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QUIZNOS Woes: Franchise Karma is a B*tch

Quiznos is struggling under a debt load in excess of $850 million.  1500 franchisee-owned Quiznos stores have closed.

In May, 2011 store sales fell by 13%.  Quiznos is at risk of violating lending terms that require a certain level of earnings.

Quiznos, of course, blames the economy.

But Quiznos franchisees and readers of, and the former Franchise Pick know better.

They know that Quiznos is finally answering to The Law of Franchise Karma.

What’s the Law of Franchise Karma?

The Law of Franchise Karma states that franchise companies who treat their franchisees as sheep to be sheared, marks to be conned or mountainsides to be strip-mined will eventually have to answer for their misdeeds.

Franchise Karma will be their to hold them accountable.

And Franchise Karma is a B*tch.

Franchise Karma has come a’calling, and Quiznos will now publicly answer for its misplaced priorities, corporate greed, unethical behavior and a seemingly complete disregard for the well-being of the franchise owners who built the Quiznos – and the Schaden – empire.

What are the misdeeds of Quiznos corporate?

In the next few posts, we’ll dig into the archives and post past warnings that Quiznos corporate was acting as stripminer, pirate and plunderer rather than a responsible franchisor.

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