Has OXYMAGIC CEO David Iseley Gone Off the Deep End?

David Iseley founded the Oxymagic carpet cleaning franchise in 1999.

In 2005, he hired a kid fresh out of college as his V.P. of Franchise Development.  Less than a year later, according to Iseley, the kid went off and started his own competing carpet cleaning franchise company.  Iseley sued him and they settled out of court.

Despite having agreed on a settlement, David Iseley could not let the incident go.  His anger and resentment toward the young upstart seemed to grow to the point of obsession.

David Iseley created entire blogs about how he had been wronged by the young entrepreneur.

He posted vicious, disparaging comments about his young competitor across the Internet, calling him a cheat, a liar and a thief.

Recently, David Iseley began creating and posting angry YouTube videos of himself ranting and raving about the wrongs he suffered, and the unfairness of the U.S. criminal justice system.

On his YouTube videos, Oxymagic CEO David Iseley plays media interviews of his young competitor while he makes derisive and derogatory comments.

David Iseley holds up snapshots of his daughters [See screenshot] who have supposedly suffered because of his 10-month employee’s misdeeds 5 years ago.

During the past 5 years, the college kid focused on growing his franchise company and supporting his franchisees. His chain has grown to nearly 300 franchises.

In the same timeframe, David Iseley has focused on playing the victim.  Despite a 7-year head-start and almost two decades more experience, David Iseley’s Oxymagic still remains at about 80 franchises… about 1/3 the size of his alleged “copycat franchise” competitor.

Warning:  The Reputation You Smear May Be Your Own.

David Iseley’s attempted smear campaign is doing more damage to his brand than any competitor could ever do.

David Iseley accuses the college kid of using infomercials, while his own website links to a paid-for “Designing Spaces” segment that is not labeled as an advertisement.

David Iseley claims the college kid stole his secrets, but doesn’t explain how the kid achieved 300% more growth with the same supposed concept.

David Iseley rails against the court system and the FBI for letting him “get screwed” because he’s “not Coca Cola.”

David Iseley obviously spends an inordinate amount of time on the Internet attacking a long-ago employee instead of finding a publisher for his book manuscript (he displays its supposed cover art) or updating his website (its most current training schedule is from 2008).

David Iseley claims the college kid is a phony, but is shown on video absolutely livid one moment then laughing the next (when he thought the camera was off).

David Iseley claims the college kid is deceptive, while it seems obvious that Iseley himself posts comments under multiple pseudonyms and personas.  On the attack blogs, David Iseley even writes in the first person, as himself, then includes a disclaimer stating “This blog is not affiliated with David Iseley, Oxymagic, or Oxymagic Franchise Development Corp.”

Say what?  His own blogs, which contain personal notes to his competitor, are not affiliated with him?

Should Oxymagic Franchisees Hold an Intervention?

In the worst recession in recent history, a franchise company CEO should be obsessed with one thing above all else:  the success of his franchise owners.

At the very least, he should ask his franchisees whether THEY think he should continue using valuable time and resources on his unprofessional, personal online vendetta.

Odds are, if they are candid with him, they’ll say: Stop embarrassing us, David.  Stop embarrassing yourself. Get refocused on helping us win and keep carpet cleaning customers.

Sometimes franchisors have to save franchisees from their own bad habits.

Sometimes the franchisees need to save the franchisor from himself.

For all their sakes.


[Note:  Neither Oxymagic nor the unnamed competitor sponsored or had input or influence on the content of this blog post.   The opinions expressed are that of the post author alone and are just that – personal opinions.]  Contact the editor at unhappyfranchisee[at]

31 thoughts on “Has OXYMAGIC CEO David Iseley Gone Off the Deep End?

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  • Ellen Crawford

    Seems to me after doing a little research this guy has every right to tell his story.
    Just as you have the right to blog and say whatever.
    If this other guy did represent that he owned the trade secrets while serving as an officer for the company and was not the rightful owner that is illegal.
    I believe it is trade secret missapropriation.
    It is ironic that Coke did prosecute some employees for an almost duplicate act.
    They went to jail. The US Attorney’s Office only prosecutes this kind of thing if alot of money is at stake. i.e. Coca Cola. And I agree the justice system is NOT fair or consistant.

  • Alan Leonard

    Just wonder if you had been stolen from before after working hard to create and build something.

    Would you have the same laid back attitude?

    I agree with Ellen on this one. Don’t think this guy is doing anything but letting the truth be known.
    OMG did you see the Oxi Fresh video on this Barnett guy. You would think he was the Messiah.

