ACE SUSHI Franchise Complaints

“ACE SUSHI is on an aggressive growth path set to capitalize on the U.S. consumer’s fondness for all things sushi,” claims ACE Sushi Franchise Corporation.

“We currently operate 350 sushi outlets in 38 states in supermarkets that include The Fresh Market, Stop N Shop, and Giant Supermarkets. Through our locations inside prestigious supermarkets, ACE offers top quality, affordable take-out and quick-serve sushi made fresh daily by our trained sushi chefs.

“Sushi consumption has doubled in the last 5 years and shows no sign of slowing down as healthy eating continues to become a lifestyle choice.

“ACE Sushi plans to double store sales…

“Because of our existing relationships with America’s top supermarket chains, we help franchisees source and secure prime locations.

“There are no build-out costs, no lease and minimal capital equipments costs with ACE.

“Our support does not end with initial training. We are partners with our franchisees from in-store set-up and staff recruitment, through adding additional locations.

“As one of the country’s leading suppliers of high quality take-out sushi, we keep our franchisees abreast of cutting edge sushi trends, recipes and marketing ideas they can use to increase sales and profitability.”

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ACE SUSHI Franchise Complaints

ACE SushiThe numbers in the ACE Sushi Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) seem to reveal a high franchise turnover rate.

At the beginning of 2009, there were 324 ACE Sushi franchises, and by the end of 2011 there 311 franchises, a net loss of just 13 franchises.

However, a closer look reveals that during that period, 601 new ACE Sushi franchises opened, 534 franchises were terminated, 11 didn’t renew, and 76 ceased operation for other reasons.

So out of 925 ACE Sushi franchises open some time between 2009-2011, 614 (66%) have exited the system.

An ex-franchisee of ACE Sushi wrote:

i worked with ACE sushi (Franchisee) before our Pick’n Save store Grandopening (slow time), after that, i got sale around $2300 per week, then..they take it back from me…as of the franchi law

said, No reason or Reason they can take it back anytime…

so i lost my franchisee Fee, all my investment and everything is  gone…

also, every month i got sale about around more than $(10,000) (including delivery store), i only got around $2500 paycheck for only 4 months (i worked for 10 months), every month they arranged to charged for useless item what they sent it to your store.., we did all what we can do better get sale… but alway fucking complaint , and don’t care about their Franchisers , they(ACE) were real (Chit Tee, burmese words) selfish ace…

i heard and i can proof about 3 or 4 stores they take it back already.,,,,

Finally , after they took it back to my sushi store, i got filed Bankrupty right away..before i have 3 cars, one house , 6000 $ cash, all gone… only i have left one car and my house ,, (bcox i work 2 jobs) the other job was save to my life back.

believe it or not (Good Job ACE aka AMG Company)

if u need anymore question , i will be happy to answer to do not work

with ACE Sushi…

also i will try to write article (by burmese) about that nighmare Ace crisis , to post to media,, bcox everybody though Sushi busines is can make a lot money.. andnobody mention to as scary busines , especialy ACE Sushi..

Former ACE Franchisee Businese Owner

unknown wrote:

Listen up People, “Sushi” business is getting sucks and not used to like before. No matter how you provide for AFC sushi

or ACE sushi, it is getting unfortunate. Difficult to find the right people to work for sushi-bar and percentage are getting low

too. Also, the people that affiliated with the company do not help you when you have a problems with the market.  You are not really a contractor or own a franchise. They do not

watch your back, what ever problem come up you deal with the market, not them. Because the don’t want to get involved, due to the fact that they don’t want to loose their “sushi-Bar”. Instead, loosing you from the market. This business is not guaranteed or has no security for your life. It propably dissapear the next day and you got nothing left. becareful what you are doing people

shwezawgyee wrote:

I know how you feel. Not only ACE, AFC also Hissho, Sushi Avenue all same.

They are blood sucking Co.

So fer no one can help us just wait and suffer for survive.



