BONUS BUILDING CARE Franchise Scam Complaints

Is the Bonus Building Care franchise a legitimate commercial cleaning opportunity or another janitorial franchise scam?

Bonus Building Care franchise marketing materials claim “In the world of commercial cleaning franchises there are many choices.

While some other commercial cleaning franchise companies charge a premium for their services while delivering less, at BONUS Building Care, we believe that you can ‘Start Small and Make It Big!’”

Bonus Building Care is structured the same as most in the controversial commercial cleaning franchise segment, selling territorial Master Franchise deals to sub-franchisees who then sell “unit franchises” to individuals in their region.  Are franchisees really starting small and making it big with Bonus Building Care franchise program?

Internet complaints about the Bonus Building Care franchise opportunity raise concerns.

On Rip-off Report dated August 17, 2009, “franchise holder” claims he was ripped off by Bonus Building Care of St. Louis, MO:

Don’t waste your money with this company they will not do what they promise when you first sign up with them. Bonus has bad management and a office staff and they will say anything to get your 1000.00 dollars.

They tell you that you are a franchise owner when you sign up but what they don’t tell you is that you don’t and won’t own any accounts because it to a all belongs to them.

No matter how many fees you pay, no matter how long you’ve clean the account  it all belong to bonus.

In other words you pay them a starter fee of 1000.00 to get an account up a 1000.00 you may be cleaning several buildings to get to that so called guarantee business of 1000.00. Then they take out a franchise note fee 250.00 are more plus 10% royalty plus 5% accounting plus 7% insurance plus a starter kit that you don’t need for around 300.00

So after working one full month you’ve just spent 770.00 out of your first check that you haven’t received yet plus you wont get that check until the tenth day of the following month.

If the office budget is low they instruct there operation managers to write 50.00 fines on there franchise owners who maybe have worked all night and didn’t answer the phone at 8:30 in the mourning.

They may give you a  book to have the contact of the building your cleaning to sign a evaluation form witch they may not have time to are don’t want to and your deducted 50.00

You may have cleaned a building for years and paid off all the fees and they can come  and tell the contact that your not doing a good job rotate you out of that account and give it to someone else and charge them the same fees as they charged you and they can get paid those same fees over and over again as long as they have that building.

Its a rip-off and you are really an employee of this company and I think that this is just away they can skate around paying employee taxes and yes that is also on the so called franchise owner.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009, Phil submitted this Rip-off Report about Bonus Building Care:

I want to inform everyone across the United States that Bonus Building Care is the biggest janitorial rip off franchise operations much worse then Janiking, Coverall, or Jan-Pro.

This scum bag named [redacted] in Anaheim and his scum bag wife ran an operations in anaheim that was so ripe with scamming us hispanics out of our cash that he took 20K from me within six months and i was out of business with this scumbag from New Zealand.

He took my money put me in accounts without my signature on the accounts and then when I notified him that the accounts were not acceptable to me and I would request change based on the UFOC, he forced me to keep the accounts until I lost all of them.

Then after I lost over 10K in accounts from him, he would not honor his own Bogus contract agreement by replacing those accounts with new accounts to get me up to my purchased account volume agreement, which was over 10K per month.

Then he used this complete inept bozo for a salesman who would under bid accounts just to make his monthly quota so he could hit his bonuses each month, throwing us franchisees under the bus just to make his money so he could ride around in his mercedes for which he couldnt afford anyways.

Bonus Building Care Operation managers were told to take accounts away from franchisees who would not agree with the master franchisee.  But what really was the major breach was him not honoring the contract and replacing those accounts for which I did not even sign and accept? 

He basically forced me into bankruptcy and now I had to file a chapter 7 BK.

Bonus Building Care of OC disputes the latter claim, stating that

“Bonus Building Care takes claims such as this very seriously. As a leader in the office cleaning franchising business we appreciate the opportunity to respond.

“After careful review we can not find any documents indicating that this individual named Phil or any name similar ever existed as a franchise owner within our Orange County based territory.

