DENNIS MASON Franchise Complaints

July 2, 2012

Dennis Mason, Dennis K. Mason, Franchises Unlimited Inc., franchise complaints, warnings OR praise and recommendations for Dennis K. Mason are welcome below.

In researching franchise disputes on complaint websites, franchise discussion boards and franchise lawsuit and court records, certain names seem to crop up again and again.

One of those names is that of a long-time, New Jersey – based franchise salesman and broker named Dennis K. Mason.  Allegations seem to center around deceptive franchise sales techniques, including the use of illegal earnings claims, to sell high-risk, low-quality franchise opportunities doomed to fail.

We don’t know if these allegations are true or not.  We invite your confirmation, rebuttal or opinions below on Dennis Mason or other franchise sales brokers.

Dennis Mason:  New York Bagel Café Franchise Allegations

Most recently, franchise salesman Dennis Mason was named in a lawsuit from franchisees of New York Bagel Café & Deli.  The franchisees claim that Dennis Mason understated the necessary investment costs and provided unrealistic and illegal earnings representations in order to induce them to buy New York Bagel Café & Deli franchise.

According to a story on

The suit says that Dennis Mason told [the franchisees] that “franchised locations were earning $10,000 to $15,000 a week,” but their store earned only $4,200 to $4,900 a week.

New York Bagel provided a franchise disclosure document that said the cost of building a store would be $27,500 to $60,000, and the equipment would cost $22,000 to $38,000, the suit says. But it says the couple has so far spent $230,000 on the business, including $108,000 to build the store, and $55,000 on equipment.

The lawsuit also alleges that the franchise disclosure document used by Mason did not meet the required standards, was intentionally misleading, and did not disclose critical, required information, including Dennis Mason’s prior franchise lawsuit in connection with his sale of Java’s Brewin franchises.

Dennis Mason: Java’s Brewin Franchise Allegations

Dennis Mason was named in a lawsuit against Java’s Brewin Development.  According to the complaint:

This lawsuit arises from the illicit scheme carried out by Java’s Brewin, Christopher Gregoris, and Dennis Mason, through which they extracted significant sums of money from Plaintiffs by employing fraud and deception to induce Plaintiffs into purchasing Java’s Brewin franchises in the state of New York… during a time that Java’s Brewin was not properly registered to offer or sell franchises within the state of New York…

The lawsuit alleged that Mason used deceptive tactics in the franchise sales process, including selling in New York without the required disclosures, which would have included company financials showing the franchisor’s “bleak” financial condition.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleged that Dennis Mason grossly understated the initial investment cost of building out a franchise location by more than $50,000 in order to close a franchise sale.  The suit alleged that services promised by Dennis Mason, such as “expert” site selection assistance was never provided, resulting in numerous stores never getting open.

Dennis Mason: Franchises Unlimited, Inc. Allegations reviews of Mason’s Franchises Unlimited Inc. (18 Log Rd, Tabernacle, NJ 08088, 609-859-8686) were all negative, alleging that the New York Bagel Café franchise opportunity sold by Mason was a scam.
November 11, 2011 Janet in Millbury, MA wrote:



August 12, 2011 David wrote:


Do not sign any franchise agreement with Dennis Mason or Joe Smith, NY BAGEL CAFE

June 17, 2011 by Sam wrote:

Dennis K. Mason, the owner is a scam artist who leads people to believe they are buying a franchise and he takes a down payment from them and disappears. He works along with a couple of other guys, one named Chris. He claims to sell NY Bagel Cafes, YoFresh Yogurt Cafes, Amazon Cafes and Hoagie stores. DO NOT give this man any money. SCAM ARTIST. He should be convicted and prosecuted.

A coffee website that reviewed a now-closed Java’s Brewin franchise location in Philadelphia contained this warning from Anonymous:

The people who committed this franchise fraud have also fraudulently sold Horn and Hardart franchises, Amazon Cafe franchises, Planet Hoagie franchises and Petrucci’s franchises…they set up these dummy businesses and then take the franchise fees and run. The franchisors are left with a poor product and lots of promises. Beware of Dennis Mason!!! doesn’t know if these allegations are true or not, so we invite your comments, opinions, experiences, affirmations or rebuttals.




38 Responses to “DENNIS MASON Franchise Complaints”

  1. ADMIN says:

    Joseph Smith of NY Bagel Cafe emailed us this information to post:

    “Dennis Mason was an outside broker that worked for us for a few months, and was terminated after his work history came to light The Franchisees claims were deemed unfounded and suite was dismissed… and this information should be posted on your site as well as the negitive items.. Thank You”

  2. A Victim says:

    There is a clear violation of the RICO statutes dating back to the 1990s. Frozen Desert Systems, Petrucci’s Water Ice, Planet Hoagie, Horn and Hardart, Amazon Cafe, NY Bagel, are some of the pattern – I am uncertain as to why the authorities in NJ and PA have failed to act. This is a 20 year scam – various front men, but all the partners connected….

