Shazer Fernando Limas: The “Killer” Franchise Salesman of Stratus Building Solutions

Shazer Fernando Limas was a killer franchise salesman for Goldeneye Holdings, Inc., a regional master franchisee the Stratus Building Solutions commercial cleaning chain.

Fernando’s aggressive sales tactics resulted in praise and sales awards from the parent company, and made him the “golden boy” of Stratus in Southern California.

Yet within a couple of short years, Fernando Limas would leave his former boss’s Stratus franchise mired in controversy, lawsuits and scandal.

And Shazer Fernando Limas himself would be facing a possible death penalty, charged with the brutal murder of his girlfriend and their two young children.

Shazer Fernando Limas:  Stratus’ killer franchise salesman

Peter Vavan’s Goldeneye Holding’s, Inc. entered a master franchise agreement in April, 2009,  that granted him the right to sell and service Stratus Building Solutions unit franchises in Orange County, CA.

According to the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document, Vavan hired Shazer Fernando Limas as an independent contractor sales agent to assist him in the sale and marketing of franchises.

According to “Reasoned Source,” a Stratus insider and commenter on

In the Beginning, Fernando [Limas] and [Stratus master franchisee] Pete Vavan were the “Golden Children” of Stratus Corp. They scored tons of franchise cash, they won awards, they had their respective pictures taken with [Stratus Franchising, LLC President Pete Frese and CEO Dennis Jarrett], they were held in the highest esteem and used as the “how to build your business, the STRATUS way”. After at least two month’s of bringing in 100k plus in franchise cash, Pete/DJ were so proud of them that they were asked “how did you do such a great job of bringing in the cash?”

Well, even after they found out, they were still happy, they were still promoting and pushing EVERYONE in the System as to HOW to SELL a Franchise! They were talked about in the Stratus Newsletter, they were on conference calls, they were brought up in front of Everyone at the Los Angeles area Regional Meeting…

Shazer Fernando LimasIt turns out that the “great job bringing in the cash” by Fernando Limas was the result of an alleged franchise scam that he perpetuated on his fellow Latinos.

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of 52 Stratus unit franchise owners (see STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS: Franchisees v.Goldeneye Holdings Lawsuit), Goldeneye Holdings, Inc. would advertise its janitorial franchise opportunity in Spanish-language publications.  Once individuals inquired, Fernando would allegedly conduct the hard-sell presentations in Spanish, promising guaranteed cleaning accounts  for their investments of thousands of dollars.  Fernando had the Spanish-speaking opportunity seekers sign onerous legal documents that they could not read (as they were in English), took their money, and never delivered the promised cleaning accounts.

Later, many of Fernando’s angry victims would picket the Goldeneye offices in Orange County, and grant interviews that would be broadcast on Spanish language channel Telemundo.  52 victims would join together in a lawsuit alleging fraud against Goldeneye Holdings, Inc.

By that time, Shazer Fernando Limas had fled for greener pastures, having accepted a better offer from nearby master franchisee Stratus Building Solutions of San Diego.  Peter Vavan and Goldeneye Holdings would later sue the Stratus franchisor for allowing, and perhaps engineering, the poaching of their star salesman by the San Diego Stratus franchisee.  (See STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS: Goldeneye Holdings v. Stratus Franchising Lawsuit)

Shazer Fernando Limas leaves more devastation in his wake

Up until Spring of 2012, Fernando’s alleged actions had prompted two lawsuits, had resulted in dozens of individuals and families losing their life savings, and had caused a riff between his former boss’s company, its franchisor and a neighboring franchisee.  But the devastation to that point was nothing compared to what was to come.

Arlet Hernandez ContrerasDuring his time at Goldeneye Holdings, Inc., Limas began dating an attractive Latina named Arlet Hernandez Contreras whose family had moved to the U.S. from Mexico City ten years ago.  The couple moved in together and had a tumultuous relationship.  During that time, Arlet gave birth to two baby boys, Fernando and Emanuel.

According to a story in the OC Register, prosecutors believe that Shazer Fernando Limas murdered Arlet Contreras and their two sons by stabbing them in their apartment on April 14, 2012.

On April 15, Limas visited a hospital to have surgery on a cut on his hand.

In the days that followed Limas visited a Home Depot and bought a tarp.

10 days later, on April 25, workers in La Puente found a female body in the gutter, covered by a tarp, in an area known for trash dumping.  The body would later be identified as Arlet Contreras.

Police began looking for Fernando Lima when cleaning crews discovered blood beneath the carpet and on the walls of Limas and Contreras’ recently emptied apartment.

Limas was arrested May 3 near the San Clemente Border Patrol checkpoint after leading police on a high-speed chase.

Police have not recovered the murder weapon nor the bodies of the two children.  Fernando was 1 year old, and Emanuel was just 3 months old.

Prosecutors have charged Limas with three counts of special circumstances murder, which they say make him eligible for the death penalty.  Limas is currently being held without bail.

Stratus salesman Limas had a tarnished past

According to the OC Register, Fernando Limas had a history of bad relationships, infidelity and domestic violence:

Court records from Los Angeles and Orange counties show Limas has been married at least twice and was accused of abuse by one of his former wives. His most recent marriage ended in July 2011 – when his son with girlfriend Contreras was 7 months old.

