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CURVES FOR WOMEN: Advice on Buying a Franchise Resale

The franchise information website Franchise Pick posted the question “Is Curves for Women a Good Franchise Investment?”  Most of the commenters think that it’s not, though many clubs are being sold as “resales” at fire sale prices.  On comment #609, North Jersey Curves Owner responds to a possible resale buyer with this response, and due diligence advice:

I wouldn’t do it. Some canadian clubs are going through the same thing.

If you MUST attend the meeting, tell the owner you want the following:

1. Her tax returns for the last two years
2. The igo figure Projection Sheets for the last two years
3. A list of all her expenses and what the costs are
4. Her profit and loss sheet for the last two years out of her Quickbooks application or what ever application she uses to do her books.

I would not buy a Curves honestly. It was the biggest mistake of our lives. Corportae will demand their money and offer you no assistance. Why is this owner selling in the first place? Are they selling it for next to nothing? It was just reported on an AM radio station here that Curves, Subway, and Arbys have had the most closing nationwide in the United States.

If you buy the curves and then realize you are not making any money, Curves will want a $10,000 closing fee. If you dont pay it, they will put a judgement against you for all back franchise fees. the only way out of that is that bankruptcy which my husband and I are doing.

What do you think?  Share a comment below.

16 thoughts on “CURVES FOR WOMEN: Advice on Buying a Franchise Resale

  • Wipedout


    Nuff said.

  • mkrizka

    $30,000? What does it cost to run the place? Why is the owner selling?


    “i guess this one is making money”

    Unless this is one of them overpriced resales Mr. Heavin is warning about. Jerry says you can make your whole investment back in a year. Wonder why Jerry is selling?

    From Craigs List: “Spotless curves, great location, 110 members. Owner operator can make $25,000 to $30,000 with current membership. Call Jerry * Location: Crawfordville, Florida”

  • My advice is not to read any of this advice. Sounds to me like a whole bunch of complainers putting out misinformation, in an attempt to cover up their own personal inability to run a business properly. If you’re thinking of buying a resale, go speak to an owner who is successful not one who has failed.

  • unhappy but getting happy

    your advice is very misleading and totally wrong. kI have been a successful owner and my clubs are still in the black. I however would never advise any p[erson to buy a Curves franchise at this time. The reson would be Howie the owner of the franchise. He is not a christain and is incopetent at running a business and is not interested in the franchisee making money but only on how he personally can make money off the ffranchisee. Check out all the boards here ion this site and you will begin to get the picture of what has happended to this company since 03. It has been on a down hill slide since than and there is no end in sight . Most clubs are worthless at this time because of thenew franchisee contract. Even those of us that have and continue to be successful will not sign such a contact. So be very cafefull when tring to buy a Curves as at this time it would be a very bad business to buy. Just the lawsuits alone may break Howie.

  • To “Unhappy” who admits to being successful. I am impressed that you are successful and in the black when you spend, what must be a majority of your day, in a negative manner ripping Curves Intl. & any positive Curves experiences. Do you feel it is your calling to bring people down? Are you not happy about anything? I am really curious as to what motivates your tirade when obviously you have benefitted, as many of us have, from Curves.

  • May 4 owner,
    you want to know what motivates me. All the people that have been taken by howie and curves international is what motivates me. All of them are looking for help in getting through the ruff times that howie has inflicked on them for no reason. The concept is great and it the circut works but ever since 03 howie has been cheating, lieing, and has been very dishonest with the franchisee. I guess as a Christen you could turn the other cheek but for crying out loud someone has to stand up for what is right. that is what keeps me going.

  • To all curves owners who have had problems with curves International and Gary Howie Havein please send your complaints to the BBB of your city and Waco TX. As well as the attorney general of your state and TX. And the federal trade commission. Below are web links where you can file the complaints on line.





  • So many people are simply running out of money, which is due to the current overall economic situation. Everyone is affected. People aren’t buying like they were. If your club is teetering between the black and the red, just blame it on your unhappy childhood or Gary. Some of us take responsibility for our own success and keep going with a positive attitude. Some people just sit on their derrieres and complain to the bbb or anyone else who will listen.

  • Before you believe sw’s crap read the new posts on this site

  • Anyone thinking of buying a resale? FORGET ABOUT IT

  • I am getting bored with “unhappy” controlling this site with no helpfull information. This is good bye and good luck to all in your future endeavors.

  • to owner who is bored.

    Take some of you time and send in complaints to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission and you won’t be so bored. When are youy closing your Curves? Guess how many have closed since the first of this year? None of the over 800 clubs that closed last year count. Again if you are considering buying a Curves just go on line to eirther Craigs list or e-bay and buy the equipment and open up your own fitness center as you certainly don’t need any help from CI or howie and even if you did you wouldn’t get any support from them any how.

  • Hey Unhappy, I just did a quick search of the BBB [Deletion] Can you give us any insight on this?

    [ADMIN note: C’mon JD. Respect people’s right to anonymity. There’s no “guessing” or “outing” commenter identities allowed. You and Unhappy need to kiss and make up or take a break for a while.]

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