  3. Luigi says:

    Hi my name is Luigi. I met these people back in 2008. They promised me the world and at the end they got $35k of my money and a store never was opened. I got the run around during the process of this whole scheme and when it was time for me to ask for my money back they were out of business. Any suggestions on how to get my money back? I have a lawyer looking into this but any suggestions would really help. Thank You

  4. Luigi says:

    I am talking about Java Brewing who took my money and Chris was my connection.

  5. Luigi says:

    I am in NJ

  6. Luigi says:

    Actually Dennis contacted me first, then Chris came later.

  7. nick [Chris Gregoris] says:

    [NOTE: It appears that Chris Gregoris himself may have posted this comment as “nick.” We have asked Chris Gregoris not to post as a third party in future comments. ADMIN]

    I have dealt with Chris directly on many occasions. Have never met Dennis. Chris sold me a franchise and did everything he told me he was going to do. I was shocked and disturbed when I found this on this site. I can only say positive things about him and how he runs his company. He rejected a few locations that I had picked out and explained to me why those locations didn’t make sense. Chris shoots straight from the hip and heart.

  8. Luigi says:

    You have a contact for Chris?

  9. Lisa says:

    Nick, your situation must be RARE and your experience with Chris deluisional at best. This guy is a SCAM ARTIST through and through! Dennis is Chris’ best friend, BTW. Now that Dennis’ name is connected to so many bad schemes, Chris is trying his hand at it and also using different spellings of his last name to throw people off. His recent adventure is called “Poppin’ Kettle”. As for it’s couldn’t be in a worse location! He chose a Mall in NH that doesn’t get enough foot traffic and his business is failing since it opened! I am hard pressed to believe he is capable of finding anyone the “right location” since he can’t figure it out for himself! He is also using a trademark symbol on his logo and the logo approval has not been finailized. I don’t suspect this business will be open much longer. Chris also has a LONG history of scamming right along side of Dennis. I am sure Dennis was his mentor, if not he has been Chris’ sheild!! I’m happy to hear your business is doing well Nick, no doubt more of a credit to you than anyone else. their ideas are great, but their business practices are NOT.
    Lugi…here is Chris’ number: [redacted]. good luck!

  10. Archie says:

    I also paid for a Javas Brewin and lost $35K. Chris and Dennis are criminals. After a couple months they both disappeared. I remember reading somewhere that Dennis filed for bankruptcy. Nick, I would really love to know where your Javas Brewin is located because quite frankly I think you’re either Chris or Dennis or full of c.r.a.p.

  11. Janet Conlon says:

    Joe Smith and Dennis Mason scammed me out of thousands of dollars. Joe Smith was aware of Dennis’s schemes and I on many many occasions sent via certified mail and called Joe Smith and he refused to call me back. Joe Smith ignored me after I gave Joe Smith $25,000.00 dollars. Joe Smith was in on the Scam more than Dennis Mason. Joe Smith is a thief. I signed the franchise agreement with Joe Smith…Why wouldn’t he continue to deal with me since I was trying to establish my New York Bagel Deli? I still have a valid franchise agreement with Joe Smith and till this day he continues to refuse to communicate with me. Joe Smith took my money and ran. I have consulted with three attorney’s in Massachusetts and they all said I do have a lawsuit but am I willing to spend an additional $25,000.00 in litigation expenses.

  12. Franchise scam says:

    Well you may wanna check Chris Gregoris. He is another scam artist that worked with Dennis Mason. I am also looking to get everyone that was scammed by these crooks and file a class action suit against there new businesses and any personal assets they have. All of us victims need to come together and see justice served. I have an attorney that will represent us but I need all the people that had there money taken such as you. Please give the administrator of these web site your information so I can add you to the list.

  13. Eric Conlon says:

    Whatever Joe Smith said is complete BS. Him and Dennis Mason set my mother up with a few of “their” banks to help us get a loan. My mother called these people over and over and never got a response. Once we had trouble finding a loan, they shut down communication with us. Blocked our emails, wouldn’t return our phone calls. YOU KNOW YOU’RE A SCAM ARTIST JOE, JUST ADMIT IT.