Another wife claimed in a 2007 court filing that Limas grabbed her and wrestled her to the door when she visited one morning as their marriage disintegrated. Moments later, she wrote in her request for a restraining order, “a girl came out of the bedroom who claimed to be his fiancée of two years.”

The wife had been married to Limas for nearly four years, court records show. She accused him in court filings of “spending his money on other women, gambling, and drugs.” Once, she wrote, he pointed an air gun at her and pulled the trigger, but it was empty.

Aggressiveness.  Dishonesty.  Narcissism. Lack of empathy.  These qualities all contributed to Shazer Fernando Limas’ short stint as the killer franchise salesman of what was ultimately a franchise scam.

These qualities, it appears, ultimately led him to be charged with the murder of a young mother and her two beautiful children.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

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21 thoughts on “Shazer Fernando Limas: The “Killer” Franchise Salesman of Stratus Building Solutions

  • este ser despreciable debe pagar su crimen con cadena perpetua y no es que lo mantenga el gobierno,deben ponerlo a trabajar para que pague su permanencia en prisión de por vida.
    acabo con la vida de mi hija y lo menos que las leyes de EUA es que termine su asquerosa vida en prisión.
    También debe confesar donde están mis nietos, ya que debe de haberlos entregado a algún conocido, mismo (s) que deben ser juzgados por complicidad de asesinato y rapto de menores. espero la autoridad no de por cerrado el caso de los niños, están vivos y existen cómplices de este asesino.
    deben de poner que fue un crimen con alevosía y ventaja, ya que estaba consiente de su superioridad en fuerza y estatura, mas la maldad que existe en su mente y corazón. que Dios lo perdone, si es que se acerca a el porque yo no puedo perdonarlo, acabo con la vida de un ser humano de la forma más ruin y cobarde que existe.Este ser denigra al ser humano. CADENA PERPETUA es lo menos que merece.

  • Our prayers and condolences go out to Mr. Sergio Hernandez and his family. Tragically, Mr. Hernandez has lost his daughter, Arlet Hernandez Contreras, and two grandsons, 1 year old Fernando and 3 months old Emanuel.

    In the comment above, Mr. Contreras expresses his belief that his grandchildren are still alive. He asks that the authorities find whoever has their grandchildren, return the children to his family and prosecute all who were complicit.

    Here is the English translation* of Mr. Hernandez’ message:

    “Sergio Hernandez

    “This is despicable he should pay for his crime with life in prison and not so the government can take care of him, he should be put to work to pay for his stay in prison for life. He killed my daughter and according to the laws of the US they should put this disgusting person in prison for life.

    “He should also have to confess where my grandchildren are, which he already took to someone he knows, who should also be tried for complicity in murder and abduction of minors. I hope that the authorities do not close this case for the kids, they are alive and there are accomplices to this murder.

    “They should file this as a premeditated crime with an advantage, as he was well aware of his superiority in strength and stature, plus the evil that exists in his mind and heart. May God forgive him, because I cannot forgive him. He took the life of a human being in the meanest and most cowardly way that exists. This denigrates the human being. LIFE SENTENCE is the least he deserves.”

    * Translation by Teresa, Fortman Law

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  • Reasoned Source

    This was a disgusting tragedy, Limas was obviously unstable, had a major drug issue, killed people (allegedly) including his own family….However, this type of person is exactly what DJ and Pete went after for a variety of reasons…The primary reason that they wanted Fernando Limas was because he was “smooth”. He sold more Franchises than any other Franchise Development Person in the country.

    He was good looking, he was bilingual, he understood what he was selling (the dream) and he knew how to play on peoples emotions….

    I was stated as he won two different awards that he brought in nearly 500k of franchise cash in less than 7 month’s while working for Pete Vavan. 500k in 7 months, that breaks down to over 70k in franchise cash per month!!!!!!

    Mr. Limas didn’t care whether or not his “boss” could fulfill those obligations, his only concern was earning the Commission for himself. DJ and Pete LOVED this guy! They touted him, they talked about him, they wanted him on conference calls with other franchise sales people, they APPLAUDED his LIES!!!!!!

    That is why, they pursued Mr. Limas for the San Diego Branch and Mark/Jayson Bashforth, that is why they wanted to make sure Mr. Limas was part of the Stratus System regardless of his Unstable behavior, His threatening of franchise owners AFTER they learned they were LIED TOO, why they didn’t care about his DRUG related issues…All they cared about was the Franchise Cash!!!!!!! For remember out of the 500k that was brought into the Stratus Orange County office, they (DJ and Pete) got 50k upfront and a % of the on-going notes!!!!!!!