  • Anon

    Comparing Oxymagic to Coca Cola is laughable! Coca Cola owns more than 1100 patents. How many patents does David Iseley own?

    Your comment about Barnett having done anything illegal is factually false and therefore slanderous. You can be sued for such a statement. The truth is that Iseley pursued this in court and lost. Why? Because he had no trade secrets stolen. Stick to the facts

  • Ellen

    Claiming to own someone’s trade secrets and faxing a Non Disclosure is OK with you?

    You better look up trade secret law.
    Its called missapropriation of trade secrets. So what about that paper that he has in the video? If that is true it is illegal!

    I was not comparing Coca Cola to this guys company.
    Sounds to me like you are put up to this by that Barnett guy.

  • Alan Leonard

    To Anon

    Nobody lost the lawsuit there was a settlement agreement. Know your facts.

    No Secrets stolen. Oh OK some guy just took and duplicated everything. And nothing was taken. Go to Youtube and see where the guy that started Oxifresh was an Oxymagic Franchisee and VP of franchise development as well. What a thief.

  • Anon

    There was a settlement agreement? Then why is the Oxymagic guy whining all over the Internet like a baby when he agreed to a settlement?

    As far as his super top secret carpet techniques, there’s a forum of carpet cleaning pros who laugh at David Iseley and his claims. They say his super secret Oxymagic techniques are nothing secret (“encap wih a host machine”)

    Check it out:

    Here’s what other carpet cleaning professionals say about David Isely and Oxymagic’s claims:

    “Can you pay Designing spaces to do an informercial for anything?”

    “we can write them off as a step below Chemdry!”
    “The same old misinformation, untruthfullness, and down right garbage.”
    “Lying and deceiving is not what I call great marketing!”
    “OxyMagic is no magic at all”
    “I am a professional cleaner and after watching this video it did not sit right with me to not say anything. There are lots of carpet cleaners that perform just as mentioned in the video, however, there are many that are far superior to what this video presented as “clean” carpet. I will tell you that OxyMagic did NOT clean that carpet. He made it “look” clean and there is a big difference. ”

    Seems like the only person that takes David Iseley seriously is David Iseley.his guy should do himself a favor and stay off the Internet. :)

  • Guest

    Alan Leonard wrote “Nobody lost the lawsuit there was a settlement agreement.”

    How do you know so much? What’s your relationship to the company? Are you David Iseley posting under a fake name?

    I did a search and it says that the lawsuit was dismissed. That’s not surprising since Iseley’s own site says the kid used a different machine and different chemicals. What was there to steal? It’s oxygenated carpet cleaning, not Iseley’s invention or trade secret.

    Move on, David, er, I mean, Alan.

  • David Iseley

    To: Anon

    I have followed behind hot water extraction cleaners and pulled buckets of dog hair and grit out of carpet with our method.
    When I was IICRC Certified in 1996 it stated in their manual that the only way to efectively remove deep particulate or fibrous soil is with deep brush agitation.
    You HWE’S are all the same oh Shaw said so, Shaw said so! What is Shaw in the business doing recommending carpet cleaners? NO. Manufactutring carpet.
    The IICRC instructor also said that HWE shrinks more carpet, causes more seams to bust and creates more mold and mildew than all other methods COMBINED! We take customers from the dinosaur method every day.
    Oh and guest login at 7:12 A.M. I don’t have to hide who I am like JB’s cronies.

  • Anon

    I have no idea why you’re rambling about mold, mildew & buckets of dog hair, other than providing a clear answer to the title question :) Nobody knows or cares really. I’m just trying to give you some helpful advice and a little perspective.

    Your employee might have done you dirty SIX YEARS ago, but you are wrecking your brand and your professional reputation with your creepy rants, vicious comments and stalkerlike videos.

    The fact is that this kid took your idea and grew it 3X faster and 3X larger. He spends his time selling franchises and putting out press releases about his company’s accomplishments and you spend your time obsessing about him and telling everyone how knowledgeable and innovative you are.

    You keep telling everyone about what an industry innovator and pioneer you are, but what innovations have you made in the past six years? Purphora? Why don’t you dazzle us with your innovations instead of begging for our sympathy. We get it. Kid took your idea. A company took the domain you wanted. Your dog doesn’t understand you. Your are a poor victim. We feel sorry for you. Now you can go away happy.

