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SNAP-ON TOOLS Dealer Problems – Your Input Invited

SNAP-ON TOOLS dealers: What problems are you dealing with in your mobile tool business?

Are you dealing with:

– Not enough qualified customers?

– Being put on hold?

– Price competition?

-Collection problems?

– Cash flow problems?

– Constant pressure to buy more tools?

– Trouble getting support and advice from your BM other than “put more tools on the street”?

Please share your current problems below.

Anonymous comments are fine.

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9 thoughts on “SNAP-ON TOOLS Dealer Problems – Your Input Invited

  • Dont buy a mobile tool franchise

    Dont buy into these tool franchises. You will work like a dog with very little or no money for yourself at the end of the week.

  • My Snap-on Franchise Rules

    25 year veteran with “nothing but net”. I take credit for my successes and don’t blame others for my failures.

  • Dont buy a mobile tool franchise

    Yeah and if you were to start all over today, you wouldnt be saying that. I guarantee it…

  • Dont buy a mobile tool franchise

    You cant compare what guys like you got ( Route size and customers ) 25 + years ago and what new dealers get today ( 200 customers ). You see how many new dealers come and go.. You can’t survive on a small route..

  • John Mikesh

    I’m not sure where you are getting your numbers, but that is not my experience. I have given up route at least 3 times and my business has increased each time. Granted it dropped immediately, but the result was more time with the customer. Most should never be self employed and certainly not in this business. It’s not easy. You have to get up in the morning and be willing to do the things that need to happen to be successful. Most are not willing to do that and that’s fine. Do something else. It’s not a bad thing to work your 8 hours and go home. It’s just not for me and the other successful franchisees in my group. BTW, you talk about the new guys. Our “new guys” average over 10K/ week. And you are talking about guys that have never been in business for themselves before. Just my 2 cents.

  • Franchise scam


    Lets see how those new guys are doing 3 years from now or still in business. Just because someone’s numbers look good doesn’t mean they are doing good. I have tons of business experience and have seen it all. These mobile tool franchises are scams.

  • Corporate Greed

    It’s a numbers nightmare that the whole thing is about and the numbers are against the franchisee like playing the big lotto games. Having to beat the street with the slugs in the shops all day having to hound somebody for their payment is a joke. Selling them tools like a drug dealer and expecting the slugs to pay the agreed amount is a no win situation for the franchisee.

    The franchisee gets charged for the tools (regardless of the corny 4 week hold crap) that winds up with them having to do the dreaded 1-2-3 and out the door tool shipping shuffle making UPS zillionaires.

    BM’s and SD”s are grilled and drilled at puppet school and enforcing the so called “Snap On model” tactics on the franchisee’s but, really treating you as bad as the “Mr. Customer” at the shops. Their daily routine is the “Who can we screw today” so always check their statement and see who we can slam with product they can’t return or track to see who ordered it.

    Keeping factory employees working is a good excuse to force the bottom of the food chain (franchisee) to cough up more $$$ so they don’t feel like it’s their fault employees got laid off. Bet that took a whole 5 min to think up.

    A wise old man once told me that if a person has to work 12 hours a day then, that person is wasting time to begin with. That might not be true at Snap On as, a half days work is 12 hours here. You best get what you can get now because the route your pounding isn’t yours it’s Snappy’s and you have zero value waiting on you after they wear your a$$ out for those long years you wasted being a “behind the scenes” company employee that they ate all your hard earned $$$ up but, you were too stupid to realize it.

    When I read others comments stating the opposite of what I just posted proves one thing…… The BM’s and SD’s bs worked on your brain and now they have a sucker waiting every month at the propaganda sales meetings and at the propaganda SFC false front event. Go ahead and have’m increase your balance Jethro, you seem to not know what your doing anyway and they feed off that big time.

    If your the super salesman, make sure you always choose “A” on the RAD orders because you can’t miss in your route! Yeah right! Come get ya some.

  • Jeremy T

    I started with Snap On almost two years ago and I don’t see the majority of things people seem to be complaining about. If I don’t want to buy more tools I don’t. They can’t tell you what to do. I was turning 6 figures as a line tech in a dealership and make more money selling tools, am less stressed out . And don’t work weekends. Just because this line of work isn’t for everyone doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it

  • Holy shit. We thought we were reading a re-written verbatim the way it is at Snap On when reading the post from “Corporate Greed.”

    You hit the dead center of the bullseye exactly. There are other posts that we’ve replied to and so has a poster named Tommy Toolman stating the same or close shit as you wrote. Fricken amazing what happens when “The Painful Truth” floats to the top!

    Go back and read ours and his because we mentioned the same and some of the other bullshit you said as well.

    No sense in beating a dead horse repeating it on this thread as you took care of it already. Nice piece to say the least. Counting you there’s 2 others watching your six on these bullshit tool operations.

    We’ll be waiting to hear from you again and add some other input as well. Smoking mirrors these jokers are looking through will bite them in the ass either sooner or later. Just a matter of time.

    C ya.

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