    There was a settlement in this case in which Pete Vavan got paid a rumored 140k from Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Lincoln Baker….Not from Stratus Franchising? Even though Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia and even DJ himself were are directly part of this “MOVE” from the Orange County office to the San Diego Office, they couldn’t have the ATTACHMENT with DJ and Stratus Franchising, though somehow, I believe that the “BASHFORTH’S PORTION’ was actually paid by Stratus Franchising and/or DJ directly……

    DJ knew about Fernando’s Drug Problem and it didn’t bother him. In fact, in earlier posts, DJ met directly with Fernando in NYC at a Famous Strip Club to make sure that Fernando was “wined and dined” in order to go to work for the San Diego Branch………

    So what kind of Man, what kind of Company, what kind of Partner does that make DJ and Pete? They are a point of GREAT HARM for two separate Masters, Fed a Person’s Unstable emotional state, knew about an illegal drug problem and all they cared about was the CASH!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    Some have said that it was unfair of me to post on this thread as DJ and Pete could not have known that this POS would have done what he is accused of doing to his family. In a way, they are correct about the point that DJ and Pete aren’t mind-readers and/or psychologists etc….

    However, they knew this guy had issues, they knew that he had a drug problem, they knew that he had or was “off” in more ways than one. They didn’t care. They only wanted to fill their pockets and the pockets of Mark/Jayson Bashforth. They didn’t care, they wanted to harm Pete Vavan anyway possible for LEAVING the system. They didn’t care about whom they hurt in regards to unit franchise owners, they didn’t care about whom they hurt in regards to investor (Lincoln Baker), they didn’t care about whom they hurt in regards to employer (Pete Vavan).

    THEY only cared about themselves and the Harm that they could cause Pete Vavan. They instructed, directed, ordered this move to happen and Marvin Ashton and Carmen Garcia lacking any integrity at all, did facilitate and in Marvin’s case actually “Sell” the move to Fernando…..No if’s, and’s, or’s, butt’s about it…

    Marvin Ashton is a Creep! He is not a Good Manager, He is not a Man of Integrity as some have claimed…He is named in MULTIPLE Lawsuits, he has brought direct HARM to dozens and dare I say Hundreds of People by his actions. He is named in TWO RICO based cases, he is named in TWO additional Lawsuits spread across TWO separate companies!!!!!!!!!

    Carmen Garcia holds all the KEYS to BOSS…..That is the operating system that in Court Records DJ and Pete respectfully DENY that they have!!!!!

    Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese are DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!! They are not to be pitied, They are not to be forgiven, They are not to be UNDERSTOOD or REASONED WITH!!!!

    Stratus Franchising, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Channen Smith, Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese must NEVER be allowed to continue in the Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, so I have talked about the “inner dealings” about Stratus Franchising, let’s talk more about some of their “Key People” so you can see the kind of people that are part of the Stratus Franchising Family or at least were…..You see, it is my firm belief that people like DJ and Pete seem to “acquire” people like themselves, one such person is Bill Blair:

    Please see Bill Blair’s profile on linkedin, you will now see that he is an owner of a Maid Service. Prior to that he was a Vice-President of Stratus Building Solutions/Stratus Franchising: Part of his duties at Stratus Franchising included making false presentations, as you had read in Pete Vevan (Goldeneye) lawsuit against Stratus Franchising it was none other than Bill Blair who was part of the presentation team in which the false Performa was given and the false statements were made. In his time away from the office, Bill Blair was known to be of HUGE Value to the Masters….So much Value, that he wasn’t welcomed in the following areas:

    Cincy: Primarily because for at least three (3) days he was nothing but intoxicated. He also had to contact the Master one a.m. to find out where he was because he was so drunk, he intended up in a Hotel Room with a Man (not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless your married….ooooopppps he was!) and couldn’t find his way to the office nor all of his clothes!

    Louisville: Primarily because he sexually harassed an employee of the Master, Made sexual advances, Made her feel so uncomfortable that she left for the day and refused to come back to work until he was gone…..

    St. Louis Office: He was accused of inappropriate behavior by at least two female employee’s at the office. One actually quit because the harassment was so bad!

    Now you say, how can DJ and Pete be held responsible for that kind of behavior? Well, all the above instances were reported directly to both of them! They didn’t do a darn thing about it, the second person that I was speaking about in the St. Louis Office, well she threatened a LAWSUIT against both Stratus Franchising and Bill Blair! That is when and only after that was when Stratus Franchising did ANYTHING about Bill Blair!

    Timeline from the first instance to the others was not less than three (3) YEARS!

    Of course, DJ couldn’t understand what the problem was as he was being interrupted at the local Strip Club………

    Sleaze attracts Sleaze!!!!!!!! More Fun, Sad but TRUE Stories of the Leaders and their Key People at Stratus Franchising Soon!

    Iowa- Leonard Fazio
    Cincy- Mark Stocker
    Nashville- David Smith


  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Let us now turn our attention to one of the largest scum bags in the Stratus System of them All! Our dear friend DJ…….

