HOWARD FICHMAN Terminated Over NY Bagel Café Ties

Howard M. Fichman of Lake Worth, FL has had his independent contractor status with Lender’s Loan Capital terminated because of his failure to cut ties with the controversial NY Bagel Café franchise.   Have you had any dealings with Howard Fichman or the NY Bagel Café franchise? Can you explain why a loan broker would want to work with a company with a 90% failure rate?  Share a comment below.

(UnhappyFranchisee.ComNY Bagel Café franchise ads promise the company provides “100% financing” of their franchise opportunity as long as the franchisee pays a $17,500 – $29,500 franchise fee up front.

Unhappy franchisees claim that once they pay their franchise fee, franchise salesman Dennis Mason simply gives them a list of questionable “approved lenders” that they are responsible for working with to obtain funding.

Some who are unable to obtain funding claim the company refuses to return their franchise fee, as promised.

Those who DO get funding from these companies complain that the “unsecured line of credit,” they get is in the form of credit cards the companies sign them up for.

One of the approved lenders in the controversial NY Bagel Café system is Howard M. Fichman, formerly of Cherry Hill, NJ and very recently with Lender’s Loan Capital in Lakeland, FL.

When Lender’s Loan Capital President Joseph Ilardi learned of the dubious franchise sales practices of NY Bagel Café, he directed Howard Fichman to cease doing business with them and announced the company was cutting all ties (See Lenders Loan Capital Drops NY Bagel Café )

When UnhappyFranchisee.Com confronted Fichman with evidence that suggested he was still working with NY Bagel Café through another associate, Ilardi and Lender’s Loan Capital terminated its independent contractor relationship with Howard Fichman.

Are you familiar with Howard Fichman?

Howard FichmanNY Bagel Café is a highly controversial franchise opportunity suspected of having a 90%+ failure rate, deceptive franchise disclosure documents and a network of 3rd party associates who benefit financially from what is allegedly a franchise scam.

Most of the NY Bagel Café “Approved Lenders” we contacted were unaware that they were on a list, and none had closed a deal with a NY Bagel franchisee.

Most lenders immediately demanded that NY Bagel Café drop them from their list, and disassociated themselves with the company.

Now that Howard Fichman is no longer associated with Lender’s Loan Capital, we are not sure whether he will cut ties with NY Bagel Café or will still work with them.

We do not know if Howard Fichman and lenders like him are legitimate businessmen or part of an illicit franchise fee collection operation.

If you have had any dealings with Howard M. Fichman, please share your thoughts in a comment below, or email us in private.

We want to know:  Is Howard Fichman & other NY Bagel Café brokers on the up-and-up?

How do they go about financing individuals with little or no credit?

Why would they finance a business with a 90% failure rate?

Does Howard Fichman have successful, happy past clients?

Here are some of the other “approved lenders” in the NY Bagel Café network. 

Please share what you know about them:

  • Don Johnson, Diamond Financial Keansburg, NJ
  • Jim Saia , Seed Capital, Las Vegas, NV
  • Kari Aragon, Seed Capital, Las Vegas, NV
  • Ted C. Kennedy, Unsecured Funding Source
  • Nicholas Joseph , Leaf Now Funding, Philadelphia, PA
  • Hemal Patel, First Empire Group, Warren, NJ

Companies that demanded to be removed from the NY Bagel Lender List:

  • Joseph Ilardi, Lender’s Loan Capital
  • Sherri Seiber, COO, FranFund
  • Jerry Jones, Funding Solutions
  • Ami Kasar, MultiFunding

Note:  We don’t know whether these are legitimate, ethical lenders or not, or what their relationships are to NY Bagel Café, which is why we invite them and others to share information and opinions.

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