NY BAGEL CAFÉ Franchise Graveyard

NY Bagel Café franchise sellers Joe Smith & Dennis Mason, apparently tell prospective franchisees that the first NY Bagel franchise opened in 2012 and the chain grew to 14 franchises by 2014 with zero failures. Sadly, the NY Bagel Café Franchise Graveyard tells a MUCH different story.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) The NY Bagel Café franchise opportunity sounds too good to be true:

Just pay a $17,500 (sometimes $29,500) franchise fee and you could get in on the ground floor of a fresh new franchise concept with zero franchise failures.

Don’t worry… If the franchisor fails to get you financing for the $112,500 – $194,500 investment, they promise to give you your franchise fee back.

Best yet… their failure-free track record & practically risk-free deal is documented in an official looking document called their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Only one problem:  None of it is true.

UnhappyFranchisee.Com has identified  30 NY Bagel franchise locations that have opened – and closed.  Several have failed and been sold to new owners – only to fail again.

Behold the NY Bagel Café franchise graveyard.  These are pictures of actual NY Bagel Cafe locations that we found on the Internet

Those we couldn’t find pictures for are marked with an asterisk (CLOSED*).

NY BAGEL CAFÉ Franchise Graveyard

NY Bagel CafeTracy, CA – Closed 2014 NY Bagel CafeAurora, CO – Closed 2012 NY Bagel CafeNewark, DE (Capitol Tr.)Closed 2013 NY Bagel CafeNewark, DE (Churchm)Closed 2012, 2013**
NY Bagel Cafe and Deli

Doral, FL – Closed  Franchisee:  Ervin Cruz

NY Bagel CafeSinger Island, FL
Closed 2012 Reopened
NY Bagel CafeCoeur d’Alene, ID – Closed 2013 NY Bagel Cafe

Houma, LA – OPEN

Franchisees: Ohlmeyer, Hebert

NY Bagel CafeBrick, NJ – Closed 2013 NY Bagel CafeCherry Hill, NJ -Closed 2013 NY Bagel Cafe Jackson NJJackson, NJ – Closed 2014 NY Bagel Cafe Jersey City NJ

 Jersey City, NJ – OPEN

Franchisee: Patel 

NY Bagel CafeLivingston, NJ – Closed 2012 NJ Middletown 150

 Middletown, NJ – OPEN Franchisees:  John & Debra Caristi
NY Bagel Cafe Newark NJNewark, NJ  – Closed 2013 NY Bagel New Brunswick NJNew Brunswick, NJ –  Closed 2011
NY Bagel CafeParsippany, NJ –  Closed 2011 NY Bagel River Vale NJRiver Vale, NJ – Closed 2015, resold 2X NY Bagel RockawayRockaway, NJ – Closed 2013 NY Bagel CafeRoselle, NJ – Closed 2012
NY Bagel Waldwick NJWaldwick, NJ – Closed 2012 NY Bagel CafeLagrangeville, NY – Closed 2009 NY Bagel Cafe Newburgh NY
Newburgh, NY – OPEN Company store
NY Bagel CafeWashingtonville, NY Closed 2011
NY Bagel Cafe Cary NCCary, NC – Closed 2013 NY Bagel Cafe Morrisville NCMorrisville, NC – Closed 2013 NC Wesley Chapel 150.1Wesley Chapel, NC – Closed 2013 NY Bagel CafeFairless Hills, PA –  Closed 2012
NY Bagel Cafe glen mills PAGlen Mills, PA –  Closed 2011/2012 NY Bagel closed Lititz PALititz, PA – Closed 2013 NY Bagel Closed Philadelphia PAPhiladelphia, PA –  Closed 2013 NY Bagel Closed West Chester PAWest Chester, PA –  Closed 2012
NY Bagel Closed Franklin TNFranklin, TN –  Closed 2013 NY Bagel Closed El Paso TXEl Paso, TX – Closed 2013 NY Bagel Closed Huntington WVHuntington, WV -Closed 2013 Illegally sold franchise: NY Bagel Ocean City MDOcean City, MD – Open Opened July, 2015 Franchisee: Robyn Fox (?)
* Actual location picture not available ** Believed to have closed & been resold once or more Updated 7/9/15


Disclaimer:  We have pieced together the NY Bagel Franchise Graveyard and the list of NY Bagel closed locations from public documents, Internet searches and archived versions of the company webpage.  As we have had to source this information from a variety of sources with no help from NY Bagel Café (they refuse to respond), so some of the dates or other details might be incorrect.

NY Bagel Franchise Fraud


NY Bagel Café Franchise: Buyer Beware

If you are considering investing in a NY Bagel Café franchise, read all of our posts listed below and do your own research.

Ask Joe Smith & Dennis Mason to explain the many closed stores.  Ask why their ads promise 100% financing but franchisees claim they only receive a list of sketchy lenders that they must contact.

Is NY Bagel Café franchise a scam?  It’s our opinion that after achieving a 90% failure, Joe Smith and Dennis Mason  came to realize that the NY Bagel Café franchise concept is simply not a viable business model.

We believe that they now focus their energy on collecting up-front franchise fees through any means possible, and reneging on their promise to either provide funding or return the up-front franchise fees.  (See Joe Smith, Dennis Mason & NY Bagel Café Franchise Exposed: 10 Things You Should Know )

Before you buy any franchise, do your homework and make an informed decision.

Joe Smith & Dennis Mason’s response to these allegations:  None yet received.

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