    Now In order to find DJ, you need to look at the closest:

    a) Strip Joint- DJ LOVES Him the Ladies! Unlike Bill Blair who attempts to find Love in all the wrong places, DJ knows exactly where to find LOVE, he finds it attached to a Pole, with music playing, with a Wad of $5.00 Bills…..When DJ goes out of town, lets say to Minneapolis/St. Paul area, his first priority is to find the nearest “Gentleman’s Club”……

    b) Bar- If for some reason the “Strip Scene” is simply too violent, to “Low Class” for even Bill Blair type to go to (Pretty Dang Low) then look for DJ “Belly Up’d” to the Bar. Though if he see’s a Woman for potential “LOVE” (even if he has to pay for it), he will be just fine finding his Thrill in the Bottom of the Glass…..

    c) Gambling Establishment- Both legal Casino’s and let’s say “local clubs” for Gambling. You see, DJ LOVES THE RUSH!!!!!!

    Now it has been rumored that ole DJ has had some issues with Gambling Debts in the Past, in fact, Pete told him at one point in time that he had to pay for those Debts out of his own money vs. company!!!!!!!

    Now there are many other DJ stories to come…..But again, I’m wondering if this is the type of BRAND that the following Stratus Masters approve of: Silence in my opinion is Approval!!!!!!!

    Iowa- Leonard Fazio
    New York- Rick Barren
    New Jersey- Don Gartner
    Cleveland- Tom Grassi
    Nashville- David Smith
    Cincy- Mark Stocker
    South Carolina- Ralph Sizemore

    BTW, Good Ole Reasoned Source believes he has found out and waiting for confirmation that Channen Smith is attempting to “quick sale” his Stratus Business in KC, Omaha, Phoenix, Denver……Stumbled upon a Broker, waiting on confirmation!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers……Breaking News! DJ locked out of Stratus Franchising/Simpatico/Stratus Building Solutions- St. Louis Office!!!!!!! A little bird has told Reasoned Source that indeed DJ and Pete are finished with one another! Though this “rumor” was first talked about a couple of weeks or so ago, it has been confirmed that Pete/DJ are simply done working with one another.

    Pete Frese has attempted to turnover “legally” everything having to do with Stratus Franchising to DJ, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss and Ashfin C. and wants nothing further to do with it? He simply wants to keep the St. Louis Branch/Simpatico and start anew……

    Wow! So let’s recap what is happening to the “crooks in chief” in Stratus Building Solutions…….

    1) Mark/Jayson Bashforth are sued in California Court by their former partner Lincoln Baker and his wife, allegations include Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement, Embezzlement.

    2) Mark/Jayson Bashforth are being investigated by the AG’s Office of Texas in regards to major violations with franchise sales, FDD listing etc….

    3) Mark Bashforth is so confident in Stratus Building Solutions and it’s systems that he has gotten himself a Full Time Job!!!!!!!

    4) Tom Weiss and John Coleman have split as they both have accused one another of Embezzlement!

    5) Channen Smith is so confident in Stratus Building Solutions that he has hired a broker to attempt to sell his four (4) Master licenses to some poor unsuspecting slob for 1.5 multiplier or 400k whichever is less!

    6) Stratus Franchising has stopped trying to sell Area and/or Master Licenses and has turned that duty over to Ashfin C. and Mark Bashforth respectfully.

    Let’s see, that should make the following people feel real secure about their businesses and the Brand FKA Stratus Building Solutions:

    Ralph Sizemore
    Don Gartner
    Rick Barren
    Mark Stocker
    David Smith
    Tom Grassi
    Leonard Fazio
    and others……….Still feel like sending in your 1k for protecting these guys in the Lawsuits? How about the monies to Jarrett Realty? How about the Unit Franchise Fee’s? How about your Royalty Fee’s?

    I guarantee you, as soon as you stop the non-sense of believing the BRAND isn’t DEAD, and let it Die, the better you will feel and the quicker this all gets behind you!

  • Reasoned Source

    @ Viewers: Good Ole Reasoned Source got a phone call this weekend from a current Master whom shall remain nameless (at this time)…..He felt that I was being “unfair” to Marvin Ashton. He claims that Marvin is a “good guy” and that he for one appreciates Mr. Ashton’s work and the phone calls that they have on a regular basis where Mr. Ashton “pumps him up”!

    Well, there is no doubt that Mr. Ashton is PUMPING SOMETHING! Only problem is that Good Ole Reasoned Source thinks that Mr. Ashton is PUMPING Raw Sewage…….

    I told this Master, let’s talk about the following:

    a) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton was in the middle of moving this POS of a human being directly from Mr. Vevan’s Master to Mark/Jayson Bashforth’s Master in San Diego for a moment and that he knew the only reason for moving this POS from Vevan to Bashforth was to harm Vevan.

    b) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton knew exactly what kind of POS this person was as a human being, the drug use, alcohol abuse and had actually heard about some physical abuse first hand from this POS.

    c) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton was fully aware of DJ’s and Carmen Garcia’s past “rough house tactics” while DJ and Garcia were at Coverall.

    d) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton knew what kind of person Bill Blair was as the two of them openly joked about women in the St. Louis Branch/office of Stratus Franchising and the Sexual Innuendo’s that both of them openly discussed and in front of said women.

    e) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton was named in Vevan’s lawsuit against Stratus Franchising.

    f) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton was named in the lawsuit/settlement in the aforementioned POS’s moving from Vevan’s to Bashforth’s Master.

    g) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton was named in the RICO case for Stratus Franchsing.

    h) Let’s forget that Mr. Ashton was named in the RICO case for Bonus Building Care.