  • Someone Concerned

    Mr. David Iseley

    I have no idea who you are personally but i think it is worth your time to read these blogs, take it in and try not to respond. I know it will be hard but you can do it champ. Listening and learning should be your approach here. This way you can save your family the embarrassment and hopefully keep what little integrity they may still have left.

    First off who the hell is in your corner and why in the world are they letting you have a video camera and access to the Internet. Not only do you look like a raving lunatic, but you put a picture of your kids in the video. Classy man! Everybody on this blog should look at this article about his great company and its ability to grow. This should give everybody a good idea of why he is not good at his trade. Your perception of success is a bit off from what most people would deem successful. Ill explain. You may need a calculator and a dictionary David, since there will be numbers and some big words involved. I only say this because I can’t imagine you’re too intelligent. That’s just what i gathered from stent on YouTube.

    Look at this article from the Brilliant David Iseley

    It’s Hilarious. Apparently in 1998 he started this overwhelmingly successful company and in 10 years. The Tulsa Oxymagic had a database of 1200 Customers. That’s ten years, 120 months of being in business. So you mean to tell me that you are bragging about getting ten new jobs a month. WOW, Impressive man. I’m not in the carpet cleaning business but I don’t know anybody that cleans their carpets more than once or twice a year. So this business is not recurring every month but hey you still get to clean a whopping ten homes per month. Let’s hope that they are mansions with 20 rooms a piece or you’re probably having a hard time keeping the lights on. You literally are booking like 10-15 new jobs a month. After monthly bills you may have enough left over to take everybody out to Applebee’s. I don’t think you thought that one through before you put it in the article. So i guess during these times of being bored and not cleaning carpet you found your great YouTube skills which inevitably will be one of the main reasons nobody in their right mind would want to do business with you let alone open a franchise with Oxymagic. The best part of this whole thing is you got out smarted not once but twice by this Barnett character. He not only knew when to get the hell off a sinking ship in Oxymagic but he also with no effort what so every to harm your company was able to turn you into a psychotic idiot through his success. He should have sued you the first time you made a crazy YouTube video but look at this, he doesn’t even have to. Somebody else got to it before he did. How freaking NUTZ are you?

    And somebody please check out the fact that he tried to open two carpet cleaning business in the same state. So you doubled your overhead and compete against yourself with Purphora carpet cleaning. I believe that you just jumped into the #1 spot for world’s dumbest business man. Hey nice stickers on your vehicles by the way. Don’t tell me you use the same vehicle for both businesses. I guess you save money that way but wow big guy. That’s not smart. You have the same background on both vehicles with a Purphora sticker over the Oxymagic logo. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now your 1-2 and three on the world’s dumbest business men.

    Here is an idea. Leave the successful people alone and in your case try to actually learn something from them. Get out of the Carpet cleaning business, change your already tarnished name and disappear. Save your family and Oxymagic Franchisees further embarrassment.

    Business 101: Try not to draw negative attention to your brand! You didn’t read that one huh. Ahhh yes you don’t need to, that’s life dummy.

    I would put my name on this blog but i don’t want my family on the hit list in David Iseley’s Basement where he demonstrates neurotic idiocy. I just don’t want to see you damage yourself anymore. So hopefully this hits home for you.

  • Anon

    “Not only do you look like a raving lunatic, but you put a picture of your kids in the video. Classy man! ”
    Oooohhh, yeah. I winced when he held up his empty wallet and showed the picture of his little girl. I was painfully embarrassed for him. His poor daughter. Wait til she gets older and sees that!
    Even worse is the very end where he acts all enraged then the second he thinks the camera’s off he giggles and says “Let’s watch that over, huh?!”
    Talk about phony.

  • David Iseley

    Someone concerned like another one of Jonathan’s Cronies?

    If I’m so dumb and stupid then how did I build the model that was stolen and duplicated.

    Someone Concerned. What have you done or accomplished? The ones that criticize the most are usually the people who have never done anything.

    I posted those videos because of all the lies and deception I was seeing and have all the proof to back up. Documents, forms, emails, and even documents with Jonathan’s signature. Oh, but lets not talk about facts.
    I don’t care about anyones opinions PERIOD! Including uh, yours.
    Lets talk about the Man of integrity?
    Leaves without even giving a notice.
    Man of integrity?
    Faxes a ND document while still employed by Oxymagic to our equipment manufacturer claiming to be the owner of the company.
    Man of integrity?
    Goes to our supplier in Denver and takes cleaners that he never paid for.
    Man of integrity?
    Failed to ship back computers from the call center that we bought.
    Man of integrity?
    Kept our website pass codes for nearly a month.
    Man of integrity?
    Still today claims that he was featured on CNN Headline News with Greg Gumbel which never happened.
    That is truly a MAN who cares more about others than himself.

