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Is SNAP-ON TOOLS Exploiting Military Veterans? An Open Letter to CEO Nicholas Pinchuk (UPDATED)

Snap-On Inc. (NYSE: SNA) & paid promoters like VetFran claim that military veterans can be their own boss and gain freedom & control as Snap-On franchise dealers.  Yet the 548-page Snap-On franchise agreement & FDD give Snap-On near-total control over the franchisee and his business.  And Snap-On franchisees like former Sergeant of Marines Kyle De Santis claim franchisees are sometimes “blacklisted” and their successful businesses are seized by Snap-On with no compensation.  FranBest Veterans Initiative (FVI) founder Sean Kelly poses 12 tough questions to Snap-On Inc. CEO Nicholas Pinchuk by Open Letter and video.


Snap-On CEO Nick Pinchuk UnhappyFranchisee.Com publisher & founder of the FranBest Veterans Initiative Sean Kelly sent SNAP-ON INC. (NYSE: SNA) CEO Nicholas Pinchuk an 8-page letter with a list of 12 tough questions about suspected targeting and exploitation of military veterans.

As of Veterans Day, 2021, Kelly has received no response from Pinchuk.

The first six questions address the recruitment and treatment of veterans as Snap-On franchisees in general.

The remainder of the questions are focused on the experience of former Sergeant of Marines Kyle De Santis, an award-winning multi-truck Snap-On dealer who believes Snap-On intentionally withheld support and targeted his business to be reacquired by the franchisor without compensation.

De Santis, who was Rookie of the Year for three separate Snap-On franchises, has been terminated from the system. 

Snap-On Inc. has refused to compensate him fairly for his remaining tool inventory unless he signs a general legal release and a non-disclosure agreement.

Read the full letter here: Is SNAP-ON TOOLS Exploiting Military Veterans? An Open Letter to CEO Nicholas Pinchuk (PDF)

Former Sergeant of Marines Kyle De Santis’ Plea to the Federal Trade Commission; Warning to Veterans

Video Overview/SHORT VERSION:  “Is SNAP-ON TOOLS Exploiting Military Veterans?  An Open Letter to CEO Nicholas Pinchuk”

Here is the abbreviated version of the issues and questions we have submitted to CEO Nick Pinchuk and Snap-On Inc. regarding potential exploitation of military veterans by the Snap-On franchise program. The extended version below for additional information, explanation and commentary.

Video Overview/Extended Version:  “Is SNAP-ON TOOLS Exploiting Military Veterans?  An Open Letter to CEO Nicholas Pinchuk”

Franchise investigator and journalist Sean Kelly provides a video overview and additional commentary of his letter below.

This video also includes Kyle De Santis’ story, in his own words:

Twelve Questions for SNAP-ON CEO Nick Pinchuk

Snap-On FranchiseHere are the 12 questions Sean Kelly is asking CEO Nick Pinchuk, Snap-On Inc. & related parties.

1) Why does Snap-On deceive veterans about the nature of their franchise?*

2) Why does Snap-On promote bogus & misleading awards & rankings?**

3) Of the 3000+ franchises prematurely terminated, reacquired or transferred in the past 10 years, how many lost most or all of their investment? How many were veterans?

4) Why does Snap-On prohibit military veterans from hearing the experiences and opinions of former franchisees before they sign the 548-page agreement?

5) Why are military veterans – who served to preserve OUR freedom of speech – deprived of their right to share their experiences and opinions?

6) Does Snap-On Sometimes Force Franchisees Out of the System to Either Silence Dissent or Acquire Valuable Routes Without Paying for Them… a practice some refer to as “Blacklisting”?

7) Was Former Sergeant of Marines Kyle De Santis “blacklisted” for speaking out against Snap-On force-shipping and billing for inventory franchisees didn’t order & don’t want?

8) Was Kyle forced by Snap-On to turn over customer accounts – without compensation – his support manager previously encouraged him to develop?

FranBest Veterans Initiative GoFundMe9) Did Snap-On refuse to assist Kyle when their approved vendor wouldn’t honor their $40,000 warranty repair on a brand new truck?

10) Did Snap-On-owned insurance provider Securecorp refuse to cover a $100,000+ theft of inventory from Kyle’s disabled truck in a secure locked facility?

11) Did Snap-On make every effort to keep military veteran Kyle De Santis in business & keep him from losing his $1,000,000 investment?

12) After veteran Kyle De Santis’ lost everything, how did Snap-On thank him for his service? A condolence card? A fruit basket? Or just more demands for payment?

*  Snap-On franchise marketing promises freedom, independence & control.  However, Snap-On’s 548-page agreement gives the franchisor control over nearly every aspect of the franchisee’s business.

**  Snap-On aggressively promotes its rankings, awards & recognition as a top franchise for veterans and a vet-friendly company.  However, it fails to disclose when these awards and rankings are paid promotions from advertising entities that do not review or scrutinize meaningful criteria such as profitability, success rates or lack of confidential settlements/NDAs.


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