    What a second, That’s a lot of BAD THINGS to forget……How about we call a “Spade a Spade”? How about we look and say, you know what, I can forgive and maybe even forget one of the above issues, But how can you forgive/forget this Many? I mean “come on man” this guy is SCUM!!!!!!

    Would you allow a guy that I’ve described above near your family? Would you allow a guy that I’ve described above to know where your house is? Would you allow a guy that I’ve described above to borrow 10k from you?


  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: People contacted me wanted to know more about the “Bill Blair Project” as we will now call the former VP of Franchise Development for Stratus Franchising….

    1) After waking up in a Cincy area hotel w/o knowing where he was, without clothes and from his latest drunken stuper, he attempted to “train” the Master Area Owner Mark Stocker on T/M and Sales related issues including additional unit franchise sales!!!!!!!!!

    2) After being called on the mat in Louisville and elsewhere, Bill Blair was regulated to “local work” only by Pete Frese. Guess that way at least Bill Blair would be familiar with his surroundings in case #1 ever happened again!

    Did you know that Bill Blair owns his own maid service called NuKastle Cleaning? How would you like this guy coming into your house, with your keys, with your security/alarm codes!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you know that Bill Blair was/is a County Commissioner? How would you like this guy having access to County Records?

    Now, Current/Still hanging on Masters in various cities, Aren’t you tired of trying to JUSTIFY to yourselves HANGING ON to Jokers that have been MAJOR partners in Stratus Franchising?

    Cleveland- Tom Grassi
    Cincy- Mark Stocker
    Nashville- David Smith
    South Carolina- Ralph Sizemore
    New Jersey- Don Gartner
    Sacramento- Steve Bucher
    Iowa- Leonard Fazio

    Aren’t you guys EMBARRASSED? Aren’t you guys ASHAMED? Don’t you guys REALIZE how harmful it is to be associated with SCUM such as PETE FRESE, BILL BLAIR, MARVIN ASHTON, DENNIS JARRETT, ROBERT STAPLETON, CARMEN GARCIA?

    HOW do you like having GOOD OLE REASONED SOURCE back on the BLOG?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I appreciate the two emails that I got recently from “friends in the know” at Stratus….Those emails outlined Channen Smith and Pete Frese’s poor attempt of “Damage Control” and finalized in Reasoned Sources mind that Channen Smith is a POS just like DJ, Pete, Bill Blair, Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia and old and smelly Bob Stapleton…….

    The primary reason for this thread is to talk about the POS Fernando LImas and his direct link to Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia and others. You remaining Masters, what don’t you get? Your primary “support system” and the “face” of your Brand/Organization openly admit and associated themselves with SCUM!

    Dennis Jarrett personally met with Fernando Limas in NYC (flew him out there, had dinner/drinks and knowing DJ Entertainment with him) Dennis Jarrett orchestrated the move from Pete Vevan’s Master Franchise which at the time was still in “good standing” and put him with Mark/Jayson Bashforth in the San Diego Franchise.

    Dennis Jarrett was 100% aware of Fernando Limas’ Drug and Alcohol issues.

    Dennis Jarrett was 100% aware of the “overselling” of the Unit Franchises in the Orange County offices.

    Dennis Jarrett knew that Fernando Limas was a SCUM BUCKET!

    Yet, all DJ and Pete Frese cared about was MONEY!!!!! Not to mention the Scum Bastards known as Mark/Jayson Bashforth, their only concern was pleasing DJ as they needed him to LIE to potential investor Lincoln Baker. Don’t get me wrong, Mark/Jayson Bashforth knew what a Scummy POS that Fernando Limas was as well along with the problems associated with his “Sales”.

    What does that say to you remaining Masters that the ‘BRAND” fka Stratus Building Solutions and its LEADERS were associated knowingly with a POS like Fernando Limas and the direct knowledge of his Drug Use, Abuse of Alcohol, Rumored Abuse of Women and his Direct Lies to Potential then signed Unit Franchisee’s?

    What does that say about YOU when you condone that kind of non-sense?

    What does that say about YOU that you are fine with the BRAND being Damaged like this?

    What does that say about YOU that you associate yourselves, therefore your FAMILY, therefore your EMPLOYEE’S, therefore your UNIT FRANCHISEE’S to this kind of Monster (Fernando Limas) and the SCUM BAGS that knew about most of his tendencies PETE FRESE AND DENNIS JARRETT?….

    What does that say about YOU when you state “Marvin Ashton is a Good Guy, he isn’t like Pete and DJ”…. First, remember this, Marvin Ashton is currently named in three (3) lawsuits including two (2) RICO cases on two (2) different companies. Second, Marvin Ashton was around this POS much more than DJ and Pete ever were. Third, is was Marvin Ashton that directly oversaw and situated the MOVE OF LIMAS to the San Diego Branch under direct orders of Dennis Jarrett and with approval from Mark/Jayson Bashforth.

    What does that say about YOU that you wouldn’t let any of these Scum Buckets near your family/home, but YOU are still willing to Pay Fee’s, Attorney Allowances etc…?