  • David Iseley

    Oh how clear it is!

    I noticed on some other threads within Unhappy Franchisee.
    Now I see how all this came about.
    He had to chime in with his stinch not long after Oxymagic was highjacked. Yep more cronies.
    Critical of others but yet, what has he done?

  • David Iseley

    Someone Concerned
    You would put your name on this blog but….. You are a mouthy coward!

  • Guest

    David, I’ve had employees do the same thing to me so I get your anger.
    Something I don’t get is that you sued and you both came to a settlement agreement, right? Did he have to pay you?
    When you make a settlement agreement, don’t both sides have to agree that the matter is settled?
    Why is the dispute still going six years later if you came to an agreement?
    I’m not sure how settlements work but I thought they “settled” the dispute.

  • 1ethical

    This company is just as unehtical as the founder Jonathan Barnett. He is the most SHADY person that I have ever come in contact with. He had a huge lawsuit against him for being a thief and liar with Oxymagic and he tries to cover it up and look like the good one to all his franchise owners and employees. The truth about him is he is greedy and does such horrible things. He is a cheap businessman and incorporates his family and friends into his business to make himself look bigger and more successful. His mother Natalie is a supposed franchise owner whom never paid for her territory his uncle Ted is the franchise owner in Amarillo, his buddy Tj owns Des Moines, his other buddy Nonzo owns Kentucky, his father recently became a franchise owner, his girlfriend Lindsey is a Lead generator for franchise development… These are all things he does not share with his business partners and really is very important. He hacks into other businesses Tools for success to benefit off their website so once again he looks like the better person. Jonathan also bribes his employees by cutting them checks to keep stuff quiet… Really investigate this guy because he is SHADY and is operating a very SHADY business… Just like his call center… The reps are trained to say they are local to whichever franchise the customer is calling from… Now isnt that just a little WRONG?!?! If he had nothing to hide and he was 100 percent honest why would he train his Call Center Reps to lie to their customers???? Just really think about all this and maybe call and question anyone at OXIFRESH about this… THese are not accusations- Everything written here is the truth… Nothing but the TRUTH!!!

  • “His mother Natalie is a supposed franchise owner… his uncle Ted is the franchise owner in Amarillo, his buddy Tj owns Des Moines, his other buddy Nonzo owns Kentucky, his father recently became a franchise owner…”

    Wow, OxiFresh sounds like a fantastic family business. It must be very successful if the founder’s mother, father, uncle & two best friends all invested in OxiFresh franchises. What an endorsement!.

    Are you saying none of the Oxymagic founder David Iseley”s friends or family wanted an Oxymagic franchise? That seems to speak volumes also. It’s not surprising that Oxymagic’s growth is stunted if those who know the business and the owner best don’t see it as a good investment, is it?

  • David Iseley

    Hey Guest or should I say a Barnett Cronie!

    Just to let you know uuuuuhhh…

    Natalie, TJ and Uncle Ted and Zo where his first franchise owners. You know false social proof.
    They did not get in when they seen that Oh My God this is a great business, if you know what I mean.
    And when did size ever become a factor in the success of the organization.
    Oxymagic is nearly a debt free company. Bet you ol spend 99cents to make a dollar JB can’t say that.
    I know I’ll just call all my franchises two franchises tomorrow and double grow my business. But yet I’m not into deception like that and paid endorsements like Entrepenuer, Franchise Business Review, etc… etc…All Paid Endorsements!

  • Oxymagic David Iseley asks “when did size ever become a factor in the success of the organization.”?

    Size is always a factor in the success of an organization.
    If the “size” of sales is greater than in the previous year, that is called “growth”
    If the “size” of chain’s number of units is steadily increasing year after year (like OxiFresh), then that is a successful, growing chain.

    If the size of a chain’s sales or number of units is stagnant or declining, then that would a chain that is less successful than the group mentioned above.

    It appears that OxiFresh has acheved much more growth and therefore success than Oxymagic in a much shorter time. With all your videos and rants, David, you keep calling attention to that simple fact.

    Oxymagic David Iseley writes: “I’m not into deception like that and paid endorsements…”

    Really? How much did you pay for the phony Oxymagic Designing Spaces appearance, David?