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9 thoughts on “ACE SUSHI Franchise Complaints

  • BUdi cheff

    Fuck ACE sushi..they all just bullshit..think it before you join to ACE sushi!!! They always take our money every month!! And always send the fine to every one, and the fine is not cheap, $300 up..never never never and never join to ACE sushi!! And the bad thing from them is..they always send all the shit what we no need it!! And they automatic take money from our check every month, what they send it..F U C K

  • Zoho Pana

    I was a chef with ACE sushi too. They charge for training but don’t provide training. Because of it a lot of chefs don’t know how to take pH and control temperature. Luckily I had sushi experience and knew what to do.

    Other chefs were using expired products, reusing containers and ginger. Health inspectors gave Ace so many chances to fix their health violations but they didn’t. So they were fined and health inspectors closed 95% Ace Mid West stores.

    I was a new chef and just had paid my franchise fee. Ace sent me bunch of products I didn’t need and deducted from my statement. When health inspectors shut down the stores I lost my investment money. Ace didn’t refund my franchise fee even though I didn’t do anything wrong.

    Please stay away from ACE. They keep losing stores because supermarkets are tired of dealing with ACE.

  • Hissho sushi is a blood sucking company they make so much money on me they $150,000 and I don’t even make $50,000 so what do you think people they waste money on those stupid manager they don’t do shit they don’t train people the proper thank God I had experience with sushi other wise I wouldn’t know what to do either. Don’t ever work for all this sushi business they all fraud they just want your money they don’t care about you they only care about their pocket and they are also discrimination they can only work with the stupid eligle burmeses people and some of come here with permission. I had work with AFC before they only hire the stupid Burmese people for manager position so when they found the busy store they always gave it to their Burmese people only I call this discrimination their country is bad but when they come here they treat people really bad they should never come to the usa at all.

  • I agree with Lisa about Burmese people get better store and help them out. I now a supervisor name Kay. That woman is a bitch. Kay always help her own kind (Burmese people) and discriminate the Chinese and Korean. I know, my parent own the store in PA and always send them stuff they don’t need. They don’t give any Korean and Chinese people help or support. They have alot of turn over rate in franchise, losing store, and supervisor. Now with this new supervisor name Tony and Hu. They both the same as Kay. Liar, Liar, Lair, and Lair. Always yell the franchise about everything. Everyone feel that we are working for Kay and not for our self. Brian the VP is a pussy. Scare of Kay. Everone can see that. Kay make money on the side buy sell other people store or selling of new store. Everyone (franchise people) now about and scare to say it. Im not scared because my parent lost there store. It all because of Kay (aka BITCH) and Brian (aka pussy whip). Don’t buy any store at ACE Sushi. Don’t own any store in the mid-west area. This part is control by Burmese woman name BITCH KAY!!!!

  • Le Jon

    ACE is a joke and surprised they are still around. Their greedy tactics are catching up with them as more stores slip through their fingers. All these rediculous charges but no corporate support. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s really sad how chefs associated with this company suffer. I agree with John. There are funny things happen behind the scenes but chefs are afraid to say something.

  • I lost 100,000 in five month , I am the Afc sushi franchisee , the company agreement is like ( they can take store back no reason and u can’t sue them) because I increase the sale too much and regional managers want to take it back for resale. They got they people already, and take money from back. My regional manager is win Han .

  • David Chang

    Wowww i was about to go into AFC myself! So what happpen afterwards? Did you get your money back or at least a settlement? So how much did u buy for the store?

  • Current franchisee

    Do not even consider of joining to any of these franchise sushi business. All the other people say above are true. It is very hard to make money with any of these blood sucking companies. They all charge ridiculous amount of money, keep sending you things that you don’t need. You will have to buy fish or supplies from them, and the prices are double if not triple more than market price. Hissho charges shipping fee ($400 and up per pallet) every time you order supplies once a month.

  • Was at Foodland Deli last night waiting for my order and i say the Ace Sushi employee come out front, take two packages of sushi back behind counter to the side and remove something off the top of each piece and replace with something else and put back in counter area. i said to her thats not right, you can’t take pieces off and put back on new pieces. she got very angry and she and her manager accosted me at the check out line and was yelling at me. And she did not have any gloves on. Do not buy Sushi at the Kihei Foodland again. Everything else and a everyone else that works there is great.

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