“The fact that their is no corroberating evidence showing this individual ever exisisted one can only conclude that this complaint is without merit and a hoax resulting in nothing more than a malicious attempt to harm the good reputation of Bonus Building Care in Orange County.”


12 thoughts on “BONUS BUILDING CARE Franchise Scam Complaints

  • William

    I believe the first claim is the same KISS janitorials does..

  • Arclties like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.

  • Bonus has entered our market, and are lowering the prices to the extent that they can only accomplish their promised duties with less than minimum wage owners. They recently tried to acquire one of my customers for 40% of what I am billing. 40 percent… They didn’t get the account, as I was fortunate enough to have a client look at the fact that I’ve had the account for 5 years, won the account thru a competitve process, and haven’t raised the price since I’ve had it.

    They told the customer I was ripping them off, and that due to their size, they can operate more efficiently, and reduce cost.

    Operate more efficiently? Really? Just because you have more people working for you, doesn’t lower the cost of those working. In fact, once you cross a certain level, staffing size can really cost you more per hour due to the additional cost placed on employers at various levels of staffing.

    The only efficiencies one can truely realize are in manufacturing, not labor.

    I would like to see an attorney in Ohio be approached with enough complaints against Bonus, JaniKing, Jan Pro, Anago, etc. for fraudulent business practices, and get a class action lawsuit brought before a judge to get these companies shut down. Three states have class action suits in court now, and they will win and have all past franchisees reclassified as employees, and those poor souls will get their money back, plus more!

  • 1st Amendment

    Duke you should take legal action because bonus is probably paying there franchisees less than minimum wage and that is unfair competition. You can sue under unfair competition.

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  • To Whom It May Concern:

    We are currently researching claims against the Bonus Building franchise. If you currently own or have owned a Bonus Building franchise we would like to speak with you regarding your experiences. If you are interested, please call or email us.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Fortman

  • I have franchise they change company name I dont have franchise unless I find all my info like they dont have copy Austin TX

  • Bonus who is now corvus in which is the same company who breach my contract from bonus to cor us same people pay for franchise owner fee u own nothing 2.5 offer amount in contract n take 3.5 on new account take a body from u n all is going good but will tell u the client said u did this r that then take from one person give to another make the same amount of money off rotating u I can go on on got all my paper work ready for class act suit


  • Carey Kennedy

    I was a Bonus Franchise Owner everything that is being said is true. I was being ripped off to.

  • Big Dog

    Bonus is A BIG RIP OFF. They all r full of SHIT!!! they don’t help u build shit. they take ur buildings for no reason. because they to sorry to go out and get the building for the NEW SUCKER I mean ( Franchisee’s)

  • customer

    This could be possible if more than 1 person is stating the same facts. Are these true facts? One thing about the court system Proven Facts is the burden of proof. It’s an open and shut case.. Read your contracts, read small print before signing any kind of an agreement. Burden of Proof keep that in mind. 1000 to sign up to be an employee lol now that’s funny…Your an independent contractor basically.

    Do you make your own hours?
    Do you buy your own supplies?
    Do you do your own accounting and pay your own bills?
    Do you clock in and out?
    Do you own your accounts? Was that in the agreement?
    Did you read the agreement?
    Did you interview the Owner and drill him with concerns, asked question’s for clarification?
    Do you get any benefits or perks?
    Are you legal to work? Age/Citizens/documented?
    Do you know how to run a business professionally?
    Do you pay your bills? How? This helps to understand why folks fork out money for a gig.

    Joke Right..use common sense

  • Former Franchisee

    From the Southern California office to the corporate headquarters, this Franchise is completely unprofessional and mis-managed! I can also attest to a former salesman who did UNDERBID accounts and promise customers services that were not in the contract just to close the sale and achieve bonuses and salesman of the year awards. The master franchisee was very aware this was going on and continued to let it happen. If you did your homework and turned down an under bid account they would simply sell it to another unsuspecting franchisee. Horrible franchisee support and service! Late checks, lies about having mailed checks, etc, etc.
    Yes, there was a Phil (dont recall his last name) at this office who at one time was an operations manager…so the claim above that this person never existed is a flat out lie! This is a bad franchise…stay away, very far way.

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