. The Assessment (Gibson Test) is designed to elicit the lowest scores possible and punish anyone who takes their time to answer correctly. You can score Perfect on Visual Processing however you will end up with a low Processing Speed score and we will tell you that your kid is gonna have problems in life. No matter what even if your kid is smart we can find a way to blame some fault on them not being “smart” or “normal”. We WILL use any negative things you tell us about your kids against you.

    The ONLY scientific study that proves that brain skills can be improved was not even done by the fraud Dr. Gibson (he is NOT a real Dr., he has an optometry degree there is no such thing as Visual Processing Specialist!!!). The study (double n-back test) only improved memory slightly and after 8 months all benefits GO AWAY. We will lie to you and tell you that the effects last for life.

    If you really think young kids can benefit…I’m sorry to tell you but childrens brains grow very fast and their cognitive abilities grow very fast as well. If your kid is an idiot and does worse on their “outbound” assessment (which is the EXACT same assesment they took coming in to the program) we will make them re-take the exam, possibly the same day, and they WILL score better (even if slightly) because they will be familiar with the test. Specifically the memory and processing speed scores will go WAY up, and we’ll just claim the child was too tired to properly take the exam earlier or something. It’s actually too hard to change the score, I don’t think it’s possible but who knows probably someone could do it (the assessment is scored by a computer and a pdf is generated online immediately).

    The only real benefits a child will get from this is from having a mentor 1 to 1 push them through challenges. That’s about it, maybe they’ll gain self confidence. You can accomplish this for much cheaper using sports or just making up games and having your kid do them. Speaking of games, that’s all the kid will do at LRX. We actually teach them to perform better on IQ tests (ours at least, but also on some similar portions of real IQ tests such as Ravens Matrices which are used in many IQ tests). If I teach you to score high on an IQ test, you’re not actually any smarter just a “cheater”…

    For anyone that thinks this is just the center I work at, I can say that this is probably true for ALL centers. Anyone can open a center if they have the right cash, and anyone can lie about their credentials (which aren’t needed to open a center, just cash).

    Hope I helped someone understand this place a bit better.

  • October 14, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    It’s unfortunate that the individual above lies to clients. At my center, we would never do that. My center directors encourage ALL employees to be 100% honest and transparent with potential and current clients. Why would you continue working at a corrupt center like that?

    Corporate does not encourage anyone to behave that way. Furthermore, this employee clearly does not work at ALL the centers. He or she also does not know what kind of licensing process center directors go through to open an LRX center.

    The previous commenter is clearly bitter about his or her experience working for LRX for whatever reason. I LOVE this program and watch it help MANY children with cognitive deficits every day. (Oh and I have an advanced degree in psychology – as do my center directors.) My center directors are empathetic, passionate people who care much more about the children they’re helping than their revenue flow.

    Call a center and think for yourself. Don’t let one bitter employee working at ONE corrupt center (and it is, indeed, ONE corrupt center) stop you from finding real help for you or your child.

  • March 22, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I also agree that the person above is being dishonest. The center I worked for was incredibly honest and each of the students I worked with test scores went up but more importantly their grades in school improved. They did better with Reading exams and all if their reading levels went up. I also worked with a student who suffered a TBI, he made huge gains and developed confidence.

  • October 14, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    I am dubious at best. I brought my mostly As and a few Bs in for the assessment…I was told exactly what the above poster said. That if his processing speeds didn’t get improved, he would suffer for the rest of his academic career- I never told them his GPA- just that he was frustrated in math and not a really great writer. $12k program, 5 days a week. Pshaw. Thanks but no thanks. We will work on processing, appreciate the info tho ;). That works out to $75/hr but on glass door, salary for brain trainer shows between $14 and $16/hr. That’s a nice little profit margin. I’m sure for kids with bonafide learning issues or disabilities it’s prob worth it…maybe half worth it…but with that GPA, the 162hrs seemed a bit ‘get u into the biggest most expensive program’ to me. There was no other option offered. I was polite but laughed all the way home.

  • October 30, 2014 at 12:01 am

    Combat Brain Training was developed for the military and has migrated to the civilan sector including kids with learning disabilities. Over 2500 trained including SEALs Marines pilots, Snipers in the military, althletes from HS to pro, business executives and traders, students of all ages and people suffering from brain trauma including TBI. PTSD, concussions and LD – 100% show significnt improvements in performance by all measures with just a few hours of brain training.

    According to USSOCOM it is the only program of its kind in the world, uses portable, handheld exercises you keep to practice on your on and its substantially cheaper than LearningRX. For teams its afun and interactive team building and communication exercise. Check it out!

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