  14. Janet Conlon says:

    I bought into New York Bagel Cafe & Deli. Joe Smith is now New York Bagel Cafe & Deli Corporate. Do not buy a franchise with New York Bagel Cafe & Deli Corporate. Also on Facebook Joe Smith’s personal page is Joe Bagels. He has a photo of a sports car that he painted GOLD. I guess that is where my $25,000 thousand dollars went. Also, I talked to alot of people that Dennis Mason scammed through Javin Brew that were from Pennslyvania. I know of one couple from Lancaster that were scammed out of $100,000 dollars from Dennis Mason. I also contacted the New York Bagel Cafe in Westchester, Pa. to warn them. There are about 20 people that have contacted me. Joe Smith scammed at least 25 people that I know of. I will leave my information on the web site. Thanks for adding me to the lawsuit. I don’t expect to recover any of my monies. I swallowed the 25K lost and moved on financially but I know of many many people who lost way more than me. Joe Smith is still out their scamming people. I have a question for Joe Smith. If Joe Smith removed himself from Dennis Mason, then why won’t he contact me. At least give me back half my money. Because he won’t call me tells me that he is still out Scamming innocent people…BEWARE OF JOE SMITH, NEW YORK BAGEL CAFE & DELI CORPORATE.

  15. Franchise Scam says:

    I was promised a Javas Brewin Franchise. My first point of contact was Dennis Mason then later a fellow name Chris Gregoris. I gave Chris a $34,500 check and after months of the run around they both never returned my calls. There new thing is Yo Fresh Yogurt and Poppin Kettle. I am looking to get my money back and the more victims I can find the better chance there is of getting this resolved.

  16. scammed says:

    Please provide a contact number franchise scam as I too need to be involved in that lawsuit

    [You can send your contact info to unhappyfranchisee[at] for forwarding. We don’t allow posting of personal contact information publicly. Thanks. ADMIN]

  17. Franchise scam says:

    This forum is growing. I bet there are many victims still out there

  18. Hancock says:

    Joe Smith can say Mason was an outside broker all he wants.

    However Joe Smith is responsible for any agent selling franchises for him.

    Joe Smith may want to bone up a bit on franchise law.

    So if you were deceived by Mason in buying a NY Bagel Cafe franchise you should sue both Mason and Joe Smith.

    And to Joe maybe this franchise thing isn’t for you?

  19. yostink says:

    I want to be added to any suit that’s being filed as I’m also a victim in their franchise scam.

  20. David says:

    Well, don’t take a chance with your monies. Dennis Mason guaranteed me locations, and quoted, each franchisee owner(s). has a minimum net profit of $12,000 a month. in the first year of opening their location(s). Increasingly, due to Franchise support. ( Highly Unlikely). It appeared, they closed more Franchises then opened.

    Apparently, this was not the case. Not only did he mislead, distort and/or fabricate the numbers, the site locations, never materialized.

    I notified their real estate broker for a month and a half before a call was returned or acknowledged. Thus, trying to place me in a failing location just to make a commission.

    A frustrating and financial disaster, then I placed several calls out to Mr. Chris Gregoris ( CEO) of Java Brewing all he would quote…these things take time!

    Wait, your agent, Dennis Mason quoted in front of me and my family there were twelve sites ready to go in my specific geographic locations.. quote,(s). OH! Mr. Dennis Mason must have misunderstood me. Are you kidding me!

    At most, their site team of trainers knowledge of food safety and handling were the poorest professional(s) in our time. Then, Mr. Mason, runs straight for Bankruptcy Court after the litigation ladder exploded.

    I’m an instructor and Proctor for ServSafe and various National Food Associations so what are you doing? do you TRAINER(S) make this stuff up as you go or what??

    Misery, Deception Distortion of facts at its best. Where’s the Security and Exchange Commission and the Attorney General???

    So, in closing I hope you really needed the money because I did contact other Franchise owner(s). and the experience was not good.

    Shame on Prosperity at times. But please send out all your investors the
    Company [s] annual revenue chart growth for the past five calendar years. And don’t omit the geographic location[s].

    Yes indeed, I wish to join the litigation process.

  21. yostink says:

    He completely misrepresented his identity to me in signing my deal for a yofresh cafe acting as an agent of chris gregorius. They misrepresented and gave me earning numbers that I could no way earn. These guys need to decommissioned at all cost.

  22. Danny ocean says:

    Does anyone know Keith Samuels from New York bagel deli & cafe ???

  23. Dan says:

    All are these allegation true about NY bagel deli&cafe ?

  24. ADMIN says:


    Several people have told us that there is no Keith Samuels, that it’s just a pseudonym for Dennis Mason. Dennis also goes by the name Ken Mason, and “Mr. Malinsky” (We believe) in recent YoFresh Yogurt ads.