    What that says to Reasoned Source, Your Scared……..But life is Scary sometimes and this is one of those times that the DEVIL YOU KNOW is FAR WORSE then what you don’t!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: It has been brought to Reasoned Sources attention that threats of violence have been made against one of the following people and/or their families: Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese or Marvin Ashton.

    Let me be clear, those these men along with Bob Stapleton, Bill Blair, David Farrell, Carmen Garcia and others are directly responsible to harm coming to dozens of Masters and their Families Financials including many to close, some to file for bankruptcy and others to get grief counseling. Though these people are directly responsible for people losing their cars, homes, college funds. Though these people and additional one’s are directly responsible for harm coming to 100’s of unit franchisee’s and their families. Though these people if allowed to continue in business would knowingly chose to do more harm to innocent people, Physical Violence is NEVER THE ANSWER!

    Reasoned Source is Passionate about Destroying these people and the company the own/work for.

    Reasoned Source’s words are Forceful and Deliberate

    Reasoned Source has proven himself RELENTLESS in the pursuit of the truth and making sure that truth is published with proper documentation.

    Reasoned Source has applauded those Masters that left the system BEFORE and will do more Applauding when the final nail in Stratus Franchising’s Coffin is in when they file for Bankruptcy.

    Though the people above and Channen Smith, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Afshin C. and others like them are simply SCUM, Violence cannot be allowed in a Nation of Laws. We have Law Enforcement to protect the innocent, we have Courts of Laws to protect the harmed…..

    Taking Matters into your own hands, is not only inappropriate, it is unworthy of you, it is unworthy of this cause/call to action, it is unworthy of Reasoned Source, Jonathan Fortman and others actions to date including this website and administrator. It is unworthy of those Masters who have lost everything, It is unworthy of the 100’s of harmed unit franchisee’s that have FOUGHT the proper way.

    Old saying, two wrongs simply don’t make it right! Even the THREAT of Physical Violence is Wrong……

    Just my thoughts.

  • Reasoned Source

    Though Reasoned Source cannot and will not condone violence against Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Carmen Garcia, Bob (stinky) Stapleton and others within the Stratus Franchising Family…I certainly understand the frustration….However, that frustration is certainly valid.. I am equally frustrated with the following : Current Masters and I am upset that they cannot “stand up” and be counted as “good guys” in order to bring an end to the Scum listed above:

    Don Gartner
    David Smith
    Tom Grassi
    Mark Stocker
    Ralph Sizemore
    Leonard Fazio

    Why are you continuing to associate yourselves, your company, your family, your owner-operators, your employee’s with the SCUM listed above?

    Why are you talking to POS Marvin Ashton and telling him that he is a “Good Person?

    Why are you continuing to FUND these Scum by the paying of your Royalties/Dues and adding more insult to injury by assisting them in the Paying of their Legal Fee’s?

    These People LIED TO YOU! They Committed acts of FRAUD! They have caused DOZENS of people to lose their 100k plus investments! They have caused people to file for Bankruptcy Protection! They have caused Children to lose their College Funds! They have caused people to lose their homes, their cars, their assets! They have caused people to seek grief counseling! They have caused harm to hundreds of unit franchisees and their families!

    Why do you continue to associate yourselves with someone you wouldn’t even allow to come to your home?

    What in the HELL is WRONG WITH YOU?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Reasoned Source has it on good confirmation that poor ole Pete Frese is beside himself…..He cannot understand how Reasoned Source is getting so much information…Well obviously, everything that Reasoned Source has been posting lately has had direct ties back to existing Masters.

    Pete doesn’t know whom to trust? Yes, you do…You can trust the scum brothers Mark and Jayson Bashforth…Wait a second, they are kinda up to their eyeballs right now in Lawsuits, One that is already in process in California, Another one that both Dennis Jarrett (Stratus Franchising) and Mark/Jayson Bashforth just got notified on in the past 10 days in Texas. They have the on-going and growing issue with the AG’s office in Texas to boot, they have major upheaval in their Houston Branch on a variety of levels and reasons…..

    How about Tom Weiss and John Coleman? Well, not really, they aren’t even speaking with each other! They have both accused one another of Embezzlement and are expecting Stratus Franchising to “step in” and make things right. Which they kinda did by giving Jeff Blake’s old territories to one and the other kept Philadelphia….

    Let me ask the remaining Masters something? Why are you still paying your fee’s and due’s? I mean good ole reasoned source has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the following:

    Tom Weiss and John Coleman are paying next to nothing as they are trying to “recoup” as much money as possible……

    Mark/Jayson Bashforth haven’t been paying for awhile, they have lost favor, credibility and are personally liable for millions of dollars in coming and/or filed lawsuits…Do you really think they are paying any Royalties and/or contributing to the “Lawsuit Fund”?

    Channen Smith has been paying basically 1/3 what he should be paying and has been doing since being selected by Pete Frese and DJ for the “Executive Committee”!