  • Pot Meets Kettle

    It is definitely ironic if Oxymagic is criticizing another company while they have a Designing Spaces segment posted on YouTube and all over their website. Designing Spaces spots are paid advertising disguised to look like real shows. The LA Times did an expose on O2 Media & Designing Spaces not long ago:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Programs like “The Balancing Act,” and its O2 Media cousin, “Designing Spaces” on WE TV, in contrast, will fool at least some viewers, who will not understand that many of the featured companies and products did not exactly earn their airtime. They bought it.”

    “Stacey Kannenberg, a Wisconsin mother who writes a blog and books about preparing children for school, turned down a pitch from “Designing Spaces” that came with the same $38,500 price tag. She said she thought her publications should be featured based on their merit, not whether she would pay.

    “The people who are losing in the end are the consumers who don’t realize these are paid segments,” Kannenberg said.”

    This website should do some posts on 02 Media and these stealth infomercials.

    It seems like $38,500 is the going rate for a phony TV spot. David, is that what Oxymagic paid for the “Designing Spaces” appearance?

  • David Iseley

    Designing Spaces was actually a real TV program with 80 million views nationwide.

    Oxi Fresh’s CNN video is a FRAUD never was featured on CNN and Greg Gumbel did not do the lead in for Oxi Fresh.

    It is a FRAUD!

    Without Oxymagic there would be NO Oxifresh. Period.
    He copied everything he’s no innovator of nothing but deception.

  • Pot Meets Kettle

    “Designing Spaces was actually a real TV program with 80 million views nationwide.”

    David, you are the honest one, the not-deceptive one right?

    Please answer the question: How much did Oxyfresh pay toward “production costs” or other fees for the Designing Spaces spot? Did you have to pay a license fee for using it? $38,500? More? Less?

    If you are going to accuse others of being deceptive, shouldn’t you be willing to tell the truth and not duck basic questions?

  • Guest

    Will Oxymagic David Iseley answer the direct question “How much did Oxymagic pay to be on the Designing Spaces episode?”

    If he continues to duck the question, he has no place calling others dishonest or deceptive.

    When I asked how much he paid he evaded the question by saying “Designing Spaces was actually a real TV program.”

    For heaven’s sake, it’s no secret. It’s in the article linked to above:
    “Mark Alfieri, founder of O2 Media… said O2 Media requires the payments”

    Man up, David, and admit how much Oxymagic paid.

  • David Iseley

    Oh yes Guest
    Ol Jonathan Barnett has caused so much consumer confusion. Even You!
    I am with Oxymagic NOT Oxyfresh! Can you not read! FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!
    Quoting YOU!

    Man UP? I think I have, with not one but three Youtube video’s. Unlike the cowards and cronies that can do nothing but blog for Barnett.

    Why doesn’t Barnett MAN UP? and defend his FRAUDULANT video that he still uses to generate leads to sell his one and ONLY innovative franchise!
    I never said I didn’t pay for my Designing Spaces video. DID I? NO

    I know what OXYMAGIC not OXYFRESH should do is place that same Bullshit Greg Gumbel video in front of our video and claim we where featured on CNN Headline News and I bet you we could decieve people into looking into our company too!

  • Pot Meets Kettle

    “I never said I didn’t pay for my Designing Spaces video. DID I? NO”

    So you grudgingly admit you paid $32,500 for the Designing Spaces show you have plastered all over the Oxymagic website and YouTube?

    But you insist Oxymagic’s phony paid-for infomercial is a real show with “80 million views nationwide,” despite the fact that the LA Times revealed “The shows air in the mornings and don’t have huge viewership.”?

    And you are criticizing someone else for being deceptive?

    David Iseley, you are a hoot.

  • David Iseley

    Hey Pot Meets Kettle
    or coward that will not admit who you really are! JB cronie!

    Bet you never made $32,500 a year!!!

    So all the advertisors that pay during any tv or any other venue do it for FREE.

    Like the world series or super bowl or your 5 o clock news! NO everyone pays for advertising. STUPID! or TED

    Yes I paid for advertising and they showed me where Oxymagic was aired on over 80 million households nationwide.

    Oxi Fresh and it’s owner is a down right liar and many people know it. Our Designing Spaces video was viewed without any deception like the Oxifresh video. Give me a break the phoney Gumbel lead in that was the same for several other companies. Look it up its a fraud. The OxyMagic video was shot live in a real customer situation not like the phoney Oxi Fresh video.