  25. ADMIN says:


    Use the pull-down directory in the right sidebar (Search by Company) to find our posts on NY Bagel Cafe & Deli:

    NY Bagel Joe Smith says we’ve posted lies and inaccuracies but refuses to say what the lies or inaccuracies are, or provide us with his version of things. One thing is pretty clear – NY Bagel Cafe has an extremely high failure rate:

    I suggest you make a list of concerns and allegations made both by our site and the commenters, and do your own research. Please come back and tell us what you find. If we are incorrect, we’d like to fix it.

    Also, be sure you retain an experienced franchisee attorney to review the deal and documents before you buy any franchise. We can help refer you to one in your state.

  26. yostink says:

    I’d love to get a first name on mr malinksy so I can try to perform a background check. I wonder if chris would be so nice in forwarding that information.

  27. Mike says:

    Isn’t it illegal to go by another name that isn’t legal? It sounds like Dennis Mason is going by fictitious names so he can cover his bloody trail.

  28. Yostink says:

    These guys are so crooked they have trouble walking straight

  29. ADMIN says:

    I believe franchise sellers who are as involved with concepts to the extent Dennis Mason is should be disclosed in the Franchise Disclosure Document. It should include their backgrounds, previous positions and companies, and litigation.

  30. yostink says:

    I’ve recieved your cease and desist lawyer notification and was actually expecting filed papers. Anyone doing busines is cautioned to do due intelligence before engaging in any business with this man. 48 hours will and go and my comments will not be retracted. I have called stores to ask about their experience with you, if I hadn’t done so we wouldn’t have found out the closed storrs you had listed open. I’m also responsible for the unearthing the poppin kettle nh store being closed when you insisted it was open. I’m your concience chris and you should thank me. I cannot buy me out as I see interest in protecting the public from your scheme. Other individuals have children to feed and I hope you see how yofresh might get in the way. I’ve watched the three stores close next yofresh livingston close in about 3 month. My questions to Chris Gregoris did you not have stores open that were closed and how many? Can you see how people can construe that as misleading? Do you not work with mr mallinsky aka ken mason aka dennis mason aka keith samuels aka mr malinsky? Do you think it reasonable for someone to sell a franchise using ficticious names? Is your business highly suspicious because it’s being sold by fictitious characters? Did your poppin kettle store in nh not close? Did you not try to sell it before it closed? what was the reason that premiere poppin kettle closed? How many yofresh have closed? Whats the resale value on a yofresh yogurt cafe? Have you not worked with java brewin? Have you not been accused of unreturned franchise fees? Have you not been in legal rambling with the state of connecticut for selling franchises without being licensed to do so? Let me know if there’s any of these questions you’d like to answer, cant make you out to be anything but the person you are, chris any conclusion one draws is from your actions. You told me you can ruin my life and you’re late because yofresh and Dennis mason has already done. I look forward to our court matter so we can get some answers to these questions answered publicly. My postings have been consistent chris and there has been holes in your statements.

  31. yostink says:

    Yofresh has over a 50% fail rate in nj. Should you be franchising this business. chris? I know you blame the franchisees like me and using words like lazy. I arrive by that number with yofresh so plainfield being currently “closed for the winter”. The number is disconnected so I’ll be checking for the reopen. In 2013 You had yofresh livingston, yofresh roseland, yofresh so amboy, and fairfield close. I dont know how you can franchise this concept with such a horrible track record.

  32. Mo says:

    I really need advice on how to get Joe and Dennis. They took from me almost 10 grand and I cant get it back. Also Dennis told me that you will have a store that will open up for sure but nothing every happened. So please comment for advice.

  33. jaz928 says:

    they r a bunch of liars

  34. jaz928 says:

    they r a bunch of liars joe and dennis

  35. yostink says:

    Chrissssssss! It has come to my attention that yofresh san antonio is closed, yofresh cypress is closing in april and yofresh woodland tx has a non working number do you also want to call out these franchisees as lazy? also, It’s quite possible Your failed concept has left them in financial ruins with the lease and also the machines etc. Are you guys just plain heartless or just decide to leave the stench of destruction as you go along? You sent some constable to my house to serve me papers i’m still waiting on that lawsuit. As I have told you in private and public you cant buy me out and I will be following you, yasir and Dennis forever to warn people of your business practices. Its time to again update that list of stores and im sure you didnt know they were closed.

  36. Yostink says:

    There’s a yofresh open in Brooklyn sunset park and I was of the impression Chris is not allowed to open a store in NYC. Anyone with insight into this situation please check into this matter and if in violation notify the proper authorities.

  37. YOSTINK says:


  38. mickel says:

    This is there number they currently running an ad on Craigslist I was looking in to one of the stores in Middletown nj I went and luck the guy said all good things here is his number for who ever wants it [redacted]