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Is the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) Promoting the Davidovich NY Bagel Franchise Scam?

The Franchise Brokers Association claims it stands as “the beacon of integrity and the hub for knowledge, professionalism, and growth within the Franchise Industry.”  Yet we’ve received word that the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA)  may be promoting (albeit unwittingly) the blatant franchise scam now being marketed as Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop.  We’re reaching out to the FBA to find out whether they are – or have ever – promoted Joe Smith’s NY Bagel  scam – and to enlist their help warning others about this predatory scheme. 

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  We’re inviting responsible franchise industry members to join us in warning their members, employees, and the general public about the long-running NY Bagel franchise franchise scam currently being promoted under the name Davidovich NY Bagel & Sandwich Shop.

NYC Bagel Scam GoFundMeRecently, our warnings resulted in the Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich scam getting kicked out of the IFE show in New York (NYC Davidovich Bagel Ejected From International Franchise Expo (IFE))

Franchise broker organization IFPG (International Franchise Professionals Group) announced its partnership with the Davidovich NYC Bagel franchise, then quickly and definitively corrected its mistake (Davidovich NYC Bagel Ejected From International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG))

We’ve reached out to FranServe, Inc. to ask that they drop Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop from their promoted franchises (if they haven’t already).

In his applying recently to one of the other franchise broker organizations, Joe Smith stated that his Davidovich franchise is “part of Franserve, Franchise Brokers Association, and also uses private brokers.”

So while we have not seen direct evidence that the FBA has accepted Davidovich NYC Bagel, we are reaching out for clarification – and to hopefully get their commitment to not only permanently ban Joe Smith & his various bagel franchises unless they can furnish a truthful & complete FDD, and to get the FBA’s assistance spreading the word.

Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop is Just Latest Name for the NY Bagel Franchise Scam

For six years, UnhappyFranchisee.Com has been warning about the blatant franchise-fee collection scam that’s been operated under various names including NY Bagel Cafe & Deli & NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop.

We have posted more than 50 blog posts here (NYC Bagel Franchise Scam Overview), on NY Bagel Scam and (NYC Bagel Scam Reveals Franchising’s Dark & Dangerous Secret )

With the newest variation of Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop and Alexander Hildenbrandtnew additions to the gang (Gene Davidovich Shvedov and disbarred lawyer and convicted felon Marc Zirogiannis), Joe Smith & Dennis Mason have been trying to expand from the shadows of Craig’s list to mainstream expos and franchise broker networks.

We’ve been calling on members of the legitimate franchise industry to ban the NYC Bagel Scam, and spread our warning links.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe Campaign to help with the education and communication effort:  We Stopped a Scam fundraiser .

Is the FBA (Franchise Brokers Association) Truly More Committed to Honest & Ethical Franchising?

We are not intimately familiar with the FBA Franchise Brokers Association, but we give them credit for having the word “broker” in their name (rather than those brokers who  staunchly use “consultant” or “coach” exclusively).

Their website puts a bit more emphasis on ethics and, as trivial as this might seem to those from other industries, the fact that they acknowledge the existence of bad franchises sets them apart.

However, they also seem to represent many of the same franchise brands and have many of the same broker members as Franserve and IFPG.

Are they truly any more selective than any of the other groups?

Franchise brokerFBA brokers have come up in connection with the Clubstore Outlet franchise massacre, and their website features  Alexander Hildenbrandt, the franchise broker who tried to pull a fast one with the unsuccessful Cuppy’s Coffee return from the dead (Alexander Hildenbrandt, Stonework Franchising, Cuppy’s Coffee WARNING, Cuppy’s Coffee Franchise Nightmare is Back)

Is FBA Going to Help Promote Up Another Franchise Tragedy Like Clubstore Outlet?

The alleged FBA partnership with the NY Bagel Scam would mean that the broker association would be promoting an infamous franchise fraudsters who fail to include such legally required disclosures as their lengthy history of state enforcement actions, litigation, civil judgements, bankruptcies, a near 100% franchise failure rate.  It would suggest that FBA and its brokers may be unaware of the danger bad franchises pose.

We sincerely hope that’s not the case.

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INVITATION TO FBA LEADERSHIP & MEMBERS:  It is our opinion that the alleged FBA partnership with a known and proven scam artist does a disservice to legitimate franchisors (including FBA franchise partners), your members, and especially to the franchise buyers who rely on FBA  brokers for trustworthy guidance.   However, we are open to alternative viewpoints and interpretations.  We invite & welcome explanations, clarifications, rebuttals, and opinions both from FBA leadership, staff, members and franchise partners. 

We are especially interested in hearing which brokers and groups are willing to commit to spreading the word about the risks associated with the Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop and its variations.



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