    No offense, But why are the rest of you SO STUPID?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Keeping up with the SCUM BROTHERS known as Mark/Jason Bashforth has become almost a full-time job for Reasoned Source……

    Reasoned Source has learned and now confirmed that the San Diego Branch is basically on life support. They have quit selling unit franchises and have cut staff down to one person only to support the few unit franchisees and customers that they still have left. Also, there is a HUGE possibility that a lawyer in the San Diego area has begun looking into reports of Unit Franchises not getting their packages filled and of course with the basic SHUT DOWN in process not getting what they were promised in regards to sales/operational support.

    Reasoned Source has also learned and confirmed that the Houston Branch has also quit selling unit franchises as the case against Mark/Jason Bashforth and Stratus Franchising is continuing in the Texas AG’s office. Both Stratus Franchising and the Bashforth’s FDD’s are being looked at, including the original filing done by Stratus Franchising.

    So, remaining Masters, what does this mean for YOU and Stratus Franchising? It is the beginning of the end for sure for the Bashforth Brothers both in a financial sense and legal sense. They have a letter outlining a suit for in excess of 3 Million Dollars that is about to be filed in Texas. They are under full investigation by the criminal activity arm of the Texas AG’s office, They have a suit on file in California that is working its way through the process and potentially another suit to be filed in the State of Texas in the Near Future…..Now Civil Suits are one thing, but who do you think the Bashforth’s will be “throwing under the bus” in order to stay out of Jail in Texas? Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Bill Blair, Marvin Ashton to name just a few!!!!!!!!

    More updates coming soon, including some final thoughts in regards to when Stratus Franchising, LLC will be filing their BK Notice!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Forever is how long Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton and Carmen Garcia will be linked to the Scum known as Fernando Lamas…..

    DJ is mostly to blame for sure, as his arrogance, his ego, his nastiness is what not only drove DJ to move to either Hire Fernando for Stratus Franchising or to move him to his favorite (at the time) Master, Jason and Mark Bashforth.

    DJ is a Scum Bag for sure, he believed due to his time at Coverall that he could threaten, Bully, intimidate just about everyone that dared to cause him some sort of issue or problem….Only problem for him, Pete Vevan isn’t someone that can be bullied….Only problem for him, the internet with all of its wonders was someone that doesn’t like Bullies too much. Only problem for him, was a JYD showed up on his doorstep one day, in his backyard, spewing and spitting enough information that the internet, a well placed and smarter than him “Inside Source” coupled with someone that knows him and this business better than he knows himself brought him and his beloved company down to its knee’s!

    DJ how does it feel to be out smarted? How does it feel to be “out bullied”? How does it feel to be interviewed by US Today one day and on the verge of Bankruptcy the next? How does it feel to have the weight of all of those harmed Masters rest securely on yours, Marvin Ashton’s, Pete Frese’s and Carmen Garcia’s shoulders?

    I know Pete, DJ and Marvin in particular want to ask REASONED SOURCE one question, WHY did you do this?

    Answer coming as soon as Stratus Franchising enters Bankruptcy!!!!!!!!

    To you remaining Masters, the time is upon you to get out, some of you have listened to Reasoned Source and have quit paying your Royalty Fee’s and Dues, others are thinking seriously about what to do next, the answer is upon you….Protect your customers, Protect your owner-operators, Protect yourselves for there is still a storm coming, but you will weather it just fine……

    DJ, Pete, Marvin one final word directed towards you, YOU ARE FINISHED IN THIS BUSINESS! And it will be directly due to Me and a few others that made sure you couldn’t harm innocent, hard working, hard dreaming, good/honest people ever again………

    More legal updates coming soon as Lathrop and Gage and others are taking a closer look at DJ, Pete and others…..PR/Branding in today’s world is EVERYTHING even for Law Firms…….

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, More bad news for Stratus Franchising and Mark/Jason Bashforth, DJ, Pete, Marvin Ashton, Bob (stinky) Stapleton coming to a courtroom near them soon!

    Reasoned Source has learned that an 11 million dollar lawsuit is about to be filed in the State of Texas! In the “warning letter” that Reasoned Source has obtained, it outlines all of the transgressions not only against Mark Bashforth and his Camino Holdings Company, but against Stratus Franchising LLC.

    1) Stratus Franchising, LLC. did not file the proper paperwork in regards to the State of Texas requiring them to not only file the FDD, but financials and other documents necessary to SELL Master Licenses in Houston, Austin, North Texas (defunct/bankrupt/ruined Tom Mosley and his family) nor the current Dallas/Ft. Worth Master.

    2) Mark Bashforth utilized Stratus Franchising’s, LLC. Master Agreement in order to SELL agreements in LA, Austin and Dallas vs. producing a proper agreement/legally.

    3) Reasoned Source has contacted the Secretary of State of Louisiana and forwarded them Mark Bashforth/Camino Real Estate information, FDD, Stratus Franchising, LLC lawsuits from California, Indiana, the intent to sue in California by Lincoln Baker and other information in regards to the former Stratus Master in LA being fraudulently induced, non-registered FDD and additional paperwork needed to sell a Master License in LA to begin with!!!!!

    It was truly a bad day for DJ, Pete, Marvin, Bob (stinky) Stapleton and others…..

