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EXPERIMAX EXPERIMAC Franchise Report (The Index)

This is the home page of the crowdfunded EXPERIMAX Experimac Franchise Report, including research, analysis & opinions of the United Franchise Group (UFG) computer retail and repair franchise opportunity.   Features information on the EXPERIMAX Experimac Funding Trap and its participants, including United Franchise Group, Experimac, Tim Phillips, Paul Bosley, Business Funding Depot, First Financial, Celtic Bank, Small Business Administration (SBA), Benetrends, TimePayment Corporation, VFS LLC, and Advantage Leasing.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Thanks to all who support our search for the truth behind the hype regarding the Experimac franchise and the Franchise Funding Trap set by United Franchise Group and its 3rd party associates.

Experimac Franchise ReportTo support development and communication of this project, please visit the  Unhappy Franchisee Experimac Franchise Report GoFundMe Campaign page.  To support our general efforts or to fund other franchise-specific initiatives, visit our Unhappy Franchisee Contributions page.

Latest Experimac Franchise Post:

EXPERIMAC, UFG Franchise Funding Trap: The Paul Bosley Interview :

57% of the Experimac stores on a recent SBA-guaranteed loan list have closed.  Paul Bosely of Business Funding Depot explains how his unique relationships with Celtic Bank, SBA Express Loan, and equipment lease companies enabled him to plunge UFG franchisees deep into debt in a matter of weeks.

Posts about the Experimac Franchise Opportunity:

experimac franchiseEXPERIMAC Franchise: Who Benefits from Failed Franchises?:  Why aren’t United Franchise Group (UFG), Experimac Franchising LLC, CEO Ray Titus and President Jim Muir halting Experimac franchise sales and fixing whatever is causing the rising franchise failures?  Could it be that they’re making too much money off of failed stores?

EXPERIMAC Franchise Closed Store List:  The Experimac website only lists 96 stores currently open.  Our participatory and continuously updated list of closed and transferred Experimac franchise stores indicates that 54 franchise stores have closed, been reacquired or transferred to new owners.  We list them here, with links to many of their YELP closure notices.

EXPERIMAC Franchise Stores For Sale :  The Experimac franchise agreement term is 35 years.  Yet it appears that many Experimac franchise owners are seeking to exit the system , even if they must sell their franchise at a loss.

EXPERIMAC Franchise Complaints :  Here are the initial complaints we received from Experimac franchise owners, and the franchisee turnover rate disclosed by Experimac Franchising LLC and United Franchise Group.  Your comments are invited.

EXPERIMAC Franchise Complaints – Part 2 :  We divide franchise and share Experimac franchise complaints by topic, including:  Dishonest Salespeople, Deceptive Earnings Claims, Indifference to Failing Stores, Inadequate Support, Inadequate Inventory Supply, Kickbacks &  a Predatory Funding Program.  Join the conversation by adding your experience or opinions in the comment section.

United Franchise Group (UFG) Franchise Posts


EMBROIDME Franchise Complaints : EmbroidMe is now named “Fully Promoted”

SIGNARAMA Franchise Complaints:

EMBROIDME, SIGNARAMA: United Franchise Group Responds to

Dr. John Hayes’ “12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities” Featuring United Franchise Group Franchises

Dr. John Hayes is a paid pitchman for United Franchise Group (UFG) and is the “Titus Chair” of the UFG-funded franchise studies program at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Dr. John Hayes’ Franchise Fraud School – Dr. John Hayes helps franchisors get unearned credibility through paid endorsements disguised as unbiased 3rd party expert endorsements.  United Franchise Group is one of his best customers.

Dr. John Hayes & His 12 Amazingly Deceptive Franchises  United Franchise Group VP Joe Malmuth gives a glowing recommendation of the effectiveness of Hayes’ deceptive, paid endorsements.


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