EXPERIMAC Franchise Stores For Sale

EXPERIMAC franchise stores are listed for sale from coast to coast.  While there are 96 Experimac computer store locations listed on the company website, we found 27 listings for Experimac franchise resales.  Why are more than 20% of Experimac franchises up for sale?  The purported reasons the owners are selling is listed below.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Experimac franchise owners invest between $150K to $350K to open their franchise locations, and commit to a term of 35 years.

Yet it appears that as many a 25% of the franchised computer and cell phone repair stores are for sale, some at fire-sale prices.

Many Experimac franchise owners appear to be desperate to exit the franchise system, despite only having been open for a couple of years.

While a few have successfully sold their stores, many others, it appears, have closed their doors and defaulted on their loans.

See the closed location list project here:  EXPERIMAC Franchise Closed Store List.

See our post on franchisee complaints here EXPERIMAC Franchise Complaints and here EXPERIMAC Franchise Complaints – Part 2.

NOTE:  All of this information has been compiled from public sources and is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief.  We publish it here to prompt discussion and invite corrections and clarification.  If you are performing due diligence, you should independently verify all information – whether it comes from us, the franchisor, or 3rd parties.

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Experimac Franchise Resales by the Numbers*

  • Number of stores listed as Open on Experimac Website: 96
  • Number of Experimac franchise stores believed to have closed or transferred ownership: 52
  • Estimated percentage of franchise agreements that have resulted in store closure or transfers: 36%
  • Number of Active Experimac Franchise Resale Listings Found:  27
  • Average Asking Price (27 stores):  $193,518
  • Initial Investment to open new Experimac store:  $142,010 to $321,140
  • Average Gross Revenue Listed in Resale Ads (22 stores):  $235,264**
  • Estimated percentage of current Experimac stores that are for sale: 23%
  • Number of Experimac store resales (transfers) 2014 – 2017: 8

* Information are estimates.  Comments and corrections invited.

* These revenue numbers have not been verified and may or may not be accurate. Always have a professional review financial statements thoroughly before buying a franchise resale.

Experimac Franchise Stores For Sale (Listings on BizBuySell and Bizquest)

State Location Gross Revenue   Asking Price        Notes
AZ Chandler (Maricopa County) $340,000 $300,000 [CLOSED]  Established: 2016  Established in later 2015 and opened its doors in January of 2016. (Last known owner: Owner Walid Kaakous transferred ownership to Priyanka Kalra)
AZ Maricopa County, AZ $199,543 $179,500 [CLOSED]  Established: 2016
CA San Luis Obispo County $377,214 $250,000 Established: 2015
CO CO Pueblo, Colorado (Pueblo Co.) $360,000 $239,999 “Established:  2016 Experimac is just over 2 yrs old and still growing, averaging $30K/month sales! …own the rights to all of Pueblo County”  (Owners Kurt Peterson, Colleen Peterson per 2018 FDD)
CT Hartford County N/A $179,999 Established: 2016
CT New Haven County $183,000 $70,000 includes $30,000 inventory
Established: 2017
FL Clearwater, FL (Pinellas County) $400,249 $330,000 Established: 2016 (Owner: Derrin Jones per 2018 FDD)
FL Gainesville, Alachua County N/A $249,500 [CLOSED]    Established: 2017 opened March 31, 2017 (Owner David McCollister per 2018 FDD)
GA Fulton County, GA $295,693 $265,000 Established: 2016
heart of the city
GA Gwinnett County,North of Atlanta $100,000 $140,000 Established: 2016
GA Sandy Springs,Fulton County $100,000 $310,000 Established: March, 2015 (Owner: Neil Kent per 2018 FDD)
NV North Las Vegas,(Clark County) N/A $79,500 Established: 2016
NJ Bergen County, NJ $149,000 $99,000 Established: 2017
NY Long Island, Suffolk County N/A $125,000 Established: 2016
NC Mecklenburg County, Lake Norman (Huntersville?) $424,000 $315,000 Established: 2017 (owners Andrew Piatt, Lisa Piatt per 2018 FDD)
OH Fairfield County, OH $50,000 $79,500 Established: 2017; Also says $10-15K Monthly Sales Less than 1 year. Motivated seller.
SC Columbia,(Lexington County) $299,800 $300,000 Established: 2017 center of the busiest shopping area of the Midlands.
TN Mount Juliet (Wilson County) $460,000 $100,000 [CLOSED]  (Former owner Scott Maulsby per 2018 FDD.)
TX Houston (Harris County) $400,000 $175,000 Established: 2015
TX Houston, TX (Harris County) $180,000 Established: 2015
TX Houston, TX (Harris County)

Pearland Parkway

$80,000 $209,000 Established: 2015
TX Pearland, TX (Brazoria County) N/A $250,000 [CLOSED]   (former owners Sandra Gonzalez, Bernadette Morales per 2018 FDD)
TX San Antonio area  Bexar County

Store 1 of 2

$175,000 $125,000 Established: 2017 Two Stores for sale in greater San Antonio area listed together
TX San Antonio area  Bexar County

Store 2 of 2

$175,000 $125,000 Established: 2017 Two Stores for sale in greater San Antonio area listed together
VA Manassas City County $116,300 $150,000 Established: 2017
N/W Prince William County close access to Route 66 and Route 234
VA Midlothian, VA (Chesterfield County) $300,000 $199,000 Established: 2017 (Owner: Timothy Crum per 2018 FDD)
VA N/A $291,000 $200,000 opened 12/05/2016

Reasons Given For Selling Experimac Franchise Stores

It’s not clear whether actual franchise owners are providing the information for these franchise resale listings.

Some of the reasons given for franchisees who recently committed to a 35-year agreement suddenly want to go a different direction seem a bit… unconvincing.

Perhaps the most creative is the owner who “successfully met store growth goals” within 2 years of the 35 year agreement and now must find a bigger dragon to slay.

Here are some reasons for selling Experimac stores that are cited in the ads:

  • “My FT job doesn’t afford me the time needed to manage the store.”
  • “Owner needs to relocate”
  • “Other investments demanding owners time and attention.”
  • “Due to family support and health issues we no longer have the time to manage”
  • “Pursuing other opportunities”
  • “Potential relocation to another area. Growing family obligations.”
  • “Health Issues”
  • “Owner has successfully met store growth goals and reached his 2-year anniversary”
  • “Major life changes that require my focus in other areas is my reason for selling”
  • “Seller desires to move back to CA to help care for aging parent.”
  • “Other investments demanding owners time and attention.”
  • “Had Cancer and was out several months. Need to back out of the day to day”
  • “Too many businesses to run at once.”
  • “Personal Reasons”
  • “Owner is looking to get involved with another business venture.”
  • “Family health issues. Moving out of state. Have not been able to put the necessary time into running the business”
  • “The business needs more oversight than I can provide as I go through some personal changes”
  • “Focus on growing other store. Both current Store Managers hampered by unforeseen circumstances”
  • “Desire to concentrate on original franchise location”
  • “Not able to be in the business often”
  • “I lack the time to continue to grow the business since – absentee owner”
  • “Owner involved in multiple other businesses”
  • “Personal Reasons”
  • “New twins take up a lot of time, don’t have the time to commit to growing the business”
  • “Personal Reasons”

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  • Patrick

    I would be curious to know how many stores, if any, have turned a profit? I was told by the sales person when purchasing the Franchise that “most stores open over 9 months are averaging $100,000 in sales a month.” I personally had 1 profitable month while in business and made $1,500 that month. Is anyone making profits regularly?

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