    So how much has Oxi Fresh paid for advertising over the last several years. Lets see Franchise Gator,, Franchise Opportunies, Entreprenuer, Franchise Business Review, etc. etc. but thats OK!

    Jonathan Barnett and Oxi Fresh with all their FAME and GLORY are nothing more than Liars and Thieves. HE LEARNED EVERYTHING FROM DAVID ISELEY AND OXYMAGIC AND THAT IS INDISPUTABLE. PERIOD. Before he came to work for OxyMagic Jonathan Barnett knew Nothing about this industry. When we did our first trainings he was nervous and did nothing but stand in the front of the room and kick his feet. MAN UP someone said OK I would match their P&L with ours anyday. During deposition he didn’t even know how oxygenated cleaning worked.
    And he was the innovator?
    Jonathan should give credit where the real credit is do! i.e. Oxymagic and its founder and Zo. without Zo Jonathan would’nt be jack nothin.

  • David Iseley: I’ve never met you or your competitor. I’m not on anyone’s payroll, and I’m not saying this to be mean, but you should get some professional help. Talk to an anger management counselor. I’m sure your wife and family is sick of hearing the same old thing over and over. You are destroying your reputation with your online vendetta, and I have a feeling you can’t stop on your own.

    You are trying so hard to defame your young competitor that you are giving the appearance that you are blatantly dishonest and deceptive. Take a step back and see how this looks to an outsider:

    – You started a website to defame your competitor but posted that the site is “not affiliated with David Iseley, Oxymagic, or Oxymagic Franchise Development Corp.” When challenged, you removed that deceptive claim.

    – You post disparaging comments about your competitor under multiple names & personas to decieve people into thinking others agree with you.

    – After being challenged, you admit you paid tens of thousands of dollars for Oxymagic to be featured on a phony “Designing Spaces” show. You call it “advertising” but do not label it as an infomercial on your website or YouTube.

    – You criticize others for doing exactly the same thing, but say its different when YOU do it (It’s only wrong when Greg Gumbel’s involved? Right)

    – On your video you pretend to be in an angry rage, then immediately laugh when you think the camera’s off

    – You admit you agreed to a settlement with your competitor but continue to defame him over the same issues, despite that you agreed it was settled

    – You sued a competitor then didn’t have the stones to follow through to trial. Then you publicize that the competitor was hit with a “huge lawsuit.” When it’s pointed out that you are being sued at the same level for bullying and bad faith dealings, you claim you’ve never heard of the company.

    David, did you ever hear that saying that when you point a finger, four fingers are pointing back at you? Every time you try to disparage your more-successful competitor, the more you damage your reputation and Oxymagic’s reputation. You should quit while you’re behind, before this competitor hits you with the slam-dunk defamation suit you’ve delivered to him on a silver platter.Do it for your little girl.

  • This whole incident was like 6 or 7 years ago? Employees leave to start competitive companies all the time. That’s business. Dude, grow up and move on.

    Keep slandering and defaming the kid all over the internet and he’s probably going to end up owning your company anyway. Judging from the fact that not a single one of your franchisees is here supporting you, I’d imagine they’d be happy with the change.

    Best of luck.

  • Guest

    Looks like David Iseley wised up and removed his childish and slanderous videos from YouTube. Hopefully that means he got into some anger management therapy and can now focus on supporting his franchisees.

    Looks like he’s pared down his slanderous copycat franchise website, too, though it still contains the lie “This blog is not affiliated with David Iseley, Oxymagic, or Oxymagic Franchise Development Corp.”

    Sure it’s not, David.

  • Look, You want me to admit I was angry, Yes, I was and still a bit raw about it, but that is under control. I invented the cleaning product and the ideas behind it, Its a good product and a sound marketing plan.
    I lost to a person and it seemed as is the whole world was lying too. I lost my temper and set out to defend myself and get a bit of justice,

    I made many mistakes, and I know you want to hear that.

    I paid for marketing, just like everybody else. Every infomercial tries to make it look like “just folks doing things” and it comes out perfect. Maybe you might consider that.

    I am rebuilding the company. I am going to treat my franchisees and clients with the respect they deserve. I am going to pull this back out and I will do it with quality, professionalism, and a good product.

    So, after all these years I am answering you. Someone pissed in my cheerios and I didn’t like the taste at all. I should not have thrown the bowl and the milk and the spoon against the wall like I did. If the guy had not had a lot of asparagus for lunch, maybe I could have acted better.

    I over reacted, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that my Supergreen Oxiclean
    is a great product that does what we say it does. That is the basis we are returning on.

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