    Here’s to more bad day’s in the near future as Reasoned Source contacts more states, more attorney general’s, more Secretary of States in every State that Stratus Franchising illegally SOLD or had Agents Sell like Mark/Jason Bashroth illegally SOLD Masters!

    Will keep you posted…….

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Got a report from an existing, about to be future, Master at Stratus…Evidently, Pete Frese is calling around to various Masters to find out why they are behind on their payments to Stratus Franchising and to confirm that EVERYTHING that good old REASONED SOURCE is saying is 100% false….Of course, with the exception of Mark Bashforth who is nothing but an Evil/Bad Egg that is NO LONGER part of the Stratus System (Really? when did that happen Pete? Wouldn’t Mark and his brother Jayson be interested in that news? how about the Texas Ag?)

    Come On Man, at least be original in your pleadings for cash!!!!!!

    So, who wants more proof that Reasoned Source is 100% correct about the pending Bankruptcy? Who wants more proof about the “Fatal Flaw”? Who wants more Lawsuits filed against Mark Bashforth, Stratus Franchising, LLC., Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Bill (sexual harassment) Blair, Marvin (RICO Man) Ashton and Bob(Stinky) Stapleton?

    Here’s an idea, Remaining Masters, DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK FOR ONCE!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, WOW! Had many exciting conversations yesterday, only where do I begin? How about with Marvin (RICO Man) Ashton….Seems that Marvin was upset that a Current (Soon to be Former) Master was reading what Reasoned Source was putting out on the Unhappy Franchisee Blog….He was “towing the company line”, but when this Current (Soon to be Former) Master asked him questions about his involvement with Fernando Lamas and what his role was in harming Pete Vevan and his operation, Mr. Ashton went “quiet” and attempted to change the subject!!!!!!!

    What really hurts Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin (Rico Man) Ashton, Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair, Bob (Stinky) Stapleton and Carmen (Where am I now) Garcia is the TRUTH!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, WOW! Had many exciting conversations yesterday, only where do I begin? How about with Marvin (RICO Man) Ashton….Seems that Marvin was upset that a Current (Soon to be Former) Master was reading what Reasoned Source was putting out on the Unhappy Franchisee Blog….He was “towing the company line”, but when this Current (Soon to be Former) Master asked him questions about his involvement with Fernando Lamas and what his role was in harming Pete Vevan and his operation, Mr. Ashton went “quiet” and attempted to change the subject!!!!!!!

    What really hurts Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin (Rico Man) Ashton, Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair, Bob (Stinky) Stapleton and Carmen (Where am I now) Garcia is the TRUTH!!!!!

    Here are some other conversations that recently took place that needed to be reported by me this weekend:

    a) Current Master who is still “sittin on the fence” called and complained that REASONED SOURCE had cost him to lose a LARGE ACCOUNT? Really? A “fictional character” caused YOU to lose an Account? How about this scenario, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton and their DIRTY DEALINGS caused you to lose the account. How about the HARM that these individuals did to dozens of Masters, hundreds of Unit Franchisee’s caused YOU to lose the Account. Reasoned Source’s response to that charge? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! If you are too STUPID to see what is going on here, that isn’t REASONED SOURCE’S FAULT, It’s yours!!!!!!!

    b) Current (sittin on the fence) Masters seem to think that NOW the HEAT is turned up so high, that THEY are now much more likely to be SUED then ever before……YOU ARE CORRECT!!! Reasoned Source has quite literally been begging YOU to GET OUT for Month’s now….He has shared things with you on Blogs, used people to send you documents such as lawsuits, emails, private documents that you were not aware of, to be filed lawsuits, told you/begged you to go seek out an ATTORNEY of your own……

    Gentlemen and Ladies, Understand the following:

    1) REASONED SOURCE isn’t stopping until Stratus Franchising, LLC is in BANKRUPTCY!

    2) YOUR Master License in your STATE is Most Likely NULL AND VOID! Therefore, EVERY Unit Franchise Agreement that you currently have, is MOST LIKELY NULL AND VOID!

    3) Because of number 2, YOUR Promissory Notes and YOUR Account Acceptance Notes are NULL AND VOID.

    4) Because of the Truth in Lending Laws, You had NO RIGHT to charge Interest on ANY of your NOTES.

    Now, for God’s Sake, don’t take REASONED SOURCES word for ANYTHING. GET AN ATTORNEY!!!!!!

    BTW, Quit blaming REASONED SOURCE for the TRUTH being TOLD. YOU have had enough time, enough warning, enough begging, enough pleading by me with far enough PROOF to do already what you should have done MONTH’S ago…

    Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton are to BLAME for putting you in this position…….Not REASONED SOURCE.

    I didn’t take your money, I didn’t lie to you through FALSE PERFORMA’S, FALSE FDD’S, FALSE PROMISES and NO SUPPORT…..Reasoned Source hasn’t made a DIME off of ANY OF YOU!

    Reasoned Source is Relentless in pursuing these guys into Bankruptcy Filing, THEY (Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton) should for once do the RIGHT THING for all and do what is best for the remaining Men and Women left. Chances of that are NONE to SLIM! But going into BK will happen, only question left is how much collateral damage will be done?

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